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Why Are Taxpayers Being Asked to Pay to Promote a Failed GMO Technology?


Why Are Taxpayers Being Asked to Pay to Promote a Failed GMO Technology?

Katherine Paul

Last weekend (Oct. 29), the New York Times ran a piece on how the biotech industry has failed to deliver on its promises for GMO crops. The article followed less than a month after the biotech industry asked congressional leaders for $3 million in taxpayer-provided funding to “educate” the public about biotechnology and agricultural production.


When you consider that monopoly is the goal of GMO technology, it has not failed. On the contrary it has been a financial and (with Obama's dark act) a political success.


Market system, market considerations--companies can use short-term extractive profits to rent or buy individuals and institutions in government.

In the US, at least, we have failed to reduce the paid felons and shills in government. There is, for present, nothing approaching the sort of grounding that makes for revolution, let alone constructively.

We need a third path of resistance and economic alternative. That's going to take development piecemeal.


At a GMO cartel convention in San Diego in June 2014 Hillary Clinton admonished attendees to put a new spin on GMOs to make them more acceptable to young Americans...the young Americans she needs to push her over the top on November 8.

Although GMO spin hasn't changed the cartel gave her lots of money to scare young Americans into voting for her so she can force them to accept GMOs when she tweaks TPP back into the gold standard deal it was when she was working on it.