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'Why Are They So Terrible at This?': Democrats Reportedly Plan to Offer Trump Billions for So-Called 'Smart Wall'


'Why Are They So Terrible at This?': Democrats Reportedly Plan to Offer Trump Billions for So-Called 'Smart Wall'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As immigrant rights groups pressure Democrats to refuse to offer President Donald Trump any money for his anti-immigrant agenda, House Democratic leaders are reportedly preparing to release a plan on Thursday that would provide billions of dollars in funding for more Border Patrol agents, new drones, and other so-called "



Sadly, Democrats are “terrible” at far too many things.
Giving in one inch to Trump, given what we already know about him, endangers the American people.



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From Truthout on the other border caravan from US into Mexico:




Israel wants the wall as it will be using Israeli technology and be built in part by Israeli companies (which Kushner has a financial interest in), hence the democrats sudden “capitulation”.



Guess Mexico really does need a wall after all.



What so many “progressives” and “liberals” don’t get - wilfully or not - is that the Demorats are not “so terrible at this”.

They’re goddamn great at it.

That’s their purpose in the power structure.



I’ve been wondering why this hasn’t come up for a while now. There are some obvious deal breakers for a physical wall running the length of CA to TX. One is that no private land owner (including Native American land) wants a big ugly wall built on their property (and some of them would not take any amount of money to change their mind). So we have a typical property rights issue for which many Republicans are sympathetic to. Adding electronic border protection either through drones or other techniques has the potential to skirt that issue completely. Maybe we can get rid of some of the stupid wall we already have.

The other stupid thing is why isn’t Trump demanding mandatory e-verify? That handles people coming over who aren’t supposed to and people who overstay their visa (which is about 1/2 the problem I think).

I would say if the Democrats include in the package enough lawyers and judges at the border to process legitimate asylum claims (and I know it’s our fault for why there are so many legitimate claims) and some closure to the DACA confusion, that is a good enough compromise for me - of course I don’t expect that to happen, nobody wants to be reasonable on this issue.



It seems lots of people have conveniently forgotten which elected President was the “Deporter in Chief” before Trump. This is equal bipartisan hate for legal and illegal immigration! Regarding the established corporate Democrats, too long a list to name, this is nothing but a show, nothing more! And when we keep applauding one side for the other the show keeps running. Go team!

Congressman Rick Larsen from WA., is supposedly a/my Democrat elected voice in government. But in my opinion of his performance over the too many years I’ve had to be a witness to his loyalty and to what and to whom he’s become a spokesperson of, the people usually come in second to his bigger corporate backers. The TPP was, if you went to his town hall meetings, the best trade bill going, before it became a political football and wasn’t! And by what I’ve read with the average income of people in WA., and who would benefit if the infamous TPP had passed, it proved to what and to whom he represented. We have new blood entering politics that can possibly do what I thought became impossible after watching with interest the horrors of what I saw as two psychopaths running as President. I thought our government was too corrupted to be changed from within and we had a Revolution or Civil War sooner than thought headed our way. What I now know for my truth, is when the 21st century revolution started the same time our industrial revolution started along with our worsening environment, is that “We the People” need to recognize whom/who the enemy is so we can start a new chapter that’ll lead us back into the never ending story instead of The End the human experiment failed. Bush, Obama, Trump are in my opinion equally guilty but 2016 said we wanted someone that was a people president not a corporate one. Please know the person as best you can when you give them your vote of trust, because tomorrows for too many of us are too late to pass our problems off.



A cowardly Stupid bunch these people are. No money what so ever should be given to this murderous traitor Con Man for a smart or dumb wall of any kind. The phrase “ Spineless Democrats” sticks. Caving in to his demands is unacceptable!



True, but they will raise a stink and some Republicans will be sympathetic.



I’m white and I’ve lived on the border for over 60 years. Border security isn’t inherently bad. But Trump’s idea of security and his lies about the people coming over are idiotic. Plus his plan to hold American citizens hostage whenever he wants something, rather than allowing Congress to do their job. No money for no Trump wall no how.



Con. Clyburn: do you think it’s possible to provide funding for S. Carolina’s BMW plant to build us a smart black male robot to replace you? How about Freightliner or M-Benz?
You’ve got to do something in that state besides sponge off the MIC and suck up other U.S. taxpayers’ money. Civil rights ( legal immigrants’ rights? ) leaders my aching arse, it’s more like Sponge " Billy Bob " Squarepants.



Registered Democrats will run from the party in droves if Nancy and the rest of the corporate controlled Dems, cave to Trump.



Have you looked at the polls? Nancy Pelosi is straight up kicking McConnell’s and Trump’s asses right now. Other than Gabbard—who gave a shitty Joe Lieberman like performance on television—and the guy from Minnesota, her caucus has stayed in line and is clearly drawing blood.


'No SOTU for You': Pelosi Tells Trump House Chamber Not an Option Unless Government Reopens

That’s why I believe this is all theater. I live on the border. Many here know a “wall” won’t work. What will work is E-verify, prosecuting employers of illegals, and ending birthright citizenship. All US involvement should end in C.A. as well. Neither party has the will for true border control.



Oops. You used Democrat as an adjective, not a noun, like tRumPutinCons always do.

You’ve outed yourself, comrade.



O mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonders----the Democratic Party has failed to act progressively again. Why not assume that Democratic elected officials are doing just as they please and just as they are paid to do?

The effect and presumable goal of US border policy is to remove competition for favored traffickers of drugs and people, and to assure a steady supply of non-citizen labor that cannot readily defend itself.

The point, simply, is that they are trying to do the same thing that the Republicans try to do. They may be more racist or less racist or whatever–and yes, there’s plenty of racism and other prejudice in the system–but the main drivers of policy are economic and hierarchical.

To restate the above somewhat differently, elected Democrats do not as a group wish to undercut the creation and maintenance of a persistent underclass. If they did, they would also generally oppose the rest of the neoliberal and neoconservative agenda that goes to create this. They would not occupy themselves disrupting and destroying Honduras,. Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Pakistan, and so forth.

Of course, the same argument applies to Republicans. But they only have Republican voters to satisfy, so the rhetoric is different.



Depending on the direction we’re calling “forward,” it might be more useful to go back.

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Uncle Tom Clyburn has chosen to take another bullet for Massa Pelosi.
Dumb ass.
When will they all realize that you cannot negotiate with a sociopath?
Nothing to this time I’m afraid.