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Why Are Universities Fighting Open Education?


Why Are Universities Fighting Open Education?

Elliot Harmon

In December, over 3,000 of you rallied in support in support of a proposed Department of Education (ED) policy that would make ED-funded educational resources a lot more accessible to educators and students around the world.


Thank you for the interesting analysis, Mr. Harmon. Any initiative to make these software programs publicly accessible might be labeled "The Aaron Swartz Initiative" or something along those lines.

Wasn't his suicide a response to the FBI harassing him for doing pretty much what this article seeks to see happen in the form of protections made to works that deserve greater public access?


Much of our current Internet freedom is due directly to Aaron Swartz's actions.
The documentary "The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz" is a great movie that outlines what happened surrounding his life and death. He was truly a genius and I remain in awe of him.The documentary is not on Netflix streaming, but was available on DVD.
You can also read the MIT whitewash of the incident on their website at http://swartz-report.mit.edu/docs/report-to-the-president.pdf
As an MIT alumnus, I used to donate yearly, but stopped giving after MIT murdered Aaron Swartz.