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'Why Are We Being Charged?' Surprise Bills From Coronavirus Testing Spark Calls for Government to Cover All Costs

Yeah, along with that is a growing need to understand what “Single payer” system you use is more important than just having it.

The “health care consumer” needs to shop around until they find the lowest prices for these tests. The competitive “Free market” will ensure these tests available to all income brackets. Were these publicly funded out of some “Medicare for all” system there would be no innovation and huge waiting lines.

The fact we in Canada can get this test and have it covered by our own health care system wherein costs not a barrier is because “The USA pays for our defense and Canada gets a free ride on US research costs”



(Disaster) Capitalism at it’s “finest”…poster example of WHY we need M4A, and the insurance companies need to be outlawed…


At the risk of agreeing with the anti-capitalist purists… WTF?

Seriously! WTF? You cannot make this insanity up. And if someone says don’t test me because I can’t afford it, do these morons then send that sick person back into the public?

Are we this pathetic? Health care for only those who can afford in spades!

Go Bernie…please.


As one Trump admin co-terrorist said: ‘We will let the market decide’. For old timers like I, this is an existential crisis. For wall street types (you might be shocked to find how much these bandits control in health care) it is a profit opportunity.

I’ve been mulling this thought all morning: How did nature know to wait until Trump was in office?


Did anyone expect the unconscionable greed of capitalism to cease when a public health crisis emerges? This is just testing for the virus, wait until a vaccine has been developed so expensive that the majority of the US populace can not afford it at all and people are dropping like flies. Wall Street, never-the-less, will continue to have its heydays…


Capitalism is the God this world worships…
The Capitalists and their religion of Capitalism puts human suffering and pandemics below it’s ultimate priority of Profit.

A capitalist sees a plague/pandemic and looks for a way to profit from it, no matter how many people are killed.
When a capitalist in the destroys the banking system and causes a worldwide destruction of the economy, these “capitalists” raid public treasuries (thanks to their puppets in the governments) to save the “capitalist system” from death.

People, Planet & Peace OVER Profit
Profit OVER everything else.


Me? I’m too shy and humble. Lol

A wall street bank or private predator may own your emergency room. A surprise bill may await your emergency treatment above insurance payments or in some instances all of the bill.

An effort was made recently in congress to stop surprise billings but enough dems joined repubs to kill it. More important to keep campaign dollars flowing than keep people alive.


Mr Tuttle call me Mr. Rebuttle

While your points are well taken nevertheless the dark side of anti-capitalism is dark indeed. Aside from Stalin’s voluntary genocidal collective farm episodes in which incredibly millions of Georgians were robbed of their produce and simply left to starve, Mao did away with millions too for other economic choices made which resulted in famines. Really big ones. I still remember being shocked at reports of 10 million dying of famine in the headlines.

Capitalism and any other ism along with it sucks. Socialism doesn’t work by itself either. Both capitalism and socialism are (governmental) economic systems but when either strives to exclude the other they become political isms and then people suffer.

Down with Isms! I mean it. Just do what works. Don’t name it. Just do it.


I know emergency rooms are being purchased by organizations like Tenet (because they are some of the most expensive levels of care) and M.D.s provided by large agencies. I’m not as up on this as I should be but a friend of mine tells me that some of this is illegal. I have received bills that were later discharged by challenge. This is worth investigating further.

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You are a bold faced Liar, nothing more . .

My daughter-in-law died from over work. She had no reserve stamina or strength to fight off the virus.
Top ten hero in my book. She accomplished raising four who are now sterling citizens. I do appreciate the fatigued, tired moms I see at school functions, church, shopping, etc. Struggling inside great depression #2 since 2009 certainly adds to the stress and going without for themselves.

Four million grandparents are raising their grandchildren per AARP.
Usually without any outside additional income. They are heroes also.

The CDC declined to respond when…

Declining to respond is CDC’s specialty, lately. (Expect high-level resignations soon.)

CBS Radio just reported the CDC’s briefing, scheduled for noon eastern time, was abruptly cancelled today in the wake of so many more additional deaths reported in Washington State, where they apparently have an outbreak of unknown extent. No explanation, no rescheduling. Just no comment. Strange enough to freak out CBS. Thanks, CDC. That makes me feel so much more relaxed.

USAmerica’s public health infrastructure has been so eviscerated, our population has prepared ripe fruits for Covid-19 to pick off in the form of “extended care facilities” (you’re supposed to say – once upon a time they were old folks’ homes). One down, thousands to go. New York’s mayor comforts the public with assurances of “twelve hundred beds”!!! (Which seems to deserve three exclamation points.)

It’s sorta kinda terrifying how ill-prepared we are for this. Epidemiologically, USAmerica becomes a welcoming viral host, and a hazard for the whole world.


Hmmmm… A virus that overwhelmingly kills the elderly and/or those with pre-exisitng conditions.

Sounds like a medical insurance companies wet dream. As well as .gov social security/medicare wet dream.

Just sayin’


The very idea that the defense and “Homeland” security budgets are bloated and additional funding approved year after year but the citizens of this country are not afforded 100% health coverage In a time of global health crisis that could become a pandemic. And as has been stated, the unconscionable idea suggested that a possible vaccine (a long way away or perhaps not developed at all) might not be affordable to the workers who pay the taxes that fund the government? That’s insane.


Another example of “American Exceptionalism.” China doesn’t charge its coronavirus atients, neither does South Korea. I guess they are simply backward countries.


They are already testing a vaccine. Don’t ask me to prove it. The source was on a larger issue of vaccines and the Ebola Virus. It would still take some time for it to be approved but from what I understand it is fast tracked.

The HIV splice in this coronavirus would lead me to believe no vaccine will be forthcoming.

The cdc just gave up on an HIV vaccine - announced it today. They’ve been working on it for 10 years.

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I own my own home after years of hard work paying it off. It’s the only thing of value, besides my old truck, that I have. If I get the virus, I will stay home and try to treat it the best I can. I can’t afford to go to the hospital and pay thousands in medical bills, with the chance that they’ll come after my possessions. America, the land of the _______. Fill in the blank. (Hint: it’s no longer free).