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'Why Are We Being Charged?' Surprise Bills From Coronavirus Testing Spark Calls for Government to Cover All Costs

And Cuba would likely be more receptive to requests for testing than we are.

Hi oldie:
and if we had Medicare for ALL, none of these horrors would be happening.


He’s not making sense either way.

Just an FYI. My wife just picked up her migraine prescription. It is an injectable medication. It worked fairly well the first time but not so much the second, so they doubled her dosage. The single dose was $450, so I assume the double dose is $900 for a single shot in the neck.
BC/BS and CHAMP paid it all 100%.
The person with no insurance is likely out of luck.

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Well, two reported here in Florida tonight. One in my county, one in the county next door.

And more of the “we already knew, but told you late”. One person checked into the hospital on Wednesday. We hear it Monday night. Both were ignored far a long time it seems, and 84 in particular are being watched (roommates, friends, hospital workers not alerted for several days, the usual). But no one knows every place they had been since becoming infected.

Oh, and they have tested a handful of people. No worry?

I can’t see anyway that this level of incompetency is an accident. Spring break is just starting… usually a 100’s of thousand tourist bonanza.

So the question is do they want to kill us, or just keep us in fear?

I think the later. But the end result is a crap shoot. So once again, it is a gamble with our lives.

The business of America is business. Sometimes that can go too far and this is one of those times. Making money from the loss, distress, harm and suffering of others is perverse beyond belief.

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Your current physician may match their help anyway.

Gotta love all the epidemiologists who are paid on average $70,000 a year telling people who are living paycheck to paycheck to forgo going to work instead of calling on the government to compensate people for lost wages so that they can self-isolate and help contain the spread of the virus.


I am guessing you are not surprised. Me either.

I actually did hear some talk tonight on local news about government help for people in isolation, or those afraid to come forward because of cost. But it was the usual “It isn’t practical to think the government should do anything to help the citizens, they need to help themselves or die”.

My translation, of course.


Thanks for the heads-up…

This would be the reason why if i were to become infected with this virus, I would be paying personal visits to every upscale event and government building I could pass though. Oh yes, I’d even go to a Drumpf rally.

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It’s actually worse than I suggested. I just double-checked on an epidemiologist’s yearly median salary, and according to the site below, an epidemiologist is expected to make on average $96,624 a year. I would edit my comment if I could, but, for some reason, the site won’t allow me.


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More like he is just an azz.

Still think this is “hyped by the media” now that it’s all around you? Florida is likely in very tough shape. The governor was reluctant to release any information publicly until absolutely forced by circumstances. My guess is that Florida is home to any number of retired seniors who fly back and forth to Italy, and who have never been checked.

Epidemiologically, Covid-19 is most alarming. Even the head CDC scientist, who really has to watch his mouth so as to not get himself immediately fired, has observed its impressive adaptation as a pathogen. Covid-19’s virulence strategy is nearly perfect for maximum deadliness: persisting on surfaces maybe a week, laying low for maybe two weeks, then Hello! Welcome to the Diamond Princess (where I now live, here in the Bay Area).

Please take “personal distance precautions” seriously (the masks are probably useless). Be careful about public surfaces – I hit crosswalk buttons with my elbow. It’s time for attended ballgames and large public gatherings to stop for awhile, as in Japan. (Oh, and the Olympics are obviously off – even if the Japanese don’t admit it yet. That ain’t hype, it’s historic.)

Santa Clara county, where Bernie just held a rally of 25,000, happens to be an infected community. I don’t like seeing Bernie shaking hands around here. For one thing, it sets a terrible example. If Bernie shakes 500 hands, including mine, then I’ve also shaken 500 hands, epidemiologically. Too bad. Circumstances impose constraints which initially seem unworkable (until we consider likely risks of going ahead with more big rallies).

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A better question is "Why am I being tested? " There’s no special treatment or cure for this virus. The symptoms and recommendations are the same as for any flu: rest, liquids, stay away from people until you’re better. Who cares whether it is COVID -19 or some other flu?


Disaster Capitalism at its worst.

For US Americans Richard Wolff is a good resource to understand socialism. Too often the specter of Stalin is resurrected to conflate dictatorship with communism or socialism. So, here are some points from Richard Wolff:

“[A] kind of enterprise structure at the base in which the collective of workers share a common task in addition to their different positions within the enterprise’s technical division of labor. The common task would be to receive and distribute the net revenues of the enterprises, to perform, in short, what boards of directors do now.”

Socialism (Marxian framework) is concerned as to how production is actually organized.

  • the surplus generated by the labor of the workers is what is received and distributed by these same workers.

  • socialism negates exploitation.

  • Definition of exploitation as a system of organization of production where the people receiving and distributing the surplus are not those who actually produce this surplus such as slavery (as in prison work where the state exploits the incarcerated); feudalism (“lords” exploiting serfs such as in the case of sharecroppers); capitalism (bosses exploiting employees)

  • Transforming from a capitalist to a socialist organization in order to eliminate exploitation the question of distribution of resources arises: How society is to distribute resources among the productive enterprises and how to distribute the outputs of these enterprises.

  • Possibilities in the distribution of resources in a socialist organization: Markets, state planning, planning by other social institutions and in combination: “Markets have co-existed with every other kind of organization of production (e.g. slavery, feudalism, etc.) and the same is true of planning, and have always partly reinforced and partly undermined the organizations of production with which they coexisted

  • Difference between Marxian definition of corporation and mainstream one: in capitalist industrial corporation (not what is from a merchant or financial institution) gets its productive workers (employees) a value of output bigger than the total value paid by the corporation for the physical inputs such as tools, equipment, raw materials, plus our wages payed to us (labor power). “The difference is the surplus value appropriated by the corporation’s board of directors.” In the mainstream definition there is no such thing as a surplus and not an aspect of the corporation.

  • " For the last half century it was taboo to question or criticize capitalism in the US; the very few who dared to do so were immediately branded as either crazy, ignorant, or agents of communism" and all this time all we have heard is endless praise of capitalism and no serious discussion of alternatives. This has resulted in what we are witnessing: Capitalism that cannot be criticized nor restrained while it continues to indulge in profound anti-social behavior by a small group of sociopaths and it explain the latest economic collapse in 2007. These sociopaths are still reacting to FDR’s regulation and taxes on them and have been conniving since the end of WWII to dismantle welfare state type of capitalism of FDR.

  • How have they actually accomplished this dismantling? First by destroying the labor movement, then they destroyed all the communist and socialist parties that were instrumental in securing the welfare state type of capitalism for the workers in the 1930s.

  • Results: Neoliberalism has replaced the welfare state especially after the 1970s; the crashing of the global economy by this neoliberalism and done so without any effective labor movement of true LEFT counterforce that we had in the 1930s. This is the danger that they have unleashed while hypnotizing us to drink their kool-aid as we witness the explosion of inequality, the dander of nuclear wars and the collapsing eco-systems all so a tiny minority can have more wealth accumulation. It is a sickness that needs to be eradicated.


From Truthout


Patents Are Slowing the Development of a Coronavirus Vaccine

Plenty? Obviously, not enough, Oldie! It should have been paid for, 100%. If we can put men on the moon…get it?

They will let the market decide the course of the virus, which means we are all on our own.