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Why Are We Ignoring the War on Yemen?


Why Are We Ignoring the War on Yemen?

Sonali Kolhatkar

Yemen has been the target of a brutal U.S.-backed war led by Saudi Arabia. While ordinary civilians are suffering horrific violence and starvation, there is deafening silence from the U.S. and others who claim to be defenders of human rights.

The situation is so bad now that nearly every major global human rights organization has issued dire warnings of the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in the Persian Gulf’s poorest nation.


This is America. Until a movie star raises an issue, it doesn’t exist. Pathetic, but true…


War should be a major campaign issue in this campaign, if not THE campaign issue, given how it touches each of us. It cannot be ignored as something that is only happening in a land faraway. No candidate should be given a free pass to mumble nonsense about wars making us safer. It is far past time to hold our leaders accountable for the blood on their hands. It is time to retire the warrior ethic that so permeates our foreign policy and, indeed, our culture.

As for the United States claiming to be a defender of human rights, beware! More often than not, such a claim is a pretext for another war.


This is NOT America. It’s what the Military industrial Media complex does!

America’s elites’ naked aggression sets a model (or precedent) that both Israel and Saudi Arabia (and no doubt, soon others) follow. It’s the old law of the jungle: that MIGHT makes right; and nothing makes might quite as easily as LOTS of beefed up weaponry. And what nation’s MIC is the chief provider of that arsenal of weapons to a world made increasingly unstable from climate change events, water shortages, and financial manipulations that reverberate down the line from the Hedge Fund houses to the poorest communities (where the price of food can mean a day’s work or more).

Regarding this horrific, yet accurate assessment:

“The richest and most powerful country in the world—the United States—is aiding the richest and most powerful countries in the Middle East—Saudi Arabia and the UAE—in bludgeoning the poorest in the region and one of the least powerful countries in the world: Yemen.”

There are only 3 reasons for this institutionally sanctioned horror; and they are:

  1. Continue the sale of weaponry at the behest of the MIC, with humans the intended targets
  2. Elites make use of the pretext of “Necessary Wars” as a population reduction protocol
  3. Open up that region to Western (with Saudi compliance) opportunism… as a way of thwarting China and Russia’s Silk Route plans in that region

There is also a prospect raised by Project Camelot’s guests: that the Gulf of Aidan is important as some kind of space travel gateway.


Yemen? Yum, Yum - is that a new candy?


The answer to the headline is in the first sentence…


I think that there are too many wars, too many conflicts and that people are simply lumping them all together as the same thing… the Middle East.

We often hear said that neocons and uber conservatives have wanted to destabilize the Middle East. Notice how that is a generalized term and even though inaccurate (Suadi Arabia is a case in point) we use the term.

Ask not where Minnesota is on a map but ask what portion of the Middle East we should we attack next.

I could point out where Minnesota is on a map and the same for Yemen. How about most Americans though? Btw…It is my theory that people who live in Minnesota know where they are on a map. Point out on a map all the places we are involved in a conflict? How many? Miss one or two?

" Yemen? What’s a Yemen? Where? Oh yeah…one of them? Yeah those countries all hate us over there. Why what’s happening in Yaman um…Yeman? Right…Yemen! What’s happening in Yemen? Wow you really follow all this stuff huh? Why?" <<< Our neighbors.

The Middle East is a region not a country but it sure does look like Bush/Cheney neocons and lobbyists and co. have set us to forever war …in the Middle East…wherever that is.


How much power and influence did women have?

How much power and influence did Black citizens have?

How much power and influence did Latinos have?

How much influence did children have?

No. Your frame is false.

You cannot extrapolate from the conduct of the white males’ club–the group that has been in charge for centuries–what ALL citizens would think or do. When people–as massive demographics are deprived of agency, it is a paternalistic arrogance to claim that what the patriarchs DO (in the name of all) actually represents any interests other than that of the patriarchal boys’ club.

And since the kneejerk response that ALWAYS follows my comments of this nature is “look at Hillary! or Condi! or Susan Rice” as if to say that the small number of women and minorities that climb to positions of power within the paradigm that patriarchal capitalism built somehow is “proof positive” that all would act in the same manner is where bollocks comes into play.

You argue FOR the horrors by insisting that there is no alternative to them… as if the KIND of societal model that would be built by women, persons of color, Latinos, and Native Americans would follow(or correspond to) that which was put in place by armed, dangerous and delusional males convinced that GOD gave them permission to KILL… it all!

(I wonder… is this screen name another for “Army Brat”? YOU people love to log on using multiple screen names. It’s another form of military dominance… PRETEND that lots of people think the way you do and show up with sock puppet identities to foster that false impression. But then, information control and management is a massive component of any police state.)


Well this (Militaristic , hyper-aggressive and so on) IS the United States of America just as South Africa was an apartheid State and just as Saudi Arabia is a misogynist state and just as the United Sates of America in 1788 supported slavery.

The Blacks that were were part of that apartheid most certainly did not agree with the way power divided between black and white.The Women that reside in Saudi Arabia most certainly do not agree with the sexist totalitarianism of that State and how the power distributed. When people refer to Saudi Arabia today or the South Africa of 30 years ago they were not suggesting that the women or blacks were part of it as far as being responsible for it. The slaves working those plantations in the USA in 1788 in no way shape or form supported slavery or had a say in it. This does not mean the USA could not have been a country that supported slavery.

The fact is the Blacks of South Africa and the women of Saudi Arabia had/have no representation in its Government and the State in no way shape or form reflects or reflected their interests. It only reflected the interests of those in power.

The same is true of the United States of America. Its Government is not democratic and does not represent the desires of its people.It is accurate to say “This is the United States of America”. It is accurate to say “This is the USA”.

If someone said “This is what the people of the United States of America want or what Americans want” then I would object to that framing as well.

This applies to Canada as well. When people state “The Government Canada or Canada is an environmental villain” then I am in agreement as the policies of said Government reflects as much. If someone said “this is what Canadians want” then it an entirely different argument and one I would take exception to.


You cannot comprehend simple English sentences.


“Once we recognize that we are all parts of an interactive network of mutuality encompassing all humanity, we realize that we can never stand outside that network. We are never passive victims of history, nor can we be isolated from the dynamics of history. And the hope of fully controlling people and events is a fantasy; every effort at control acts back upon us in unexpected, usually harmful, way. But we always influence what happens. So we each share some degree of responsibility for contributing to the ills of the system. The ills arise out of the pattern of relationships. They cannot be blamed on any one person or group of people and certainly not on “those people” across the border, since the border is itself a kind of relationship, a place where two groups meet and interact.”

Clearly, Martin Luther King Jr. was a charter member of The Tag Team. “… we each share some degree of responsibility for contributing to the ills of the system.” “WE”? Can you believe the Deep State propaganda?


The behavior of this country disgusts me. It is sad but there are citizens who are ashamed to say they are Americans. Here is a quote from another article at Common Dreams today:According to the leading western polling agencies (WIN/Gallup International), the prize for “greatest threat” is won by the United States. The rest of the world regards it as the gravest threat to world peace by a large margin. In second place, far below, is Pakistan, its ranking probably inflated by the Indian vote. Iran is ranked below those two, along with China, Israel, North Korea, and Afghanistan.


Oh and also…

Cuckoo… Cuckoo… Cuckoo…


Hey here’s another Deep State agent member of the Tag Team:

But America is different. That is what we’ve all been brought up on. From the time we are this high and I still hear it resounding in Mr. Frankel’s statement - you tick off, one, two, three, four, five lovely things about America that we don’t want disturbed very much. But if we have learned anything in the past ten years, it is that these lovely things about America were never lovely. We have been expansionist and aggressive and mean to other people from the beginning. And we’ve been aggressive and mean to people in this country, and we’ve allocated the wealth of this country in a very unjust way. We’ve never had justice in the courts for the poor people, for black people, for radicals. Now how can we boast that America is a very special place? It is not that special. It really isn’t.

We? WE?!?!? How dare Howard Zinn say WE? Clearly a Deep State agent.


Deleted- Poor response by me-


It was a good post. Keep those thoughts in mind.

(i tried to send this to you as a personal message but i got an error page so am posting it here in the thread.)