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Why Aren’t Americans Celebrating Fall of ISIL State? It Is A Bogeyman


Why Aren’t Americans Celebrating Fall of ISIL State? It Is A Bogeyman

Juan Cole

The "war on terror," like the "war on drugs," has become a plot device for politics, not a rational policy


More reasons to simply leave the Middle East. Why are we involved in religious wars we know we cannot win? The same type of question had to asked and answered before the Vietnam war ended.


Because these endless wars have nothing to do with winning and everything to do with the people that always win regardless of the outcome: the war profiteers!


Juan Cole forgot to mention that the defeat of ISIS was a defeat for the United States and Saudi Arabia who funded and armed them. He wouldn’t though as he stays within the safe boundaries of acceptable opinion.



Yup, and I’m sure among the inside circles, they are quite upset at the loss of their official bogeyman.


I suspect that a big reason the Trump Administration isn’t heralding the defeat Daesh is that Daesh was mostly defeated by Shia militias like the Iranian PMF and Lebanese Hezbollah, along with Kurdish rebels.

The PMF-Hezbollah combo is looking pretty formidable, too, possibly strong enough to make the Israel/KSA/US alliance think twice about starting another war, especially with Turkey and Russia more than happy to meddle from the sidelines. As for the Kurds, the US will hang them out to twist in the wind. Some things never change.


American imperialism thrives/survives on the next bogeyman and the corporate media make sure that the population are conditioned to accept as fact who that will be.



Juan Cole spouts the MSM line. Either he’s clueless or a CIA-compensated idiot. The only reason I looked at his piece was to see who called him out in the comments.:-- Bless you, UnclePo. - :grinning:


What is there to celebrate?
When the U.S. Dept. of War loses an enemy, they just bring up the next one on the list. When the list is empty, they just create another enemy saying we will lose our freedoms if we don’t do our patriotic duty and destroy them.


How was ISIS defeated? Al Qaeda never held territory and it wasn’t defeated. ISIS is a network of jihadists which will continue to function whether or not it hold territory. It will only be defeated when its ideas no longer attract large numbers of people. Americans aren’t celebrating because there is nothing to celebrate. The threat of terrorism from ISIS exists just the way it did when ISIS held large areas of territory in Iraq and Syria. Obama said there would not be a caliphate and he has been proven to be right. But it took a lot of fighting to accomplish that. The one big accomplishment is that the caliphate idea no longer seems realistic and that should be a major blow to the recruiting efforts of ISIS. But Trump is a recruiting gift to ISIS that will keep them going as long as he remains in office. They could not have hoped for a better election outcome.


Juan Cole left out the real reason the U.S. isn’t celebrating the defeat of Daesh.

It’s because Daesh always was a tool of the U.S. in order to remove Assad. The defeat of Daesh is the victory of Assad and the U.S. propaganda machine by 2015 had changed the bogeyman in Syria from Daesh to Assad. There is no way the U.S. propaganda machine is going to now celebrate Assad winning. So instead it just is not discussed.


Does ISIS control any oil wells and income like it did previously?

Does it collect taxes, like it did previously?

Or will it have to be content with cash infusions from the Saudis? You know, the Saudis who Hillary sold all those weapons to? Hmm, I wonder where some of those weapons end up?


XAs I commented previously on Andrew Bacevich’s article here on CD, I think that US journalists, including Professor Cole, are missing something very central to the victory over ISIS - and that is the extent to which the US military under Mattis has adopted the same tactics Putin used to suppress Chechnya, i.e genocidal attacks on the civilian population within which the targeted group exists.Targeting a civilian population is the one sure way to eliminate the “insurgent” or “terrorist” group living off that population. It certainly worked in Chechnya and now it has worked in the former ISIS state. Currently, the same strategy is at work in Yemen where air strikes, a naval blockade, famine and epidemic disease is slowly destroying the population of the country. That will surely destroy the Houthi armed forces.

Prof. Coleman is probably right that the victory over ISIS is being downplayed so that the terrorist boogeyman can be used more effectively to keep Americans frightened, and hence supportive of endless war. But the move toward direct targeting of innocent populations goes far beyond the needs of manipulating the already easily US electorate.


PBS Newshour did some good reporting on how Iran now has a strong foothold in Iraq.


Keep drinking the Kool Aide. Russia and Iran defeated Isis----Russia cut off the supply lines and Iran fighters went into the cities. The US DID NOT want to defeat Isis in N Iraq -they want perpetual war. What is the US doing in Africa?----leaders of congress didn’t know we had troops there, the CIA is in Africa creating the next threat to keep the war machine going.-----DO YOU REALLY THINK NORTH KOREA IS A THREAT TO THE US.

What would the middle east look like today if the US had never allowed Israel to be formed—a western country in the heart of Arabia???

The US has instituted more strife, hate and violence than any other country in the world.


Never fear, a new one is already waiting in the wings and it’s replacement is in development.


No, but you have to admit the war mongers and war racket profiteers have a great Bogeyman to scare the hell out of the brainwashed, American public!


Time for the U.S. to sell some weapons to any up and coming terrorist groups.