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Why Aren’t the Democrats Talking About Ending Patent-Financed Drug Research?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/02/why-arent-democrats-talking-about-ending-patent-financed-drug-research

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So many things that dems are talking about. There should be a HUGE push to change Senate by taking it on in the election cycle. A HUGE push and candidate to replace Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, get him out of Congress. Can’t he be impeached for derelict of duty. Yes, Obama just let him get away with not allowing himself to appoint a Supreme Justice and tried to get a republican favorite but that was a no go so who cares. McConnell is as a huge threat to democracy and the whole republican party. Trump didn’t start this Reagan did. So much to do and so little dem strategists that are working for the peoples interest. Dems are republican patsy’s. Sad but true. We have Kamala Harris in number two spot and she did not hold Mucchin responsible for all repos in Califonria. Is she really a peoples candidate? I don’t trust her. She has been bought before so she will do it again

The list of what Dems are NOT talking about, and emphatically SHOULD BE is massive. But they (at least the leadership and right wing of the party) are taking bribes from the same entities that are bribing the republicans. So it’s not going to happen
That’s what happens in a Duopoly.

I would like to hear what the “good argument for not having all research done directly by the government” is. While Dean’s research system would undoubtedly be vastly superior to our current system, why would all the research have to be done by private companies contracted by the government? Any time you involve private, for-profit companies, you necessarily involve lobbyists for those companies, and the system is subject to corruption through political donations and lobbying. Dean ably documents the great research done publicly through the NIH and how the NIH has developed many drugs themselves. Why shouldn’t we simply expand that system?