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Why Aren’t Young People More Involved in Politics?


Why Aren’t Young People More Involved in Politics?

Adam Eichen

The midterms are fast approaching and, once again, voter turnout among young people is expected to lag behind other age demographics. According to Gallup, for example, 82 percent of people age 65 and up have an interest in voting, whereas only 26 percent of those under 30 do.

Young people have an image problem. Even if they turn out in the midterms, they likely still will be berated for not participating, from both left and right.


Yeah, right…if you can get a word in edgewise between texts, facebooking, self-interested stupidity, brand and celebrity worship, video games, and other mindless idiocy…the results of a failed public education… Yeah, not a task I would enjoy, but it is needed…more a peer task rather than for the old, cranky, and cynical.

there is also the fact that when “young people” show interest - like with Bernie Sanders - they are betrayed by the DINO DP establishment republicon-lite sellout scum (read: the Clintons and Obama, et al) who never did a goddamn thing to encourage the young progressive base so energized at Bernie Sanders presidential run…Sanders was of course betrayed and his popularity sabotaged by the status quo DINO elite, and the young along with him!

The young must have a true leader to excite, not the usual morose sellout lying scum…the young can always spot a fraud.


The two corporate parties, their dyed in the wool partisans, their media and others frequently admonish everybody to follow the guidance of “the adults in the room” to reprimand anybody deviating from party dogma. The young comprise a higher percentage of those “deviants” compared to the young identifying as partisans.


I recently attended a “free thinkers club” meeting at PSU in Portland. The stated topic was “Free speech vs. hate speech”. There were 4 or 5 club members in t-shirts and about 15 people in the room, students and non-students. A very intelligent refrained, polite discussion ensued until 3 people who had not said anything, stood up, denounced the room as being fascists or tolerating “fascists” threatened everyone in the room with “doxing” especially threatened the student organizers, claiming to know all about them and physically threatening them. They then stormed out.
Not surprisingly people were a little stunned, though not completely surprised as doxing threats are a regular part of organizing now. A student followed them out and returned saying that “Antifa” considered the organizers of the free thinkers club to be neo-nazi’s. This is on the first week of classes at PSU. The ‘antifa’ thugs were not students. This is the on the ground reality for students trying to organize independently.
Students also described professors giving them bad grades for voicing un-popular opinions and even fellow students shouting them down in classes.
Academics have badly betrayed the people of this land.


So true with the Democratic establishment, even to the point of the Clintons making fun of young Sanders supporters. 2020 isn’t shaping up to be much to attract young voters, either, with the likes of Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg talking about a run. Those two would guarantee record low turnout with young people.


Young people have been thoroughly inoculated against political involvement. Many backed Barack Obama in 2008, some even in 2012. Some backed Bernie Sanders and watched him turn around and back Clinton.

And, of course, they’re still doing better than their elders. There’s no point going in and voting for the wrong people.


Have you ever been to a town Democrats meeting? Even though a young person would be fallen over with joy by the folks who run stuff, they would have no say and would likely have to hear the same old losing party line from the long time members . There is so much entrenchment in parties. Nothing there for them. It is in the nature of parties to adhere to a line given “from above” as to who the candidate will be.