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Why Aren't People in the US Rising Up Like Those Elsewhere in the World?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/14/why-arent-people-us-rising-those-elsewhere-world


Why Aren’t People in the US Rising Up Like Those Elsewhere in the World?

Because we are still under the impression that we live in a functioning Democracy and can solve our problems through the ballot box. The 2020 election will tell us once and for all whether that is true. Get out and REGISTER, VOLUNTEER, DONATE and VOTE! Bernie/Nina2020


Why Aren’t People in the US Rising Up Like Those Elsewhere in the World?

What, and miss the Kardashians?


It’s called, “Cell Telephone Fixation Syndrome.”

The earlier that the corporations get one of these babies in the hands of our youth, the better chance they have of programming you to do what they like.

Spend a lot of money.


We live in a land of ZOMBIES--------and the people who live in this country have the POWER to change the WORLD! Support INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM—this should be the foundation of our foreign policy----Support the COMMONS-we all have a right to the wealth of this world.


Whenever I talk to working class/working poor people about politics I am often surprised to see their fear of losing what they have far more than their embracing the American Dream. It is like they don’t really think that the American Dream exists for them. It’s almost as if they have forgotten it or simply don’t think that way about their lives. Trump’s base is dangerous because so many have low paying jobs but make excuses (blame others) for their not having the American Dream. But talk to them privately they will admit they don’t believe in the American Dream anymore either.

One can only place their hope on the young. Everybody else (figuratively) has given up on changing their future.


Propaganda, stupidity, cowardice and ignorance aside, America has the 2nd largest concentration of authoritarians in the world.
This means that a significant percentage of the American public is infact comfortable with fascism, especially if they get to call it “democracy”.


Given that this country is the largest consumer economy in the world and by a large margin, I suspect there is a link between our consumer culture and people not taking to the streets as in other countries. Let’s face it, we are conditioned from our earliest years to focus on spending and acquisition of material things. Shopping ranks much higher than social justice as a priority for many in this country. Black Friday sales at big box stores often draw larger crowds than political protests.


Americans are the Idiocracy. They’re the television-addicted, brain-programmed zombies of They Live.
Americans are deluded, drugged, obese. They don’t have the physical strength, courage or ethics to do general strikes like citizens of other countries do.
As long as they have anti-depressants, booze, weed, sports, binge-worthy television, porn, religion and other easy diversions, they don’t care if America crashes and burns while taking the rest of the world down with it.


I kind of disagree at least in part with your assessment of us (though not about ‘They Live’ lol). People often assume that there is an upper class cynicism but I think based on observation that there is a corresponding lower class cynicism too. One is based on arrogance and self worth and the other is derived from defeatism (and denial of it) and a lack of self worth. Americans don’t know who to believe or more typically they don’t know who to believe in because they don’t trust anyone anymore. Remember the groundswell of hope that Obama betrayed. For all that the Repubs and Trump trash him, they actually approved with most of what he did because it was a betrayal of that hope. Once hurt may hurt but twice hurt hurts even more because you also feel stupid.


Let’s face it, you hit the nail exactly on the head.


I’ll have nothing to do with religion, thank you very much. And keep it away from the kids, too!


Simple: Comfortable living, video games, constant chatting, NFL, cheap beer and pizza, pills rather than healthy lifestyle, dozens of other reasons.


The poor and working class are struggling just to survive and simply don’t have time to join in street protests. They aren’t afraid of the tear gas, they are afraid of losing those menial jobs that are constantly belittled in the press but so necessary for their survival in the rotting capitalist system. The ignition for revolt will come from the disaffected kids of the middle class arising on college campuses. Think Occupy only much, much angrier. Think of the Port Huron statement from the SDS. Think Kent State and white, suburban kids “lying dead on the ground.” The pressure is there, it just needs a new Tom Hayden or Angela Davis to light the fuse.


There was a march in DC on the Saturday following el trumpo swearing in. Very well reported on TV.

We had valid street protests in Baltimore that a few turned into arson - probably provocateurs. Because an old police cruiser and a new german paddy wagon were left parked, conveniently, by the pharmacy. On live camera, a car pulls up on the sidewalk. A guy takes a 3 gallon container into the pharmacy and lights it up. The cruiser and paddy wagon also burn.

I think this accomplished a backlash against the protesters - who were legit.
An option is that city officials wanted to have certain people let off pent up steam.
Violence inside Baltimore is ramping up. sadly.

Viet Nam protest at Kent State was started when a navy person torched the naval reserve building the night before.


Plus record low unemployment and borrowing rates, a booming market where everyone’s 401k are going up. Cheap food, energy, low taxes … why would anyone “rise up”?

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That ole time religion is the continual propaganda arm for that ultimate Authoritarian-in-the-sky…


I’ll make an attempt at tying a couple of things together in my reply/comment.

Having lived in other countries I realized, coming back to the good old U.S.A. that in those other countries people were at the center of their societies, while in the U.S. it is things that are at the center. I’ll leave it to the readers/commenters to list out their notions of ‘things’.

From the article:
Add to this the endless distractions of Hollywood, video games, sports and consumerism, and the exhaustion that comes with working several jobs to make ends meet. The resulting political passivity of Americans is not some strange accident of American culture but the intended product of a mutually reinforcing web of economic, political and media systems that keep the American public confused, distracted and convinced of our own powerlessness.

It’s as if the authors answered their own query.

And I’ll wager, so to speak, that they, the authors, can’t honestly relate to what it means to work ‘several jobs’, where you are so bone tired worn out that just grabbing something to eat and drink, to unwind from the grind, is pretty much all you can manage, until the cycle starts all over again tomorrow.

The American experience has worked wonders for the moneyed masters. They’ve undermined education, creating multigenerational intellectual poverty, while eviscerating the working class economy, reinforcing the aformentioned poverty of the mind with that of the pocketbook.

Hell, it’s a wonder we’re still a functioning society at all. And I ain’t so sure about that.


Ms. Benjamin herself was just assaulted during a protest. I’ve had the experience
In DC protesting the lack of effective legislation to slow climate disruption of being surrounded and crowded by very well-dressed counter-protestors.


“Why aren’t”? It’s simple, Americans as a whole, are insouciant, ignorant, stupid, insecure, afraid and totally uninterested in their social problems and national debacles.