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Why Baby Boomers Should Vote Like Their Kids This November

Why Baby Boomers Should Vote Like Their Kids This November

Stephen Palumbi, Mary Roberts
Our friends and peers are asking more and more about our retirement plans, probably because they are thinking about retirement themselves. And although we all may be thinking about it, we find ourselves reluctant to give up our career lifelines.

But if our generation is wary, what are our kids thinking? Many of us have healthcare plans, pensions, savings, Social Security and Medicare. Our kids are likely to have none of that.

Sorry Stephen, but many of my fellow local boomers who are dyed in the wool Democrats continue to tow the DNC line blaming Sanders for Hillary’s loss and labeling Warren, O"Rourke and other centrist Dems as “unelectable”. These boomers are no more likely to depart from that track than cult 45 is likely to stop clinging to Trump.

This GOP and Dem tribalism is akin to tectonic plates that cause earthquakes, shaking the foundation of democracy.


Interesting, what right leaning democratic candidate are they looking for ?

Like other kids, my kids don’t vote. I will, however, and for the farthest left person I can find.

I am a 64 year old Boomer. I voted for Senator George McGovern in 1972. I have always voted primaries and general elections. I am completely disgusted with corporate Dems and feel betrayed when I see the way many lawmakers I thought were somewhat progressive vote on Wall Street bills among others. That is, not in the interest of the average citizen.

The only thing that keeps me voting are the even worse, extremely dangerous, undemocratic Republicans who have brought this government to the edge of disaster - that is, complete destruction of democracy. They are under the influence of something negative and powerful to which they have lost their spines and minds and handed over their power and responsibilities. I view this bought and sold government to be an oligarchic, kleptocratic corporatocracy. I work with several Boomers who feel exactly as I do. We are frightened for our children and grandchildren. And we vote as our children and grandchildren vote.

I will say that many of the “Greatest Generation” thanks to labor unions and WWII among other factors had well earned benefits after the war. They had access to free college education, housing assistance and worked for companies that were actually run by human beings rather than pure greed. Many had defined benefit plans and healthcare while working and in retirement as well as Medicare thanks to LBJ… One paycheck families were common in the post war period and many could thrive on that income. That has not been true since the early '70s.

All that started to change when Boomers entered early adulthood. Labor unions which brought this country the middle class were being attacked by the right. The many benefits for the WWII generation provided through political will were not there for Vietnam Vets. Many Boomers have lost their defined benefit plan (pensions) and been forced to go with the much weaker and unpredictable 401K, if even available.

Boomers graduated college with a very reasonable loan amounts, if owing anything at all. That is how it should be. Sadly, our children are burdened with heavy and sometimes crushing debt.

Then there is the gun issue, privacy issues, rights under the constitution being undermined and attacked. Racism, division always affirmed by the worst President this country has ever known. There are too many essential matters being threatened right now by the administration, 99.9% of Republicans, the judiciary, including the most blatantly partisan SCOTUS in history. This Court is a sham. It was obvious well before the Citizens United decision that struck a mortal blow to democracy. The rule of law means nothing to this illegimate court. Many Republicans aimed to destroy institutions and have been way too successful.

The most threatening issue I feel I must mention is the environmental crises we have entered and the weight of the burden falls on our children and grandchildren. Their lives and health and well being are at stake, as is that of the planet, all people, plants, animals, insects, etc. are at in real danger. Those in power apparently choose to believe their self-delusional lies they have been telling themselves. Rolling back environmental protections pushing for oil exploration in sacred and pristine areas. This is shear madness. There is no political will among Republicans (and some Dems) because money and self interest are their only priorities. They refuse to acknowledge the harm they are causing future generations, including their own children and grandchildren.

I have never been truly frightened for this country prior to 2016. I am terrified.