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Why Bernie Can Win


Why Bernie Can Win

Matt Karp

It’s almost surreal to go back and watch Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign announcement today.

Last April, with a handful of reporters gathered outside the US Capitol, Sanders strode casually across the grass and unfolded a crinkled sheet of notes. As he spoke — airing his now-familiar grievances with the ever-more-unequal American economy — photographers snapped perfunctory pictures while journalists fiddled with their smartphones. It was all over in about ten minutes.


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Her Royal Clintoness is being forced to reveal her true nature quite a bit earlier in the process than she anticipated. Hopefully, the public will see through the smear campaign that the corporate media have begun against Bernie.


Excellent summary of the issues and dynamics of the campaign.

My hunch is that Bernie, with the support of the growing Bernie movement, will continue to gain strength and win the Presidential election.

Bernie has brought issues to the table what were covered up by the corporate media and now that the cat is out of the bag, the harm caused by the Clintons over the years is apparent to more and more people.

The rapidly declining climate stability means that the only rational policy is Keep It In The Ground. With the strongest environmental position, Bernie has to be the choice of environmentalists.

Are the Republicans going to be punished for their damage to government, people and the planet? It will happen eventually as the empire collapses, but it could be even this year. But I have been wrong in the prediction of when castle of lies will collapse which I thought would bring down W Bush.


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In DLC speak "Electibility" is code for CANDIDATE WHO IS A CORPORATE MONEY MAGNET. No others need apply.

Like Bill Clinton and Obama, Hillary is a corporate money magnet, and Bernie is not. It IS that simple.


Mr. Karp's piece fits the bill on this day after the event yesterday in Nevada. I have no idea how representative this clip is, but it should be enough to discredit caucuses.

Maybe a better characterization is "happening," a partly improvised or spontaneous piece of theatrical or other artistic performance, or political event involving audience participation.

First seen on Democratic Underground.


If it is Hillary v Trump in the general election, then millions of people will have no
good choice. So much for your "representative democracy."

Perhaps the Hill might be indicted for mishandling classified emails. If this happened before the election, it could be a good thing.


When McGovern lost the big issue was the Vietnam War and also there was the counter culture, hippies, and a whole new consciousness about a variety of issues that divided the country. So that race may not be applicable today, Mondale's loss may be more applicable. It seems generally agreed that his statement during his acceptance speech that both he and Reagan would raise taxes but the difference is that he was saying he would raise taxes but Reagan would not say so wound up undermining his chances of winning. Of course, Reagan said he would not raise taxes as Mondale predicted and won easily.


It truly is astounding that people seem already resigned to a Sanders defeat simply by virtue of a few points in these early caucuses when they are decided by coin tosses and picking a card (why is that not an embarrassing stereotype for Nevadians anyway)?

The left has been so conditioned by the conservative media (more aptly known as the oligarchic media) that progressives expect that despite all the evidence that they will never win. Sanders rise has been meteoric as this article points out but a four point difference (pick a card) in numbers sends them running to announce that they 'knew' the rigged game would never let Sanders win. The left announces that they expect defeat.

By the byways... Just who tells us who is so popular and who is favored by the public and which issues matter to the public etc? The very same media the left says is rigging the game. Well the media is rigging the game without a doubt yet the left continues to discuss issues and candidates in the same terms as the media presents them to the public.

The media says Hillary is in the lead while also saying Bernie would beat the republicans in a matchup. Ever hear of that before? The supposed leader would lose but the supposed second best would win?

The media keeps telling us that blacks are Hillary's firewall. However Sanders marched in civil rights marches when few whites did and has fought for civil rights all his career and yet supposedly Hillary enjoys greater black support? Were the Clinton's good for black people? Have they even remembered that there were black people except for Obama? What have they done for civil rights then or since?

Nevertheless the media tells us how we supposedly see things and the mostly white oligarchic media tells us that we favor Hillary because she is more electable (while telling us Sanders would win over the republicans while she might not).

The media told us early on that black people don't know Sanders. It has been awhile yet the media is still telling us that blacks don't know Sanders even though that seems hard to believe at this point. Just how does the media know what working class blacks feel about anything anyway?

They rig the game and tell us what they think we should believe.

What is so amazing is that the left believes them almost as much as do most people as if media consolidation never happened!


Reality Check: there have been 2 caucuses and 1 primary. The voted-for delegate count is 51-51 (excluding super delegates). Hillary won 2 chaotic caucuses with such irregularities the results would be annulled were the Carter Center observing them. Bernie won the 1 primary, a much more democratic method of polling, in a landslide.

As this article points out, Bernie is far more electable than Hillary according to a wide range of metrics. Just last week he beat Hillary in a national poll for the first time. He made up 20% on Hillary in Nevada in a matter of weeks.

Bernie may not win the Democratic nomination because of the intense opposition he faces from the political, economic and media establishment, but as of now the momentum is with him.


Karp sez: "But after this half-step to the left, Clinton has spent the winter furiously digging an ideological trench between herself and Sanders — opposing his major Wall Street reforms, attacking his proposed tax increases, and declaring that single-payer health care 'will never, ever happen.'"

And if she 'wins' the nomination, folks, snug up yer seatbelts ... you'll be at risk of whiplash trying to follow her rhetorical spin even further to the right. In a general she would be wooing Trump's supporters — not Bernie's.


When the sycophant pundits and presstitutes that have access to our airwaves say Bernie is " unelectable" what they really are saying: WE DO NOT WANT BERNIE TO BE ELECTED!

Who in hell are these so-called S.O.B. experts to tell the electorate 9 months before the election who is electable?


The man in charge forgot to proceed to the seletion of delegates, but no one else in the room seemed to know that delegates were to be chosen either. I assume without delegates the process is null.


Thank you, CommonDreams for publishing a voice that doesn't conform to the media beltway's paid sages.

Evidence does suggest that Mr. Sanders could win, and probably WOULD win if the process were free and open, and if the mass media did its job: Informing (rather than deceiving and propagandizing) citizens.


Sanders has to hit back hard on Clinton's latest slur that he's a one-issue candidate. Not only is it false on its face, but the political revolution he's calling for will bring a tide that lifts all boats and address many wrongs.

On the other hand, the Can't Do Candidate truly is a one-issue candidate -- namely, "It's my turn."


I never dreamt I'd vote republican again, but if it's Clinton vs Trump, I may hold my nose with a pair of vice-grip pliers and vote for Trump...only because I think in the long run it'll be better for the democratic party...along with the fact that I despise and loathe her that much.


Excellent analysis.


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I think he should give Spike Lee a call.