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Why Bernie Must (and Can) Win


Why Bernie Must (and Can) Win

Christopher D. Cook

On Tuesday June 7, voters in California, New Jersey, and four other states can sway the Democratic nomination toward Bernie Sanders – the candidate who all polls show gives Democrats the greatest chance of defeating Donald Trump.


...And why, if he can't, Hillary must lose. Probably the only way to take the party over for the REAL people - average, poor, working and minority people - is for the establishment to lose this election, and the power and control of the party that goes with it. The Clinton/DLC faction was able to take over the party nearly 30 years ago because they convinced enough of the power players in the party that they couldn't win elections with the old coalition - labor, liberals, environmentalists, peace activists, etc. The only way to win was to sell-out to a different group of the super-rich. So they did, and we got the Clintons - and the shaft - for the next 25 years. NO MORE. We have seen the light. We now know it is possible to get the money and support without the "donor class", by telling Americans the truth. We will not go back. We will kick Hillary to the curb come November and take the party over. #NeverHillary.


I agree with everything this person wrote except that he didn't write about the how to part. How do we ensure Bernie gets there? How do we ensure the superdelegates think twice about risking everything on an unpopular candidate with a possible indictment hanging over her head and clear lapses of judgement that will never go away.

Where are the calls for people to protest what is the most blatant rigging the game ever seen in a presidential nomination race? Do we as Americans care about losing faith in our own democracy? Do we ever say NO together as Americans of all races, creeds, ages and genders?

Why are we allowing them to get away with rigging the nomination without protest?


Most voters don't let facts get in the way of a good story...a story they have heard or a story they keep telling themselves.

"Its not what you don't know that gets you in trouble, its what you know for sure that just ain't so." - Mark Twain


“If it’s truly about winning, all available evidence shows Sanders is the most likely to defeat Trump.”

Aye, Christopher. There’s the rub.

Is it truly about winning? Would the Democratic Party insiders and super-delegates prefer to remain insiders in a defeated Party or would they prefer to be outsiders in a Sanders victory?

Because, surely, a Sanders nomination and victory would ultimately spell the end for their positions of power and influence. They know that Sanders would not be taking marching orders from them.

The super-delegates are entirely capable of ignoring Sanders’ momentum and positive polling. As long as their positions are not affected. As long as they think that they can get away with it.

What can be done by we Sandernistas? Write, email, Facebook, Twitter them, etc., in a massive show of support for Sanders. Show up in Philadelphia at the DNC convention July 25 - 28 in such overwhelming numbers and with such overwhelming energy that it would be obvious to super-delegates that they “would live forever in infamy” should they make the self-interested choice. Politicians ignore popular movements at their peril


The superdelegates are already changing over - the 1% owned media doesn't want you to know that - IF by some great chance the Whore of Babylon gets the nomination - write in Bernie's name - something like 49 states have this. Keep up the pressure - keep sharing - and keep donating or volunteering - that's how you get your candidate elected - FEEL THE BERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Please vote Jill Stein of the Green Party in November. Or, hell, the Socialist Alternative party. The protest vote is the most important vote this election cycle.

By the way... so we're just going to ignore the fact that Bernie Sanders is a brutal warmonger and isn't trying to even hide it? We're ok with that? His record, as well as the war actions he openly supports, are atrocious. And we're ok with this why? And why are so many of his supporters calling him "anti-war" when he is far from it? This is what scares me about this whole election.

So I am hoping Hillary wins it all just because I think she will do a lot more to drive the revolution Bernie has been talking about. Not because of her but in spite of her.

But I do appreciate all the Bernie has done in this campaign. Honestly, his campaign has been more transformative than the last six presidents combined. So he will get my vote in the primary but Jill Stein was always getting my general election vote. I hope she will get yours too.



Sanders's organization needs volunteers to phone bank - meaning, to call registered Democrats, ask if they're planning to vote for Sanders, and, if so, identify the closest primary polling place and its hours. (You do not persuade the people you call - if they're for Clinton, you just wish them a nice day.)

This is the most any of us can do now to help, but it does help, and the movement needs it: the movement has less small donation money now; and phone banking helps in two ways - by helping supporters plan to vote; and by contributing to a list of progressives for Sanders who can be reached out to in the future.

There are 'phone bank groups' everywhere - people who hold a phone bank session at their apartment, usually within public transportation or short driving distance.

The work is not much fun - though there is the occasional high of talking briefly on the phone with a kindred spirit, and you'll be making calls in the company of a small number of other Sanders supporters.

But it will help get a small number of voters to the polls, and, in an apparently neck-and-neck race, we need every vote.

I've done it a few times, on the phone and door-to-door, and it made me feel good - like I was acting, doing something, not just watching it unfold. You feel engaged.

It's easy - go to a website and sign up - they'll reach you w/a phone text you can respond to if you want.

I hope you try it. It's a good experience. I think you'll feel better.


I have consistently laughed at, and appreciate your enthusiasm for Bernie. All I can say from New Mexico is, "Go Bernie! Go! Bill is here today for a 2nd time campaigning for Hillary. She has been a no show. This election year is serious stuff for all Americans. We need to begin to change the system NOW.



How about I would be for a female president but not one that lies constantly, is beholden to Wall St and those private server emails. 2 All politicians do it. This is easy. X number of wrongs don't make it right. Bernie is a smart candidate I'm certain he can hold his own against Trump. Bring it on!!! Too decent? I would think most voters want a decent candidate for US president.


Would you kindly tell me exactly what is accomplished by a protest vote?

In pragmatic terms, what is the difference between a protest vote, and not voting at all?


These questions are so ludicrous that arguing with them is silly. It's better to mock them. So in that spirit...

No, she's never been the IT Girl. That was Clara Bow to start with:

Then Chloë Sevigny:

Right! I mean we don't know that Bernie isn't really just a some of the Our Gang kids, one on the others shoulders, pretending to be grown men to get a bank loan. I mean it could be and we just don't know.

Right on, here's how to respond to polls:

Oh, so true. We need a president like...


Sanders ahead by one point in latest California poll ("within the margin of error").


Go Bernie!!!


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I agree; my Republican relatives w/ children outside of Chicago just don't get it. I love this comment from JAVSimson--
These few "uncontacted" groups may be the ones who will sustain the human race once the rest of us have destroyed the planet and each other. The surviving "civilized humans" probably won't know how to take care of themselves without advanced technology.


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