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Why Bernie Sanders Delegates Should Keep Fighting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/31/why-bernie-sanders-delegates-should-keep-fighting


Biden is a fool to resist. Medicare for All. It could be his Legacy. He has the People at his back. Go for it Joe. You don’t need the dough. Do the right thing. Deep down you know it is the right thing to do!


Soon after the it appeared that the DNC corruption of the primary process was complete, I received a “personal email” from Uncle Joe, on Sen. Warren’s list… saying that he intended to “earn my vote.” Well, that certainly hasn’t and isn’t happening. As it stands now, he won’t get it. LOTE voting is garbage. If we commit to support him before we get anything we’ll get nothing, and that’s the way it’s been for 40 years with the D’s.


I didn’t even get “a letter from uncle joe”, just a series of funding solicitations from Obummer that are dispatched to the recycling bin post haste. Ditto the funding solicitations Pelosi sends my wife.

A progressive VP candidate of any stripe will be of more value to voters of color than a Wall Street sanctioned candidate of color.


Here’s a better take on this crap

AOC Puts Biden & Party Ahead of The People! July 30, 2020


Listen to Jimmy Dore on this. Link just above.
He explains this crap very well


Polls in swing states show 12% of Sanders supporters do not plan to vote for Biden.

Norm - setting up Bernie’s (previous) supporters to take the fall again.



If we do not have a habitable planet (which is looking increasingly likely) all these things that Norman S. points out in (my) bold) will be meaningless:

"Just as Biden’s chances of winning the presidency would improve if he embraced Medicare for All, his prospects would also be enhanced by adopting popular positions that are especially important to racial minorities. For instance, he could do the right thing by finally supporting the legalization of marijuana, which would be a major step toward ending racist law-enforcement practices."

Made it through a day yesterday where by default I was exposed to the stomach turning sight of Obama once again with his deceptive silver tongued speech at the podium that he loves.

Then I---- and the rest of the world---- witnessed the media, neoliberals even some self proclaimed “progressives” gushing over his speech while thousands die or suffer, the arctic melts and we inch closer to a blue ocean event in the arctic due to AGW/ burning of fossil fuels due, in part, to people like Obama (and Biden).

Today I read this piece by N.S. which leaves out yet another key factor of why people (like me) are concerned (to put it mildly) about democrats, the DNC and voters who “vote blue not matter what”.

Many in the latter group (voters for Biden) don’t take the time to research, gain knowledge and facts about who they are voting for.

When you vote for Biden this November (assuming there is an “election”) you will be voting for those pulling his strings---- including Ken Salazar.

For anyone who cares about defending/protecting life on this planet Ken Salazar is an unsavory character to say the least.

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for Biden to have Salazar on this “team of advisors”----unless of course it’s all about power, money, oligarchy which obviously it is.

So Norman please include these facts about one of Biden’s top advisors so people will know who and what they are voting for when they vote for Biden:


"Ken Salazar, the Obama administration’s first-term interior secretary, took a job at an industry law and lobbying firm just months after leaving office.

There, he refashioned himself as an oil champion and avoided disclosing the companies that paid him to lobby."

Big Oil’s Ally In The Obama White House and now in Biden’s team----In February: Former Vice President Joe Biden will be in Denver on Monday for a private fundraiser. It will be hosted by former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.



Salazar has a history of supporting fossil fuel interests going back to his Senate vote for George W. Bush’s infamous 2005 energy bill, which exempts fracking from the Underground Injection Control provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act. As interior secretary, Salazar opened the Arctic for drilling and helped to implement a plan to move wild horses out of Colorado to free up land for oil and gas extraction. Upon returning to the private sector, he vocally advocated the Keystone XL pipeline and against restrictions on fracking.

He’s been a particularly good friend to Anadarko. As a report by the International Business Times and MapLight noted, in 2010, “Salazar’s department waived environmental rules for an Anadarko offshore drilling project after the Deepwater Horizon spill even though Anadarko partially owned the well involved in that disaster.” In 2012, it approved a plan to allow the company to “develop as many as 3,600 new gas wells in eastern Utah.” This deal was celebrated as a “victory for the economy, U.S. government, and environmental groups,” the report explains, adding that “both the Bureau of Land Management and the Utah Dept. of Environmental Air Quality have raised concerns about air pollution from wells in the region.” Salazar is even quoted multiple times in Anadarko’s promotional materials.

Now Salazar has a new role: adviser to Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden.


Respectfully, Biden is no more likely to fight for Medicare for All than is Trump. And his legacy will be what it already is, a lifelong fight on behalf of big money won at the expense of the dwindling middle class and the even less fortunate he’s repeatedly sold out.

Just one example - the bs Biden is serving up about a public option. They’re assuming we don’t remember that it’s the same damnable lie he and Obama served up in 2008. If he’s elected, it’ll get the same quick toss in the trash that Obama gave it. And assuming for the sake of discussion that it became reality, it would keep the for-profit healthcare insurance industry alive and well, and it would be the kiss of death for Medicare for All.

Mr. Solomon’s article urges those Sanders delegates to keep on fighting for what’s right, to lean on Biden and the Dem establishment, hoping they’ll suddenly change their spots over the next couple of months. Can it be that Mr. Solomon was not paying attention when Biden recently assured the big corporations that they have absolutely nothing to fear, that nothing’s going to change in the way of legislation that might hold those corporate feet to the fire?

As usual, Solomon finishes his sheepdogging role with the reminder that the ultimate goal is to defeat Trump. Trump is a dangerous fool with clear tendency to fascism, to be sure. But there’s another big danger to consider here, the danger of continuing this constant choice of the lesser of two evils orchestrated by the duopoly that we’ll forever be presented with, absent any other political party to support. It’s a strategy of the duopoly that moves us deeper and deeper into the oligarchy and corporate state we’re already well into. And that is an existential danger, in and of itself.

In 2016, the Dems gave us the choice between Trump and Clinton, knowing full well that Clinton stood an excellent chance of being rejected again by the voters. Now, they’re serving up a male version of Clinton, another corrupt, bought and paid for, war mongering establishment Dem with half the brains and an even longer career of selling the people out. The clear message is exactly the same as last time - they don’t give a damn about average Americans and the average American ain’t getting nothin’ from a Biden presidency.


One might think the DP and Hillary 2.0 and their idiot “strategists” would have the common sense, decency and vision to GIVE the progressive/Independent/Democratic BASE a few victories - crumbs at least, but they cannot and likely will not do even that!
I very much want to see the scum trump evicted, but at what price?
The corrupt neoliberal DP and its loathsome stooges of every color, are so entrenched in their mindset of business as usual, MICC war-machine, wage-slavery, banker/health-care-wall st. theft and abuse of the people, and “incrementalism”, the price of removing trump will be too high for some or all of the 100 MILLION registered voters that did not vote in 2016 to do it again!
So much for the Democratic Party Strategy of continued failure and sabotage of progressives and our issues! Corrupt idiots on parade!


But indicators are that it’ll be Harris

The party elites are blinded by money provided by pharma, medical industrial comples, military profit centers, fossil fuels and many other industries.

Joe should not be as clueless as Clinton was. Do democrats ever learn?

No, respectfully, it’s not that they are blinded by big money. It’s that they are willing to be corrupted, that they seize on the opportunity presented to them, that they choose to take that big money as the bribe that it is, their payola for selling out the masses. It’s really nothing more than that.


AOC is just another Bernie Sanders, part of the latest crop of sheepdogs posing as genuine progressives but choosing to submit to the Democratic Party leash.


looking that way.

There is a lot more in that 7/30/20 show than just AOC though.

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I just watched it and you are right. In it, Dore speaks the truth. Also, he’s done one on the Dems’ rejection of Medicare for All, worth watching.


“Polls in swing states show 12% of Sanders supporters do not plan to vote for Biden”
if we can double or triple those numbers we may be able to force the DNC’s hand. Sure wish the M$Media would explain to the sheeple (most of whom want M4A) what the Dems are trying to do to them.


We’ll get nothing anyway.

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I’m not voting for Biden I can’t force myself to do something so against my values. I will write in Bernie. If you don’t want to vote for Biden, don’t stay home if your state allows for write-ins. Vote for Bernie.


Yes, Sanders delegates should keep fighting. The first thing they should do in this fight is vacate the Party and go Green and pledge to never vote Blue no matter who.