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Why Bernie Sanders Deserves More Attention Than Hillary Clinton

Why Bernie Sanders Deserves More Attention Than Hillary Clinton

Lane Filler

Have the media stopped feeling “the Bern”? Or has the Democratic Party, which should probably be renamed the Clintoncratic National Committee, extinguished the fire?

It’s both.

Sen. Bernie Sanders deserves far more attention than he’s getting. The 74-year-old frowzy-haired Democratic Socialist from Brooklyn by way of Vermont raised $33 million in the fourth quarter of 2015. That’s just $4 million less than Hillary Clinton.

The real fourth estate would give anybody–ANYBODY–that was in contention fair coverage. The corporate M$M is NOT the fourth estate as it was conceived. That is why the Bernie message must be spread by word of mouth. The tyranny of media consolidation is a cancer on this country. Scalpel!


“Clinton, who would likely be a decent manager of the nation”

Surely you jest, Mr Filler, unless you consider Obama a decent manager of the nation.


Certainly the race between Clinton and Sanders has gotten a lot of attention in the media although much less than the race on the Republican side. What is news seems to vary from one 24-hour news cycle to another. Recently there has been a rather nasty exchange between Trump and Hillary Clinton with Bill Clinton’s past indiscretions being involved bringing Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, etc back in the news. Clearly Bernie Sanders cannot compete with that to get media attention. Just the fact that Bill Clinton has started campaigning for Hillary was big news. Again, how can Bernie compete with that? The next Democratic debate should get Bernie Sanders a lot of attention in the media again and the results of the Iowa caucus could make him the number one topic in the media.

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What a surprise someone from Long Island (Newday’s home) thinks Sanders’ taxation proposals a bad idea.

And yes, Long Island is expensive to live on. However where does this guy think the roads and parks on Long Island come from and how are they maintained?


You see, as soon as I read “74-year-old, frowzy-haired…” I saw that I was in mainstream media territory, who never DID feel the Bern. When was media attention based upon just deserts? Bernie is ignored or diminished by those who are uncomfortable with the magnitude of change the man is committed to. I do expect Common Dreams to be more mindful and honest about what they’re broadcasting.


Yeah, 74 year old frowzy haired translates to: too old, Bernie could become senile before he leaves office, even if he is elected!

Clinton would be a good manager?
More like a good mangler!


Mr. Filler seems to have very little understanding of how mass media works and who it serves.

While the “if it bleeds, it leads” euphemism has some veracity, essentially, a corporately-owned mass media mostly serves its own interests.

Bernie Sanders threatens the nation’s financial status quo. That’s the LAST thing that this Group will tolerate.

The very wealthy spent several decades funding political figures, think tanks, platforms, and media venues; and through these channels, they gradually were able to chip away at The New Deal and its underlying philosophy.

Mr. Sanders is a champion of the New Deal Ethos, however amended to modern times.

I’m surprised he’s gotten as much media time as he has; and as FAIR documents, it’s less than 1% of what Trump gets.

Trump isn’t just exciting or a natural celebrity figure capable of drawing a crowd. He speaks to the same demographic that the well-funded Talking Heads of Right Wing Radio do: angry white guys.

These angry white guys have come to the mostly false conclusion that government is the problem. They think that guns make them strong, manly, and invincible. They resent the progress made by Black citizens, Latinos, and women. Most are programmed by sports into viewing the world through a “team” prism, and this prism tells them that Americans/Christians are “good,” and Muslims/Middle Eastern citizens are “bad.”

The corporate media caters to this ilk because this same group does all of the following:

  1. Fill the ranks of the military
  2. Maintain enough domestic breakouts of violence to “justify” a domestic “terrorism” (formerly officers of the peace) force
  3. Vote in favor of Big Business (disguised as “lower taxes”)
  4. Question global warming
  5. March lockstep with a top-down father knows best authoritarian ideology

In short, this group makes fascism possible.


While I appreciate someone in the media commenting on Bernie’s lack of coverage, his conclusion, that it’s because Bernie doesn’t change positions, is laughable.

Come on. Bernie broke Obama’s fundraising record and the media barely covered it. Bernie drew massive crowds early and the media ignored it.

It isn’t because Bernie doesn’t alter his positions. It isn’t that Bernie is boring.

It’s because the press is owned by the oligarchy and continually pretends that right-wing views represent the center.

They don’t.

But MSM doesn’t want Bernie calling them on this. They don’t want to give his platform any visibility. They don’t want policy debates, they just want him to go away.

They, like the DNC, want Hillary.

So they ignore Bernie.

It has nothing to do with consistency being boring,

The rich are terrified Bernie will educate people about how we’re getting screwed by a system that rewards the wealthy and penalize those who actually create the wealth. They want the middle class to disappear without a struggle.

To them Bernie is a dangerous rabble-rouser who could put them in danger.

Of course they’re not telling people about him.

They just want him to go away.


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Bernie Sanders, having never awakened in the president’s bed when the phone call came in at 3:00 a.m. (seemingly Clinton’s greatest claim to its being “her turn”), cannot deserve the attention given to Clinton,

Media has covered Bernie’s large crowds and have included him in the debates. I don’t see anything in the media indicating they don’t want Bernie. Also, he has been covered many times as a senator. The media does not seem to be playing favorites in this election but as usual is trying to do what it takes in increase ratings. Unfortunately for America that means Trump, and more Trump. The message sent by the TV ratings of the first Republican debate was clear, that Trump means high ratings which translates into more dollars from ads.

An honest, objective media does not worry about ratings. They tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may.

And paradoxically, neither is the MSM’s first concern with ratings.

The US MSM is a slimy, propagandizing wart hog whose main objective is controlling the thinking and opinions of the population, for the benefit of the ruling class.

The MSM’s concern for ratings and profits are secondary.

Since they all treat the same, usually irrelevant topics as top drawer news, ratings do not depend upon content.

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I believe the bosses, Clintons and Dem machine won’t allow Bernie to be the candidate. They are pros at rigging elections, primaries and what-have-you - they’ve been doing it since the days of Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the Bushies got over on them in 2000. They know all the tricks too.

Take a look at Episode 2 of Oliver Stone’s Untold History. It shows how in 1944, going into the convention delegates were solidly for Henry Wallace for VP. The bosses said, “no way”, and we ended up with Truman. It’s very instructive.

I hope Bernie gets there and I’m proved wrong, but I don’t think so.

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Oh, and speaking of Trump and the avalanche of media he’s getting, I wonder how much stock in the networks and newspapers he owns. What can you say if a big investor says, “Keep me on the front pages. I don’t care how you do it, just do it!”

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These are businesses. Their bottom line has to be making a profit. They have a legal responsibility to their stockholders to do so. They can’t put controlling opinions as their first priority. Any CEO who did that would be gone in a minute. What they put on is shaped by the public, not the other way around. That is why see see stuff like news you can use. It’s not important but people find it useful. They stay away from things that are too controversial because they want to maintain ratings. People who lose the race for ratings in the media are going to have problems making a decent living.

“Clinton’s attempt to control the process is understandable. But the party’s willingness to go along is foolish. And the media’s complicity is shameful.”

The Wall Street duopoly plays dirty.

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I believe he meant “manager” in a pejorative way, as falling short of what’s required: a visionary.

I will vote Democrat if Bernie Sanders gets the nomination. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have faults that bother me quite a bit. They have different kinds of faults, but I do not see one being much superior to the other.

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That’s exactly what they want you to believe, but it’s wrong.

You might try reading some of the writings of Edward Bernays, the father of of public relations and modern propaganda.

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