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Why Bernie Sanders Is Absolutely Correct About the Washington Post—and Corporate Media Overall

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/14/why-bernie-sanders-absolutely-correct-about-washington-post-and-corporate-media


yesterday (tues 8/13) this was discussed on MSNBC MTP daily and all on the “pundit panel” slammed Sanders for this. If MSNBC is “the liberal” network, woe is us. His name is barely mentioned on the network compared to others doing less well in polls.


High, regular paychecks are a feature of corporate capture, with or without the boss dripping coffee on the shoulders of the staff. As we were wont to say back in Texas, and I hope Jim Hightower and the late Molly Ivins would agree, “that ain’t right.”


"Circus dogs…"

What a most fitting descriptor.


You can always tell when Bernie is correct by the enemies he makes.


Our media sold out to the highest bidder. They do not report news, they do not investigate, they spew propaganda. Their outrage at Bernie is a reflexive.

Bezos’ physical presence is not needed in the newsroom, because his name is on the check. To keep those checks coming, his employees will do whatever they need to do to keep the empire standing and protect their boss.

It takes a measure of self delusion to be among the ultra rich. As seen from Tucker Carlson’s emergency “fishing trip,” not even entertainers with nutcases for viewers, can say anything they want with impunity. At the end of the day, faux journalists are nothing more than employees who receive a golden parachute when terminated.


Excellent article. On an old topic. The idea that - using logic and common sense to analyse facts and then reach a conclusion - is wrong, only because of lack of physical evidence, only serves the ones who know how to operate without creating any evidence.

It is common place in workplaces, to be told something important to do on a one to one conversation, without leaving any written or phone traces. This evidence thing is mis-used. It is a fact that Bezos owns half the internet. And are we to believe he has no say in his own newspaper? What evidence is there needed?


Bernie as usual speaks the truth, plain to see if one only looks - Norman hits it on the head with this comment:

"What Bernie Sanders is pointing out is not—and he never said it was—a “conspiracy.” The problems are much deeper and more pernicious, having to do with the financial structures of media institutions that enable profit-driven magnates and enormous corporations to dominate the flow of news and commentary."

The fact is, an independent media and press are critical to a free republic which has ceased to be in America, and we are living the consequences of a corrupted/bought-up media dedicated to their controlling interests, not providing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!
Lying and deception come in many forms, not the least of which is the “telling both-sides of an issue” scam - code for diluting or eliminating truth with “other side” propaganda and rubbish.

As Sonmi451 said “Truth is singular, its “versions” are mistruths”.


MSNBC IS the liberal network. Liberals have often (if not usually!) been vicious redbaiters and defenders of elitism and capitalism.

So yes, woe is us… except that our ideas are wildly popular and represent the only possible future civilization has.


“Liberal” morphed into neoliberal years ago. Neoliberals proceeded to enable neocons who morphed into an organized crime syndicate disguised as the Republican Party.

Just like the Walton empire, Bezos’ and Amazon’s business model is monopoly. Anybody like Sanders who attempts to restore reform era and New Deal era regulations preventing or dissolving monopolies has a target on their back.


Bernie, and more importantly, his Team better figure out quick how to counter (or get around) the media with his message or else his chances of winning are zilch.


It’s quite possible that media attention like this – and the attendant spotlight shown on corporate lapdog outlets like the Post and MSDNC – help Bernie with the very voters that the d-party is writing off.

As you may recall, in the aftermath of “the Washington Post [running] 16 negative stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 hours,” he won the Michigan primary. Now, the d-party might ask itself: Can we win the electoral college without Michigan?..or they could promote Harris/ByeDone/Buttigieg/Warren and find out that they couldn’t. Take this to the bank: the only d-party candidate who can peel off enough Trump voters to make a difference is Sanders.


Solomon sez:
“Bernie Sanders set off the latest round of outraged denial from elite media this week when he talked to a crowd in New Hampshire about the tax avoidance of Amazon.”

That inconvenient subject appears to have been memory-holed in the Assimilated Press’s rush to righteous self-defense, no?


What many journalists don’t understand is that they never would have been employed by MSM in the first place if they didn’t write pro-corporate pieces unconsciously. Many journalism schools insist on framing all articles in a corporate friendly manner so as to ‘increase the students chance of employment’ with the MSM after graduating. Instead most graduates who end up writing for a living, do so by creating corporate sponsored propaganda designed to appear as unbiased articles despite their obvious bias to anyone familiar with the topic at hand.
Because there is no ‘left wing media’ in the U.S., journalists can not expect corporate employment unless they stick to a right wing agenda or else concentrate on non-political issues like mainstream entertainment and gossip. The absence of investigative journalism has resulted in the news being transformed into an Orwellian institution whose primary purpose is to dumb down the masses. In this regard, American media has been incredibly triumphant.
The obvious solution would appear to be the creation or rise of left wing media, however under the current system, all media is dependant on corporate funding to compete. Any outlet that defends the 99% (such as Commondreams) is immediately dismissed by any supporter of the MSM as being a ‘fringe’ source with a minuscule following while conveniently ignoring the reality that the news source can never expect corporate funding and therefore is required to rely on small donations from readers.
The effectiveness of the right wing narrative is evident by the fact that the majority of Americans still believe that the media in general is ‘liberal’ despite their misunderstanding of what ‘liberal’ actually means. ‘Liberal’, in its left wing origins, refers to the promotion of social equality and justice, two subjects that have been completely absent in the mainstream media for generations, yet too many people vehemently cling to this myth of a ‘left wing bias’ in the corporate media.
The irony here is that no one ever seems to contemplate why corporations would sponsor a left wing agenda in the first place, yet this is where most Americans find their comfort zone… believing in a vaguely defined socialist, commie loving media that gets its funding from unnamed and incredibly wealthy sources conspiring with underground lefties around the globe to destroy incredibly wealthy people and institutions. This is a testament to how effective the Great Western Narrative has been in getting the general public to redirect their attention from the actual architects of societies’ gross inequalities and lack of social justice and instead place the blame on these fictitious boogeymen behind the scenes that have so far remained anonymous except for the poor people they manipulate to do their bidding.
Until the average American can grasp how they’re being lied to, the country will be racing towards our sixth mass extinction completely oblivious to how we got there.


Like the word organic, “liberal” has been compromised and destroyed by the corrupt. I have always considered myself a liberal and have never made a case for capitalism nor been much of an elite.

I wish “our” ideas i.e. the ideas primarily espoused on this web site were popular in MO but they are not. Now that the CAFO’s are coming in and farmers are losing their livelihoods, maybe the scoundrel in chief, the Cattleman’s Ass. and the Farm Bureau, etc. will be seen for what they are. NOT for the little guy.


The fact that cable news pundits, anchors, and reporters rushed to vehemently defend corporate media against Sanders’ comments is illustrative of the dynamic. It makes you wonder where career self-interest ends and sincere delusion begins.

Yes, these elements of self-interest and delusion are at work, here, but there’s also the simple fact that these corporate organizations work hard to screen out the rabble-rousers and trouble-makers when it comes time to hire. Anyone who has worked for a large company knows the lengths companies go to find employees who are a good match for their corporate philosophy. In other words, these people wouldn’t be writing for the Washington Post in the first place if they didn’t write these articles. For that reason, it is completely naive to expect them to write anything different.


We must distinguish between Neoliberal and Liberal. Liberals, in their true sense, refers to a group that supports a left wing agenda. Neoliberals are the exact opposite promoting an extreme right wing ideology. One of the reasons that the right wing adopted the phrase ‘neoliberal’ was to disguise itself as an ideology that promotes social justice and equality (core beliefs of the Left Wing), but through a corporate lens. Naturally social justice and a more egalitarian society are the sworn enemies of the right wing, but this can never be publicly admitted. The ‘Neoliberal’ is an oxymoron to say the least, but is has been effective in confusing the general public. Semantics are crucial to the Great Western Narrative and therefore discrediting any reference to liberal philosophy is paramount to reinforcing a corporate agenda.


Absolutely. Corporations can rely on an applicants record of ‘self censorship’ to determine their suitability for corporate servitude.


“Jeff Bezos allows our newsroom to operate with full independence, as our reporters and editors can attest.”

Yes, this the same line Politicians use when they claim the contributions they get from groups like the NRA , The Oil industry, the drug industry and the like have no bearing on the policies they might enact. I am sure I could ask Politicians from all Political parties that receive those funds and “all will attest” they operate totally indpendently from that money.

All you need do to see the lie for what it is would be to look at just how wealthy guys like Jeff bezos has become even as he pays his workers those paltry wages.

The media seems to think the people are as stupid as the Politicians think they are when they toss out lines like this.


This is so true. My niece, a grad student at Northwestern, was confused/tricked by the term ‘neoliberal’. It cost her dearly on an important test.

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