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Why Bernie Sanders Is Absolutely Correct About the Washington Post—and Corporate Media Overall

Al Jazeera only dropped the oosa office.

I have similar beliefs regarding dem now. the only reason that I use that site is because they give airtime to significant guests and in doing so they cover points of view ignored by others.

Amy Goodwin can be annoying when she presses some point that is repugnant. She often sounds as if she is trying to sensationalize the facts.

And that is the perfect example of the citizen journalist - which of course You Tube is trying to limit and restrict. Look at what they are doing to other progressive sites - pulling funding and vague standards only they understand.


“Bernie Sanders Is Absolutely Correct About the Washington Post—and Corporate Media Overall”

As long as you realize that the ‘Washington Post’ isn’t ‘corporate’ media. Its something a bit worse. If it was a ‘corporate’ entity it would at least have shareholders to answer to. Its not.

It was bought by Nash Holdings LLC, which is Jeff Bezos’s personal investment firm, so basically Bezos himself bought the Post. (See Orson Welles’ ‘Citizen Kane’.)


To prove they have no bias, these media giants need only run an article or two about loyal Bernie supporters and why they support him.

Thank you!! I have long said that WE (Americans) have been ill-served by these corporate take-overs of our media. Long gone are the days when “local news” didn’t slant, let alone - “national news”. And forget about “international news” and while FAUX SPEWZ may be odious, those other stations don’t smell well either! And though the 1st Amendment gives “freedom of the press”, that does nothing for “self censorship” of stories covered!

The sad truth is Nixon and his lawlessness would never have been covered now. The repeal of the FAIRNESS Doctrine did US in and WE need to have it revamped for the 21st century!

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The mainstream media is owned by mostly Jews. That is why criticism of Israel will not be found on CNN, FOX “News” or MSNBC. Sanders is a critic of apartheid Israel, so the media hates him mostly for that – though it won’t admit such.Finally, Rupert Murdoch, who is Jewish, is on record as saying he doesn’t want to read anything negative about Israel. (No surprise there.)

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Excellent indeed. May I quote you? Your take on this needs to be distributed :slight_smile:

Chucky Toad is just a highly paid shill for the Oligarchy. that’s his job.
Ignore him, and the Fascist network that pays him

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This would be a different and much better country today if there had been no fox news in the last 25 years.

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“…Should be calling out in the media…”
And where would that be? Not our corporate public news and even local news, which is now mostly owned by Sinclair Broadcasting who are almost as bad as fox. Their political news director is a Trump loving, Russian born, ex-trump employee.
And that’s where most people get their news.

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Great, here we go again - 2016 redux

Let’s all tear everything apart, beat each other up, and lose another election.

This is America!

Let’s not conflate News with Opinion.
All news outlets are biased - always have been. The consolidation of news is the issue. We used to have two newspapers in the Philly area, one leaned left, one leaned right. Now there’s one which tries to play ‘fair’ and present both sides ‘equally’. The readers are left confused - ‘which position should I take into my being?’ - both sound reasonable.

All Baron or Sullivan would need to do to disprove their own current claims would be to write a bunch of pieces denouncing the man who owns the Post —and then see what happens due to their breach of required self-censorship.
Why would they do that if it is not true or if they truly felt that it is not true?
That’s not news, that’s not censorship … that’s just BS.
Sure there’s an understanding they same can be said for writers on this site or anywhere.

If you want the news to report the news, then you need to understand the old adage
If it bleeds, it ledes
If something is reported, either positively or negatively, it is reported because it will grab the reader’s attention, it will sell newspapers.
Dewey Defeats Truman

There was a movie (yeah, okay, it’s a movie) about a young reporter getting a position on a small newspaper in New England. There was a storm on the horizon and the new reporter wrote a boring headline. The editor suggested something more sensational “Storm threatens life on New England Island”. When the new reporter asked “What if the storm passes”. The editor said write the headline “New England Island narrowly escapes destruction”.

Most people don’t read past the headlines, maybe the 1st paragraph.

Before we start repeating the same mistakes as in 2016, consider the cost.
Don gets another 4 years - oh Shit!

That goes for the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN - STOP giving Don free coverage.

Not sure why Far Left, like Sanders, is any better than Far Right. People need to meet in the middle. But criticizing the press isn’t what makes anything right or wrong. Otherwise Trump would be the very stable genius he claims to be.