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Why Bernie Sanders Is Winning the Hearts and Minds of America


I don’t know what everyone is looking into when it comes to Sanders. So, authenticity? Let’s see. In en essay, Bernie Sanders wrote, “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man as she fantasize being raped by three men simultaneously.” Would you please ask your wife or your girlfriend what they think about fantasizing being raped. And, would you please, make sure you publish this, so everyone can see what kind of integrity Bernie Sanders has. Number two, Bernie Sanders Dodged the Vietnam Draft as a “Conscientious Objector.” That is who you would trust as your Commander-in-Chief? Is that integrity for you? Ask your readers what they think. Number three, Sanders proposal of free stuff would cost 58 Trillion dollars. You say he is going to pay for that with a political revolution. Explain how this proposed revolution would happen. Is everyone going stupid? Talking about Sanders “revolution” and no one can explain it, including Sanders. So much for integrity. I do know that neither you nor anyone else will respond to the idea of women fantasizing about being raped when you are making love to them nor about draft dodging nor about explaining Sanders Revolution. Thee is going to be a lot of hypocrisy going around in Bernie Sanders supporters, and you will be the first.