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Why Bernie Sanders' Single-Payer Push Is Great Policy and Even Better Politics


Why Bernie Sanders' Single-Payer Push Is Great Policy and Even Better Politics

Ryan Cooper

ernie Sanders unveiled his latest version of a Medicare-for-all plan on Wednesday, to a highly unusual level of media attention and support within the Democratic Party. A third of the party's Senate caucus have come out as co-sponsors — although, unsurprisingly, neither Chuck Schumer nor Nancy Pelosi are backing it yet — and it looks likely that more will sign on soon.


Let it be said, loud and clear, that the man behind the “Single-Payer Push” is a member of the Independent Party.

Not a Democrat, not a Republican.

The Green Party, of which I am proud to say that I belong to, has already endorsed Bernie’s plan.

With the establishment politicians of both parties of the Duopoly showing no support for a Healthcare system that benefits the masses instead of big business, we have seen great numbers of voters leaving these parties for “greener” pastures.

Soon, I hope we all see Duopoly politicians leaving in numbers and finding homes with those parties who have progressive ideals, not regressive ones.


With the Republicans in charge of the Senate and House and Trump being president I guess the idea here is to pass this in 2021 with the assumption being that the Democrats will be in a much stronger position. That of course is a big assumption. Once this bill gets into committee, if it ever does, then it will be examined closely and everyone should get a better idea of its pros and cons and costs. If the the pharmaceutical industry, medical device industry, and medical insurance industry oppose it that will be big trouble. Television, radio, and the internet will be flooded with ads and article about how single payer health care will mean less health care for most people. There will stories about rationing of healthcare leading to long delays in getting needed treatment. There will be stories about how the 150 million people with employer-based healthcare plans will pay more and get less coverage. Hillary Clinton took on the healthcare industry in 1993 and didn’t fare very well. That does not bode well for this plan.


Don’t you realize that most of those with employer-based healthcare plans are already paying more for less coverage? This has been the trend for years.
Also, especially in many states, if they are laid off due to mergers, downsizing, or any other reason, they are left with no coverage.
This is the kind of plan that the Clintons should have fought for in 1993. Then people might actually respect them! It is way past time for us to catch up with the other developed nations of the world. No retreat from this! Its time has come!


Today’s mainstream media cites Nancy Pelosi declaring " Obamacare more comprehensive and needs to be protected" as her reasons for not co-sponsoring Sanders’ legislation.

Sanders’ plan will cover ALL Murkins AND includes dental and vision that have never been covered by Medicare or Obamacare. Better ask Pelosi how she defines “comprehensive” ?


That might of helped a bit because the number one criticism of her 1993 plan was that it was too complicated and Medicare-for-all is pretty straightforward. But, those insurance company sponsored “Harry and Louise” commercials probably would have been effective against any plan. Overall, back in 1993 people weren’t quite as fed up with health care costs and results as they are today. I am much more optimistic about the possibility of a snowball effect today.


Pony Boy, it not only has to be a new party (like the Green Party, overtly against Empire) — different from the ‘rougher-talking’ neocon ‘R’ Vichy Party of the EMPIRE or the ‘smoother-lying’ neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy Party of the exact same EMPIRE — it also has to be ignited with a “Political/economic and socialist Revolution Against EMPIRE”.

My comment published in NYT re. Bernie ONLY addressing the Health Care problem of this EMPIRE:

Bernie’s heart is in the right place — it’s just that his slow incrementalist thinking and weak-kneed “Political Revolution” weren’t.

What he really needed to shout-out in the 2nd paragraph of his speech yesterday was:

“We remain the only major [Empire] on earth that allows chief executives and stockholders in [all 7 sectors of this Empire] to get incredibly rich, while tens of millions of people suffer because they can’t get the [democracy] they need. This is not what the United States [started a “Revolution Against Empire”] to be about.”

Bernie’s two-word sound-bite and incomplete call for a “Political Revolution” — Against what Bernie? — missed the mark in not firing a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in the streets’, but completely non-violent “Shout (not shot) heard round the world” to ignite an essential Second American people’s peaceful patriotic “Political/economic and socialist Revolution Against Empire” — as our forefathers started 242 years ago, and intended to be ‘perfected’ of, by, and for later generations of people like us.

As our forefathers fully understood, it is never treasonous, and always patriotic, to ignite a “Revolution Against Empire”
[Justin duRivage’s book on the American Revolution of the same title]

And as Pat might have shouted if Tom had taken the pain to edit his words: “Give me Liberty [from Empire], or Give me Death”



I have read this same message in one of your previous responses to another commenter and completely agree with you.

Right on, and Write on!


Pelosi is bought and paid for. Schumer too.


I’m not going to judge too harshly Sanders’ political acuity and choices over the last 24 months. In a way, considering how far along we are into oligarchy, it’s incredible that he’s even still on the political scene. It’s been a friggin’ minefield, and he’s still got both legs. His(et al) proposal is much better than I worried it might be, and he didn’t sell us out.


“Withholding support for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s Medicare for All plan could spell disaster for members of a Democratic Party that’s looking to regain several Congressional seats in the 2018 election.”

But how can that be so!!??

Secretary Clinton has WARNED Democrats “Don’t be like Bernie Sanders.”


Yes, the Green Party- I hope they can unite their ideas with progressive dems of America.


Clinton is not in office- remember? Gee, imagine taking advice from a losing candidate( twice).


Bernie is the bomb! He’s stayed the way he is for over fifty years.


I agree, and Nancy is one of the richest pols in congress.


People are not paying attention to party- unless they are rich - they are paying attention to who is going to do the most for them that’s right. They see talk not action, and they want action, jobs, infrastructure, rights, education etc.


That is right- without a pension- and a union- no benefit- with a lay off no coverage. Cobra is too expensive for most people.


Dear me – I hope that my sarcasm was not unclear – To be clear, as I wrote elsewhere, the notion that Democrats should be warned not to be like the most popular politician in the U.S. suggests that the Democrats should continue their death wish.


May be of interest: https://www.facebook.com/abcplanetamerica/videos/722343647955020/


PonyBoy, I just got back here, but thanks much for your understanding and support against Empire.

Since, this older thread, Bernie (and Jeremy Corbyn) in both the US and UK are coming-out overtly to start the essential “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin duRivage — who recognized that even our First (and only successful) Revolution Against Empire was mirrored in the British Parliament among ‘Radical Whigs’ as an essential change for the people]!