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Why Biden Must Ignore Sen. Coons' 'Caveats' and Stay on Course to Return to the Iran Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/24/why-biden-must-ignore-sen-coons-caveats-and-stay-course-return-iran-deal

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Biden never saw a War or war budget he didn’t like. Given the creatures he’s gathering around himself it’s a better guess that we are headed for another War or two.


“That it is difficult to even ascertain what the goal of this administration’s Iran policy was”

I think the goal was to weaken or destroy an adversary of Israel, with the strategic gains that would flow from that, and so far, so good. It had nothing to do with stopping Iran from developing a nuclear weapon: Iran has no nuclear weapon program, and the Iran deal took care of that potential.


I suppose that it is tempting to imagine that Joe Biden might not favor ongoing and escalating war in and around the Middle East, and likely elsewhere, regardless of his record or the things that he has said when not campaigning or even, usually, when campaigning.

We are getting a wave of articles discussing what Biden “must” do now that the electoral system has once again failed to produce a president with popular policies or integrity. I suppose must makes sense as long as the authors only mean it in a moral sense.

Otherwise, must requires a show of force of some kind. That did not come on the ballot. It did not happen when the Party illegally thwarted electoral challenges. Past that, we are getting a lot of cues that election and due process might best be called “because Trump.”

Once that happens, it often takes a generation or two to get it back.

There were thousands of strikes during the Great Depression. There were a good few people on the street for the BLM protests, despite Covid.

Let’s quit speculating about what Biden’s going to do, He’s a pretty thoroughly known quantity. let’s start working out what to do about it.


I am dreaming of a powerful anti-war movement
Just like the one I used to know…

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