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Why Big Insurance Adores the American Health Care Act


Why Big Insurance Adores the American Health Care Act

Wendell Potter

There’s been a lot of talk about just who was hurt and helped by Obamacare and who will profit or be imperiled by the next phase of health care legislation. Yet health insurance executives have been curiously silent about the House GOP plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.


Anything other than a universal non-profit health care system of "insurance" will continue to evade responsibility and open acknowledgement that health-care is a human right, NOT a means to get rich, increase costs under "private insurers" and corporate for-profit hospitals, and lead to further obscene health care costs via corporate greed and manipulation of the system of for-profit insurance, corrupt big-pharma, and corporate-run hospitals! Health care can, and must, be provided to all Americans without the current corrupt system of collusion, greed, and astonishing ridiculous costs!

And yes, Obama created a for-profit system that enhanced some "coverage" but gave much away to corporate America - Obama's ACA primarily enhanced corporate and big-pharma profits over ALL the people!


Health INSURANCE as [is] opposed to health CARE by dint of the profit margin is inextricably responsible for the linguistic truism that the American Health Care "Act" is the second orchestrated ACT in a play on the xylophone of bones known as the citizens of the US.

With stunning rhetoric, the libretto and score for scene two are being rehearsed over gluttonous feats of feastings on the fast deteriorating health of the nation AND most notably caused by corporate activities in agribusiness, processed foods, nuclear, mining and petrochemical spewing toxic waste in psychotic denial known as advertising that their responsibilities as human beings should be preventing the same. So the latter - by all appearances - has assiduously set the stage for vampiric extraction from human life like a beef cut chart, shaping NEED and ginning 'market share' then preyed upon by the pharmaceutical and "insurance" predators.

This describes a hell, not life. AND... the human capacity to administer community to scale is poisoned by the demand that EVERYTHING be put through the "capital" predation extractor. Reagan initiated this now legion gutting of administrative for "privatization", demonizing all that does not conform to its psychotic death wish - and call it "patriotic".

Samuel Johnson was right! "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel."


"The ACA was really the Health Insurance Profit Protection and Enhancement Plan"

Only thing is, then the Public would have known the TRUTH about the matter, so it had to be more efficiently FRAMED as the "Affordable Care Act."

"He who Frames....Wins."
-any number of authors

Question the Frame.


They can like it all they want. If the right wing pushes through their horrible bill, it will cause a backlash that eventually leads to single payer. There will be no better advertisement as far as the immoral nature and the dead end that is this system than what they would unleash. The public already is now in favor single payer. If the voters compare the period before the ACA, during the ACA, and after, the private healthcare market will not be made to look well, and it is already unpopular. The ACA is horribly flawed and isn’t sustainable (although it clearly has benefited many people, myself included), but whatever it is, the right’s alternative is worse, and no propaganda will cover that reality. Hate to be a broken record, but if we had a decent opposition party, not only would the Republicans not dare to even think about doing this (notice that the right in Canada and the UK wouldn’t dare try anything near this), but these creeps wouldn’t have the power to do this in the first place. Less than 30% of the country identifies with this party and their policies are deeply unpopular. They have this power because of how pathetic the opposition is. Neoliberalism led us here, and we’re nearing the end game. What’ll give way, democracy or this savage economic system?


You're absolutely not a broken record wishing for an Opposition Party.

We Citizens must coalesce, for our own survival.


Insurance is a financial product, not a health care product.

US law has always required corporations to prioritize increasing shareholder value over all else or risk being sued by their stockholders for failing to do so. This is in direct conflict with spreading the risk of the high cost of health care for those who need it the most.

Any "reform" other than single payer or a full on government program modeled after the US Veterans Administration (VA) is nothing more than a new flavor of corporate welfare.


Well explained, Mr Potter. Another cherry on top of the AHCA - huge tax cuts for the wealthy.

The search for profit distorts the mission of every capitalist business, particularly publicly traded corporations. No longer is producing the best and most effective product or service, but profits, profits, profits at the expense of the quality of the product or service as well as the workers. That's the way it always is with capitalism.


Magnificently written comment! Thank you!


Everybody who has taken a realistic look at the U.S. health care system can see that the only way to make it affordable is to get the insurance companies out of there, which would mean a single payer system. Of course the insurance companies and the medical providers will resist that because it would change them from racketeering profiteers to government civil servants. So it won't happen before the big financial crash that many are predicting


It would be good if the new private enterprise based health care system failed today in Congress along with the old one.

And if Donald Trump then instituted a single payer (the government) plan. I'd hate to see him grab the credit, would have preferred that Hillary Clinton and Ira Magaziner got that, but what is important here?

Could a moron go down in history as institutor of the greatest social change in America in a century and a half? Only if he had the intelligence to act and act right now.


John, a wishfully hopeful scenario, but one I think devoid of reality. Trump is faltering and the only hope he has lies in the organizational muscle of the GOP, and they will never, ever allow single-payer or the elimination of the for-profit health insurance industry from the extortion scheme known as "US health care."

edit: Or, as the Count said: "If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything."


Excellent no-holds-barred exposition by Wendell Potter.

I'm constantly amazed at humanity's propensity for fraud and corruption. Another drain on Medicare can be witnessed daily on all the new retro-tv channels. "Call now to get your back or knee brace at little or no cost to you!" Except that these charlatans are charging the government (that would be your tax dollars) exorbitant fees for products that are worth only a fraction of what they're billing.

Wonder how many congress-critters have stock in these predatory medical device companies?


Goat, that was utterly poetic, in a profoundly perverse way.



O Justaman, don't tell me that I am "devoid of reality." Could it be that you are "devoid of irony?" But thanks for the reply.

I think it important to twit the bastard whenever possible. Shouldn't we tempt him into doing the right thing? What exactly is there to lose? And he did praise the health systems of Canada and Scotland one time in a surprise moment in his meanderings.

The subtext of this approach is the "iron and oak" advocated by Dan Rather.

Okay, by now I've read some of your other stuff and do find irony. But want to see more people zero in on centrality here and everywhere and fight fight fight.


If you need proof that your government is owned by corporate puppet masters, look no further than health care.

1 out of 6 dollars in GDP, a good third of which is blood money lining the pockets of straight-up thieves, under the protection of both parties.

But fight for $15/hour and you'll be labeled a pony-hunting DFH by the likes of the Clintons and DNC.

If Wendell Potter could be drafted to lead a third party, I'd join right up.


Well, in my opinion, hoping for a loss on this is morally unacceptable. If the bill winds up on Trump's desk, it promises millions of people in the here-and-now definite pain, heartache, and loss of life. Theres no chance of single payer over the next four years while Trump is in office anyway. But as someone with a preexisting condition and a six year old, I might be closer to the issue than you.


The future of American 6-year-olds is precisely why I fight in the here and now for single payer.

You want crumbs? Settle for them.


As someone who couldn't get insurance for a period of my life while in business for myself, I'll let you describe something that makes a huge difference in people's lives "crumbs."


Thanks for your permission.