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Why Birth Control Is Essential for Americans’ Health


Why Birth Control Is Essential for Americans’ Health

Lydia Pace, Eve Rittenberg

It is 2020. The American Health Care Act has become law, and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has eliminated contraception from its list of essential preventive services that must be covered by insurance without cost sharing.

Let’s imagine a woman named Margaret. She is 25 years old and has Type 1 diabetes requiring insulin. She has high-deductible health insurance through her job with a construction company. For the past 2 years, high out-of-pocket medical and prescription costs have led Margaret to avoid doctor’s visits, and her sugar levels are too high.


Increased US maternal death rates are consistent with:

1) Other epidemiological statistics during the past two decades whereby health related quality of life and life expectancy has been dropping among all but the highest income demographics, and

2) The increasing percentage of Murkins over the age of 60, 65 and 70 unable to leave the workforce since that stat bottomed out in 1992.

Can you say welcome to the third world Murkins ?


I believe that if American Women could forge, amongst themselves, an Indivisible, Unbreakable, Political Bond, then this Nation would begin to regain its National sense of Sanity and Humanity.


Conservatives are against abortion, but why also against birth control that prevents abortion?
Is it their need for young bodies for a bigger military to allay their innate fears? Cannon fodder for their profitable wars? More slaves for the ruling class? More programmable young bodies to fight, die and kill for Mammon? To supply their fresh human organ markets? To control women's bodies? For wars to get rid of the old, sick, poor and "unproductive" and substitute them for young blood?

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