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Why Bombing a Hospital Is a War Crime


Why Bombing a Hospital Is a War Crime

Robert C. Koehler

“We tried to take a look into one of the burning buildings. I cannot describe what was inside. There are no words for how terrible it was. In the Intensive Care Unit six patients were burning in their beds.”

So said Lajos Zoltan Jecs, a nurse at the hospital the U.S. bombed in Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing 22 people: doctors, staff, patients (including three children). This image is now spiraling through the Internet and across the global consciousness.


As outraged as I am over the bombing of MSF, together with so many fellow CD readers, I have been outraged to the same degree over the wedding parties that have been hit. This video-game war making makes war so much of a steaming pile than it was before. STOP IT. PEACE NOW, BY ANY MEANS. WE ARE SICK OF WAR!


Using a medical facility as a base for military operations or even as barracks for soldiers should also be a war crime.


Of course, but what specifically are you talking about? Are you suggesting what you describe was done at the MSF hospital in Kunduz? If so, do you have any sliver of a sliver of evidence for such an assertion?

In the face of the simply established fact that the U.S. committed this war crime, do you support the U.S. being held to account for this crime? If not, then how can you claim to be concerned about war crimes, or is your concern, rather, for Western dominance? MSF is so forcefully, beautifully speaking up loudly for independent investigation and an accounting for the perpetrators, and even after Obama personally called Dr. Joanne Liu to "apologize," MSF is still not backing down! That's true guts, a reflection of MSF's daily work in the most dangerous war zones in the world, which includes the sun-like moral beacon of caring for all wounded, regardless of who the wounded are (yet 90% of the wounded in Kunduz were indeed noncombatant civilians, including many children). Talk about matriots/patriots for Mother Earth's children.


" The killer, as usual, flees from any responsibility. "

The military has come up with specious excuse after specious excuse in order to exonerate them from this horrible hospital bombing as a war crime. And now that they have found that none of their mendacious reasons for this extraordinary evil war crime has not worked, they admit it was a "mistake".

Folks, this was no mistake! If you google earth the hospital, you will see that it sits in an empty field all by itself. This was meant to send a message...loud and clear.


Yes, but the bigger message now reaching world consciousness is: the emperor has no clothes. Naked power, brutality, the opposite of U.S. words of democracy and freedom. An opportunity now for some shift in a better direction, particularly if U.S. people can show we care about stopping this brutal power.


Why would anyone have to explain why bombing a hospital is a war crime? Is bombing a school a war crime? Please explain? Is bombing a church a war crime? Please explain? Is bombing an orphanage a war crime? Please explain?


What are you implying?


According to McClatchy via "War in Context," I await this additional info re:
bombing medical facilities to be posted here.

"Al Yamdiyyah hosts a tent camp for internally displaced Syrians and a hospital, run by the French-based Doctors Without Borders. The bomb struck in the village just a few hundred yards from the actual border, wounding several townspeople, local residents said. The Doctors Without Borders hospital, which is about 50 yards from where the bomb landed, was damaged and evacuated.

The town, in a mountainous region of northern Latakia province, has been a prime route for smuggling people and goods between Turkey and Syria and reportedly has functioned as a key entry for weapons shipped to Syrian rebels by the U.S.-led Friends of Syria group of Western and Middle Eastern countries.

Dr. Jawad Abu Hatab, a heart surgeon at the Al Yamdiyyah hospital, claimed in a statement distributed by the Syrian Opposition Coalition, an opposition group recognized by the United States, that he believed the hospital had been the target of the airstrike. In the statement, he said the hospital at Al Yamdiyyah and another one in Latamneh, in northern Hama province, served only civilians in their respective areas, and not rebel fighters.

He said several medical staff had been wounded on Thursday in raids on Latamneh, which had been bombed on three successive days.

Russian aircraft also have bombed a medical facility run by a Western-supported aid group, the “White Helmets” at Ihsim in Idlib province. Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news television network, said a team of its reporters narrowly escaped harm during the bombing Saturday."

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/world/article37739349.html#storylink=cpy


Yes, and the old trite and banal cliche's are not working with more and more people. Only the most either brainwashed , naive or sophomoric people can really believe the Amerikan Empire is in Afghanistan, after 14 years, to bring the Afghan people freedom and democracy.


Let us suppose that the Taliban made use of the hospital for military purposes, this still doesn't mean that bombing the hospital was a legitimate response.

In this fallen, evil world, one is responsible only for one's actions. The evil committed by others is down to them.

There is a basic moral logic that refutes any attempt to defend the American war crime by attributing it to Taliban mendacity. This logic is familiar to five year old children:

Two wrongs do not make a right. One evil act does not justify another....


What you are suggesting is that evidence for the hospital being used for military operations is available. The doctors deny this so if it is true then we should see proof of that shouldn't we?

You want to believe it is true but that is looking to make excuses not citing actual facts. The point being is that if they do not have actual proof, it becomes what it is... murdering doctors to discourage other doctors from helping out in the region.


They did this on a regular basis during the Vietnam war (American war to the Vietnamese) and simply got so used to getting away with it they thought nothing of doing it again. Only this time the whole world really was watching. The Germans all thought their country was in the right during WWII even though the soldiers at the front knew better. One wrote home from Russia and said, "everyone knows what we bring." Now eveyone knows.


They also did this in Korea. In fact the US used chemical AND biological weapons against North Korea both constituting a war crime. The USA was anxious to use the information they gained from Unit 731 of the Imperial Japanese Army which had experimented with Biological and chemical weapons against the Chinese in Manchuria.

Just as with operation paperclip , those that served in Battalion 731 did not face war crimes trials as long as they shared their information with the US Government.

Throughout the war members of the US Military confessed to using such weapons> In concert with the CIA Hollywood started pumping out movies about "brainwashing" with the US Military claiming all such confessions were made because North Korea had "brainwashed" US troops they took prisoner.


Amnesty International link to letter writing campaign supporting MSF. Its a start


"Bombing a hospital, especially with deliberate intent — apparently at the behest of the Afghan government, which has hated the hospital for treating the injured regardless what side they’re on — is depraved and utterly reckless.

I would say heavy on the depraved.


By the way there are satellite photos of the hospital in question available.

It is surrounded by open fields. There no conceivable way this building hit in error because there no buildings nearby.

This in and of itself would make it tactically stupid to use the hospital as a military base by any insurgent force as any that accessed the building or left it would be easy spotted and have no cover.


An inhumanitarian intervention


Yes it WAS a War Crime, and it is time for the US and its murderous government to pay the price. Time to Strip Obama of his Nobel Peace Prize and prosecute the murderers who ordered and who carried out the bombing.


As usual you speak in ONE uniform frame... and create a false picture of U.S. citizens. SOME support the troops. That is hardly the same thing as suggesting that all citizens think alike, you fool!

Plus your comment about "god being asleep for 2000 years shows" that your concept of the Deity is akin to an Arnold Schwarzenegger entity. UGH!