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Why Brexit Would Be terrible for Our Campaigns for Trade, Food, Energy and Migration Justice


Why Brexit Would Be terrible for Our Campaigns for Trade, Food, Energy and Migration Justice

Alex Scrivener

The latest polls show that the referendum battle is very close and leaving the EU could be a real possibility. While we’re critical of the way the EU currently works, we think it’s very important we stay in.

Over the past few days, we have looked at how Brexit could affect our social justice campaigns in the UK and beyond. The frightening truth is that many of our struggles for a better world would be much more difficult if we were to leave the EU.


The World's People unify against Monsanto, Exxon, Big Pharma... and eventually, the weapons' producers/war profiteers.


Seeing how US lawmakers are posturing to approve TTP and TTIP by the end of 2016, and Trudeau is pushing Canada into it, we are at the mercy of our European brethren to stop TTIP.


Some left-wingers place themselves in the Leave camp on the specious ground that this would enhance "popular sovereignity" and "democracy in one country" Even if it was the case, what difference would a slightly enhanced political democracy in Britain make? The traditional leftwing/Social Democrat policy of "reformism in one country" has always failed, one reason being, precisely, the international nature of capitalism. Which would remain the case and in the end force any breakaway UK government to put profits before people to maintain or enhance British capitalism PLC's competitiveness on world markets, which has been the fate and experience of all Labour governments here.

Britain withdrawing from the EU may give an elected government here more formal control over what it decides but not any more real control as it's not governments that control the way capitalism works but the other way wrong as governments are forced to give priority to profits and conditions for profit-making. As a capitalist trading nation on its own outside a bigger block Leaving might even give the government less control. The argument is also based on the illusion of "reformism in one country" which has tried and failed many times. You can't fight capitalism exclusively in one country. For the same reason, you can’t have "socialism in one country" despite what the Stalinists say. This strand of leftism that has been drawn to state capitalist versions of what it misleadingly calls socialism has been a constant source of confusion from the word go.