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Why Brother Bernie Is Better for Black People Than Sister Hillary


Why Brother Bernie Is Better for Black People Than Sister Hillary

Cornel West

The future of American democracy depends on our response to the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. And that legacy is not just about defending civil rights; it’s also about fighting to fix our rigged economy, which yields grotesque wealth inequality; our narcissistic culture, which unleashes obscene greed; our market-driven media, which thrives on xenophobic entertainment; and our militaristic prowess, which promotes hawkish policies around the world.


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I love Cornel West. He is a great intellect. His writings are so accurate.


Hillary, news flash:
Black people aren't stupid!
You can't piss on their heads and convince them it's raining!
From the primary election results, it looks like folks are seeing through your say-anything-to-get-elected scheme. Folks are starting to realize that you represent "Corporation-Lite," basically a slow down in the no holds barred corporations and ultra-elite first! position that the government has taken these last 30 odd years.
Feeling The Bern!


Excellent article but Dr. West did mis speak in saying that "Goldman Sachs paid the Clintons more than 150 million in speaking fees since 2001", that figure actually represents the total for ALL speaking fees during that time. The point is well taken though.


Cornel West:
"The battle now raging in Black America over the Clinton-Sanders election is principally a battle between a declining neoliberal black political and chattering class still on the decaying Clinton bandwagon (and gravy train!) and an emerging populism among black poor, working and middle class people fed up with the Clinton establishment in the Democratic Party."

Succinct sketch, Brother West. Perhaps an intrepid writer for the NYT or WAPO will produce a feature, investigating this political evolution within Black USA, giving voice to Black USAns who express various points of view regarding these matters?


Oh puke!! Isn't this the same Cornel West who proclaimed himself "Ambassador without portfolio to the hip-hop nation" and fully supported Bro 'bama for the presidency in 2008?
Supported him in spite of ample evidence that the same Wall Street banking interests had Barry by the throat (through FEC filings on campaign donations) as also had "Dumbya" his predecessor?
Cornel West is an upscale Al Sharpton--a smooth operator always looking for a chance at self-promotion and the opportunity to run his mouth before anyone who is willing to listen.


Exactly! Dr. West said it all...but how to get these articles out to the public? There is a blackout of Bernie, and when he is covered he is mocked & belittled. I just made calls to Nevada for Bernie as a volunteer, and I was hung up on, or met with hostility (by older women). One man was undecided and said he doesn't see anything about Bernie....when will Michael Moore do something. He endorsed him, and now is back to asking for people to see his movie. How about putting some weight behind Robert Reich's petition re: superdelegates? (I know he is recovering from pneumonia, but then how about Susan Sarandon, or Mia Farrow?


I am saying "exactly! to MaxBeaverBrook not "Poet"


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Yeah it is. Good on Erica Garner.


Go, Bernie.
And, thank you, Erica, for being strong and brave.


Sanders is better for at least 99% of Americans than HRC. However, if I'm faced with a choice in the general election between Trump or Cruz and Clinton- I will throw up in my mouth and gag a bit and vote for HRC. The choice between Clinton and the two leading Republicans is like choosing between Nixon and Hitler. One is a horrid right-wing politician with a tendency towards dishonesty, and the other is Hitler.


Jonathan Capehart's attempt to "swift boat" Bernie backfired: http://www.alternet.org/media/how-washington-post-writers-attack-bernies-civil-rights-record-completely-backfired


Thanks to Dr Cornell West for this beautifully written and comprehensive contrast of the past with vision for the future - one candidate says "yes we can" to how it could (and should) be, while the other says no we can't - one holding a principled vision of how the past stole the future from millions and the other working for and abetting those who did the stealing!

The words of Martin Luther King, his vision and selfless fight for true justice and equality echo in this election as pointed out by West and anyone that believes in King's vision should continue to work for it.

Many people say they trust and believe Bernie Sanders for his "authenticity", I agree, and it goes beyond that to his integrity and moral compass. Some people say Sanders has flaws on foreign policy and this weakness or that, but a quick look at the other candidates for Prez reveal a stark contrast, a contrast that sets such integrity and moral compass even if needing tuning, against depraved indifference to the lives of others and easily promised plans absent details from one party, and a cold calculated politics rooted in ambition and collusion with predatory corporate greed, discarding the most vulnerable to empower the wealthiest and endless war.

There is a clear choice - moral imperative or more of the same - which side are you on?



Perhaps Dr. West expected a black man to do more after being elected (as did I). I voted democrat for the first time since Carter and I expected more--much more. Never again will I vote for this bunch of charlatans --with the exception of Sanders should he be the nominee.


There is great anger in the Black community and rightly so. The work Dr King and many others started/worked toward was paid lip-service and largely betrayed, IMO, regardless the first Black president or the so-called first "black" white prez Bill Clinton&Co.
I saw this morning Al Sharpton seemingly denigrate and question Bernie Sanders motives/dedication, instead pushing the claim that many/Most Black issues do not flow from essential economic inequality but from racism. Racism clearly does play a large part in the picture but the economic, educational, health care/insurance, taxation inequality, and corporate focus preying on African Americans, Latinos, the poor, seniors, women, youth, and all the most vulnerable is central, and most if not all discrimination, usury, inequality, abuse flows from the central issue of economic racism, as Sanders rightly focuses on.

Sanders is NOT a "one-issue" candidate, he emphasizes the heart of the Hydra that must be killed/smashed if we are ever to effect real change in all the many heads of the beast!

Bad-mouthing Sanders for his word usage and other aspects of his message to ALL Americans provide cover for more political collusion with business as usual - the uber-wealthy and corporate/banker/Wall St usury preying on ALL Americans regardless of ethnicity or other divisive labels - all fostered by corrupt politicians. Sanders essential integrity, moral compass and message of political revolution should be embraced, not denigrated/trashed.....it is the best start we are likely to get...perhaps ever!


Let's hope this message goes far and wide. Thanks.


sort of. It sounds like WaPo and Time only vaguely walked it back. thanks for the link. i hadn't known.


Yes, Bernie needs help NOW. I am phone banking tomorrow. If he wins the primary, I'm confident that he will win the general.

So he needs more support now than he will when folks start paying more attention.

I do not like to phone bank, but I'll do it for Bernie. And then I'll walk the streets. Whatever it takes. This may be the last time that I can work for something I've been working and hoping for my whole life.