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Why Calling Bernie Sanders a 'Radical' Is Nonsense

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/30/why-calling-bernie-sanders-radical-nonsense


Given the swing of this country to the right in the past 50 years, in that context Bernie is radical and just the person we need along with others like AOC to attempt to educate the populace out of their collective stupors. Tiresome to listen to their critics given the pathetic situation we’ve devolved into.


Bernie is the only Dem candidate who truly grasps the significance of the climate crisis and how disruptive it is becoming and will be, especially in the context of corporate power and inequality. Addressing it requires substantial changes in how we do things. These changes are not optional. In this context, doing nothing is radical. And the half measures many other candidates recommend (‘how do we change, without having to change’) are simply not enough.

Changes will take place. Do we want to have some control on directling some of those changes and in determining that we act together and not divisively? Then we need to be willing to change and change quickly.

Even Jay Inslee who is doing his best to raise the alarm on climate change and has the most detailed plans I don’t think fully grasps the challenge.

So are Bernie’s ideas radical - maybe. Are they required - yes!


Cutting taxes for the rich with the mythology of “trickle-down economics” was/is radical. By contrast, Bernie consistently explains the tradeoffs (that is, where the money would come from) involved with his initiatives. As Prof. Sachs and Ms. Fajans-Turner indicate, Bernie is indeed not radical, but instead pragmatic.
Pragmatic Bernie 2020!


Bernie’s ideas are Pragmatic and exactly what the Majority of Americans demand.

However, Bernie and his political solutions to difficult problems are Marginalized and dismissed as Radical and Impractical.

The Media and Conservative Dems and Republicans throw a Monkey Wrench in his proposals by saying: How are you going to pay for it? And His ideas will raise your Taxes.

Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Only raises Taxes for the Middle and Lower Classes.

Endless Wars increase the Wealth of Wall Street Investors buying Stocks in Munition Corporations and raise Taxes on the Working Class.

   BERNIE  -  LIZ - or - KAMALA   2020

We must focus on who exactly are “labeling” Bernie Sanders “radical”, “socialist”, or using any other BS pejorative term for Bernie other than wisdom, integrity, patriot , protector of the Common Good, Constitution and Bill of Rights, justice for all, and working for a just egalitarian society! He isn’t spotless but head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates and in another zip-code from the trump right-wing big-money swine!

Those people labeling sanders “radical” are propagandists and shills for the status quo and special interests, the true radicals, undermining any reforms and justice, supporting corporate evasions of environmental and financial regulations, fair taxation, banker/wall street scams and usury, health care insurance and pharmaceutical parasites, and numerous other right-wing extremist positions that diminish our republic, people, and so-called “democracy” itself…

Sanders is a strong force shining light on a wide-spread abuses, government collaboration, collusion and complicity with the worst abuses in our history. Bernie is advocating for the Common Good in many ways, especially the climate change crisis - his detractors are shills, propagandists and lobbyist/agents for big-money greed and existential environmental crimes!

The words of Sanders attackers and detractors are from both Dem and Repub political establishments, and are almost without exception lies and deceptions regarding Sanders personally, and positions on progressive issues mostly corrupt rubbish!


Right – then let’s join with the other nations worldwide who are
equally RADICAL in supporting National Health Care for their citizens!!

The New Deal was a radical idea only to Elites/Corporations who want
control over our people’s government to move government to advance
their own PRIVATE interests of wealth and control over the nation.


Keep in mind that the “swing to the right” was fakery created by hackable
electronic voting computers –
See: Votescam – The Stealing of America at YouTube

The story of the introduction of the computers for voting (1967) and for use
of MSM (1965) created cover for the theft of our elections by the right wing.
This is actually a book which you can read at the site and the result of what
at that time became more than a 20 year investigation by two brothers in
Florida – one of whom was running for office at the time and watched as his
votes were wiped out.

Hacking of our computers is more than fact now as beyond theft by the right
here and 2000 where we saw what the large computers could do – Russia
and at least five other nations are hacking our elections and the answer we
are getting from inside government is to return to PAPER BALLOTS and
public witnessing of vote counting because – despite all new technology –
that is the best way to protect the vote.

Originally the computers were being hacked over telephone lines; today they
can be hacked from satellites.

Immediately these two journalists who had long been familiar with the many ways
to hack ordinary voting machines began an investigation of the computers and
what was actually happening.

Keep in mind also that before the computers MSM was only permitted to report
actual votes tallied. Currently, along with many other changes that do not protect
the American voter, MSM can declare “winners and losers” based on 0% or 1%
of the votes.


How did this word “radical” wind up such a badge of shame anyhow? What’s wrong with addressing deep-rooted problems at the roots? And why is it that self-styled progressives invest so much in vilifying radicals by backing away from that honorable word? Smells like gatekeeping to me.

I’m going to dress up as a Radical Anarchist for Halloween (unfortunately, that sartorial arrangement is indistinguishable from my usual costume). Might have to crash the gate.


Tweetle-Dumb’s campaign slogan for 2020:

MAEW — Make Amerika Even Worse!

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Article after article, opinion after opinion, points out over and over again that Bernie Sanders never mentions public or worker ownership of the means of production, which is the main tenet of socialism. Bernie Sanders is not a socialist, rather he is akin to a New Deal Democrat, and merely wants to return the country to the policies that FDR advocated in order to save capitalism from the capitalists. If that is what makes a “Democratic Socialist,” then so be it, but it is not radical, nor is it socialism.

Progressive taxation to enable social assistance programs like pensions, tuition and universal health insurance are certainly not radical, even historically in the United States. Labor unions peaked in membership in about 1954 at less than 35% of hourly and salaried workers, according to the Congressional Research Service, so even a return to the unionism of the 50s could not be called radical, except by the standards of billionaire hedge fund capitalists who believe that all the money is theirs, all the time, and that even the hint of economic equality is radical.

The claim that Democrats are socialists is hilarious to say the least. The vast majority of Democrats are not even “left-leaning,” let alone as far left as the Trump Republicans like to assert, as they pollute the Internets with their ignorant drivel.

But much worse than these cretins are the “centrist” Democrats, the “Vote Blue No Matter Who,” who are convinced that voting for a candidate who who is anywhere to left of Reagan will guarantee a Trump re-election, when in fact it is they and their own unrelenting commitment to corporate oligarchy that has put us where we are today.


Bernie is actually MAINSTREAM. The 3rd Way and M$M are doing everything they can to lie about that


The question here might be, are the right-wing-nuts protecting their own self (ish) interests, or do they really think Bernie’s policies are more radical than never ending war, tax cuts for the rich at tax payers expense, and a couple of dozen other radical positions?


Well. Radical, just means get to the root i.e. the cause of the problem. That’s too complicated for most people. Requires some thinking, and reading. Debate language has to be kept at such an infantile level that is stunning. Food on the table vs. food fight and so on.

The stats of the country speak very clear. Most of the people have no clue what they are though. Obama style words about American exceptionalsm is what most believe.

Take the simple topic of Health Care. All rich countries have solved it a century ago. A century ago. And here we are still talking with arguments of a first grader. Well, ~50% of the country is already in (not so good) public care, with 20 mill or so ex and current ‘empire war fighters’, another 77mill or so in dire poverty in medicaid, and another 44 mill or so in medicare. What’s the big deal in having a comprehensive (and good) public one that covers everyone the same?
What’s the big deal in explaining the evil role of a health care for profit? health care for profit?

We all owe a ton of gratitude to Sanders for still sticking with this fight. As imperfect as he is, he is the purest amongst them.


If what you say is true, then how is it that another Dem candidate introduced a bill in the previous Congress that would do what the Green New Deal hopes might be addressed in the next Congress?

I’m talking about Tulsi Gabbard and the Off Fossil Fuels Act.

Not as detailed as Gabbard’s actual legislation that is actual legislation.

Inslee says he’s concerned about this. But he’s my Governor and he doesn’t act like it. He supports stupid, NeoLiberal ideas like a carbon tax that doesn’t do spit and he supports stupid anti-environmental unfair trade deals like the TPP that take away governments’ ability to regulate industry regarding the environment.

But Tulsi has real legislation that gets us off fossil fuels in the near future. Basically what the Green New Deal wants to lay the ground for so that a bill could be written in the next Congress, Tulsi did already in the last Congress.

But she is so ignored by the mainstream and the fauxprogressive press that hardly anyone knows about it. I have to spend a lot of time trying to educate folk. But it seems like I’m shouting into the wind- category 10 hurricane winds.

Yes. And only one candidate has introduced actual legislation to make all elections secure with either paper ballots or voter verified paper trails.

Need I say her name? Am I still shouting into the wind?

Tulsi Gabbard- the Securing America’s Elections Act.


I’m with you about the word “radical.” People like Eugene Debs, Emma Goodman, WEB DuBois, Pete Seeger, and Martin Luther King were American radicals and fine people. Bernie’s a decent person too, but hardly a radical.

The problem is, the radicals who hold any power in our society are on the right – the Koch brothers, the climate deniers, Bolton and the militarists. These folks want to eradicate what’s left of a healthy society.

Kavanaugh, Alito, Thomas and Roberts are called “conservatives.” But the dictionary definition of conservative is being guided by precedent. These folks are radicals. They have radically altered the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, have overturned national campaign finance restrictions that had been in place for decades (weak as they were). They abandoned federal oversight of state elections laws with massive voter disinfranchisement as the result. Now Roe v Wade is in their crosshairs. These men are radicals.

We could sure use more people who recognize the need to make radical change for the better.

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Thanks for pointing out Tulsi Gabbard’s support for addressing climate change and the substantive actions she has/is taking.

You are right that the media offers her little in the way of a forum to let people know. I wish she would really broadcast her beliefs about the urgency of the climate crisis whenever she gets the chance. I have seen her interviewed a few times and I never got that idea from those interviews.

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Hi Greenwich:
Re Voting machines ___after what the DNC did to Bernie when all states hadn’t voted it seems that the neither the DNC nor the AP need We the People for anything—oh wait, yes they want us to buy their newspapers. And what corporations will you be doing when the next crash hits—geez , it’s been more than a decade, 2008 -2019—so are we there yet?
I think next time, people will just start whacking bank CEOs, as I suppose that’s easier than rolling a guillotine around. : (

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But will you be with me, dressing up as a Radical Anarchist for Halloween?

Moderate democrats lose to extremists all the time.
Yet, they still won’t give Bernie a chance.