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Why Can’t CEOs Pay For Their Own 3 Martini Lunches?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/22/why-cant-ceos-pay-their-own-3-martini-lunches

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That the bizarre bill is 5,600 pages long is absurd. Legislation that complex allows politicians to use it as a bazaar.
Totally corrupt and the Democrats should have voted against it, IMO.


Question: “Why can’t CEOs pay for their own 3 martini lunches?”

Answer: Too many murkins are either afflicted with terminal denial syndrome or are color blind as they continue to support trickle down economics despite what trickles down being as yellow in 2020 as it was in 1980 when it became the foundation of the Raygun revolution.


Why are we not surprised that the peons will get a one time check for $600, but a billionaire CEO will get to write off his $600 “business lunch” once a week, all year.
I can’t help but figure that this was thrown in for one reason, and one reason only. A giant middle finger to the working class. A quick brutal reminder that they indeed own the political class, and they are in charge.


As George Carlin frequently reminded us “it’s their club and you are NOT invited” .


We have to admit that, after some 40 years of Chicago school supply side economics, that Powell’s plan, laid out in his famous memorandum, has become perhaps the most successful social experiment in history. The Nixon/Reagan people knew that it wasn’t enough to simply propose supply side economics. The people had to accept it as a viable alternative to the Keynesian economic model born in the new deal, and expanded under the great society. Unionization, collective bargaining, and the subsequent political power that came with it not only needed to be neutralized, but exterminated.
So what to do. Free trade agreements. Union jobs disappear overseas. A newly purchased conservative media help portray the remaining union workers as lazy and greedy. The race to the bottom begins. The same media pushes xenophobia and nationalism along with the faulty ideal that America was not built by collectivism, but by good old rugged American individuals. Unions practically disappear, along with the other community organizations born for those old union neighborhoods. Any where people could get together and commiserate, or organize, disappears because people are working longer hours to just try and remain middle class. As good jobs vanish, the old white power centers of the nation are told by the privately funded now corporate media that its immigrants and lazy black people that are taking your jobs. Libertarianism turns into the Tea Party, turns in to Trumpism. Over half the nation now genuinely believes that people are on their own. That your success or failure is predicated solely on your own work ethic, and dumb luck.
In short, we have learned to love Big Brother.


“Most successful social experiment” indeed, AND the most successful propaganda campaign the world has ever seen…Josef Goebbels would be green with envy, but proud that his pioneering propaganda work would be refined to such a degree.


How is it that the People haven’t burned Washington DC to the ground?

Would it even help unless both houses of Congress were in session at the time?

It’s like BigB says, “a giant middle finger to the working class.”


If everybody went and got themselves a DBA (Doing business as); even if they made 1$ in sales all year, they would still be able to write all their lunches off, along with tons of other write offs. If too many people did this, our corrupt politicians would then have to take all these corrupt new policies that serve only the rich today, back off the table.


This from the same folks who, back in the Dirty Thirties, sneered at soup kitchens saying There’s no such thing as a free lunch while evicting hundreds of thousands of people. Who, back in the Raygun 80’s pushed Personal Responsibility and cutting funding for school lunches.
We need a new Jeremiah, ranting, raving, and managing to persuade Yahweh to impose a mega-drought in order to bring the plutocrats of that day to their knees. Once they had no water or food, the rich caved, wearing sackcloth and ashes in repentance. Only then, when Jeremiah was convinced the culture had truly changed, a very small cloud appeared with a promise to ease the drought and a threat it could all return if needed. Lamentations was written about the hard-heartedness of the rich to change.
Then there’s the one instance where Yeshua went postal and grabbed a whip to chase the money-lenders out of the Temple, raving about a den of thieves having taken over things.
Push the words of their Holy Book in their faces along with their own words over the years. Except…the MSM is all owned by them…

“Why Can’t CEOs Pay For Their Own 3 Martini Lunches?”

Because they are the real “welfare queens”.


This had to have been attached by one of our “representatives” who really enjoys the meals the lobbyists provide as a “Thank you. Don’t stop now.”


Typical! McConnell made darn sure he delivered to his donors. If he couldn’t let them get away with murdering their employees with no liability, he was going to at least make sure they got their martini lunches completely free.

From $16,000 per year to $16,200 per year was the income increase for the lower-earning 50% of U.S. adults, 1980 and 2014, 34 years. While the top-earning 1% increased their incomes from $434,000 to $1,300,000 per year. And who got the free lunch? Piketty, Saez, Zucman study-- see the article – “A Tale of Two Countries” at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth. There is no free lunch unless you buy the Congressman and Senator. Tax rate on the top 1% through 8 years of Eisenhower were above 90% on income exceeding $6 million, so I remember. Not to mention the tax on corporate earnings. A terrible cynicism builds up under these onslaughts to economic fairness.


Thomas Ferguson published a study showing McConnell took in 80% of his campaign donations in amounts greater than $10,000. He was top of all Congress people, and #2 went to Nancy Pelosi, 70% of hers were above $10,000. Then came Hillary, 60%, Trump, 58%, and Bernie 5%. Go figure.


Is that actually true? If so, show us the link, and we’ll do it!

Trump is asking for the bill to only include payments to individuals, and upping those payments to $2000. Otherwise he says he won’t sign it.

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And LUCK is the major factor! Was a person born into a wealthy family? A stable family? Was a person born to parents who valued education? Were you endowed at birth with qualities or skills that society values such as athletic superiority, intellectual superiority, physical beauty, musical talent, etc. We tend to blame people who are ‘losers’ but bad luck plays a great part and we revere people who were born under a lucky star and attribute it to their own doing.

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