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"Why Can't the US Just Simply Invade?" Officials Say Trump Pushed U.S. Military Overthrow in Venezuela

"Why Can't the US Just Simply Invade?" Officials Say Trump Pushed U.S. Military Overthrow in Venezuela

Jon Queally, staff writer

Surrounded by his top military aides in a White House meeting less than a year ago, the Associated Press on Wednesday reports that President Donald Trump wanted to know why the U.S. military couldn't "just simply invade" the country of Venezuela.


While I don’t doubt that Trump is capable of most anything, I have to say that this:

Based on the account of “a senior administration official familiar with what was said,”

Strikes me as the most tenuous source possible. Not someone Trump said it to, not even someone who as at the meeting and heard what Trump said, but someone who got it through the grapevine.

It’s no wonder people don’t believe the media any more. Get your butts out there and find genuine, PRIMARY SOURCES. WTF happened to real journalism?


The Accidental President is doing his best to live up to that moniker. China shop, meet bull. Just what the world needs, gunboat “diplomacy”. Just how small are Hair Trump’s hands, anyway.


Tell us again about your terrific IQ, Mr. President. We all could use a laugh today.


Well, this is Independence Day, our dear leader in independent from any rational thought(s).


The orange-Mussolini tin-pot dicktator, beside being a mental nutter and racist of low to no intellect, is so ignorant of history and anything outside his tiny sphere of interest - predatory “business” - that he would kill and destroy anything in his extreme, narrow, world view. His semi-literate - at best - attempts at communicating, utilize the most un-educated, redundant, shallow vocabulary imaginable that openly displays his gross ignorance - the mind of an ignoramus. His chosen vehicle, the 'tweet", is perfect, where his malignant thoughts can be limited to not prove further to the world and America he is an idiot child of vast criminal actions, and potential for the wholesale destruction of nations and peoples - all others, and our common environment as he proves daily…one way or another!

He is the visible gross pimple, or chancre, on the American oligarchy - the corporate/banker greed and usury, mindless environmental rape and destruction/pollution, and for-profit war-machine that have been driven and cravenly served by both political parties and politicians, so beholden-to and complicit-to vulture capitalism and its evil grip on society!.


WTF! Trump just says it out loud and wants to be in front of it, not behind closed doors like we usually incite coups with our support militarily and under the table. Many countries in Central and South America have felt the reach of our meddling in their affairs. Especially when it is a democratic elected administration who won’t sell out to the US.


OH MY GOD - how much for insane does he have to get before the government takes action?


This is just an extension of Trump’s infamous, " I could shoot three people on the streets of Manhattan…and no one would arrest me ", declaration in front of his supporters at a political event. There’s a photo sane people can’t unsee.
The absolute insanity of just invading Venezuela on a whim, for no reason other than it would be allegedly good for Trump’s favorability numbers, is absurd. But, it keeps being " floated " out there by government officials and some in the media. Who should know better, or know the legal implications, of this. It’s unbelievable; and unbelievably, the blathering of a mentally ill madman. Unfortunately, most Republicans and even a healthy minority of Democrats, would support Trump’s MAGA Manifesto to the world.
Here’s an policy Trump could unilaterally embrace and try to pull off right now to show his machismo, though; initiate the immediate deportation of all Venezuelan baseball players from The Major Leagues and demand the baseball organizations affected, replace them with guys from American taverns and sports bar who play softball a couple of times a week. They could use a baseball cap and draw names from it. A lottery for lunatics, perhaps? I’d actually pay big bucks to see Trump do something like that.
Come on, Trumpster Dumpster, step up to the plate and show how tough you are, please.

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Your accusation of this report being based on “the most tenuous source possible” is far more speculation and BS than what the AP reported and CD passed-along. You have also ignored evidence the AP cites of “two high-ranking Colombian officials” who confirmed that he (trump) brought the idea of a military overthrow up with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos during a closed-door meeting in August of 2017"

Also there is the noted report that at a “U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York, the reporting says that Trump—despite warnings not to do so—once more brought up the subject”

All of the listed reports are hardly getting this info “thru the grapevine” and it is not shown that they did not include “someone trump said it to, someone who was at (the) meeting, or heard what trump said” - that is all speculation and innuendo…

It seems that there were multiple sources for the report, so who is full of shite here in their accusations? …typical MO.


Nothing new…the US empire has been invading Latin America since the 1840’s — Mexican-American war, Spanish-American war, banana republics (Smedley Butler), on and off in Central America and Caribbean since the 1950’s.

Trump has many fine examples of his predecessors doing exactly what he wants to do and with rationale.


This should provide the evidence necessary to prove that our prez is illegitimate and should be administratively removed from office, along with his entire administration and every court appointment made thus far, including the one to the SCOTUS.


I was thinking the same thing.
Trump is merely the symptom of our rotting Republic. Anyone here doubt some of our past leaders have thought the same thing. Venezuela has refused to bow to our will (and good for them), to steal their resources and kiss the ring of the worlds bully. Through all of this they have shown good will towards us by supplying heating fuel oil to those in need in this country, while our so called free press berates them.


It’s “Independence from Trump Day” so everyone have a wonderful day and do your best to kill any thoughts of “The Maniac Who Would Be King.”

Get Comfortably Numb.


It’s all about the resources (again)…regardless of the current politics in the country. Maduro may very well be a dictator; but, he isn’t the dictator chosen and controlled by the US.


You know very well that the US of A has been creating Venezuela’s problems all along.


Okay, okay…so he went to a good college and is rich. But he functions like backwoods-hick trailer court trash with dementia addling whatever few brain cells he may have at one time possessed. At what point do we say enough, and what do we do when we do? Pence is a caricature of an Inquisition cleric, also apparently not functioning on all burners. What a bizarre scenario the US government has become!


Why can’t we simply invade the White House and throw him in one of the prisons he’s having built for all of us?


This is pure hypocrisy. All American Presidents have been trying to destabilise Venezuela, overturn its government and substitute a US friendly regime of oligarchs in place of a government elected by the ordinary people of that country. All those Presidents, liberal and right wing, have had the support of the free-market supporting corporate media, which propagandises outrageously in support of this disgraceful project. Claiming that the bugbear Trump is planning an armed invasion when all he has to do is continue the tried and tested process of destabilisation and regime change to achieve America’s ends is disingenuous. It’s not as if Trump’s centrist, neoliberal enemies aren’t just as much Venezuela’s enemies as he is.


And, there’s the rub. Figurehead Fake Presidents of The U. S.- the list has about 35-40 names on it.
Even Carter had his weak moments in regards to our Southern neighbors.
This " coup d’ etat disease " is nurtured in a petroleum-based petri dish regarding Venezuela, but manufacturing political reasons for regime change is the easy part for The Alphabets. Sadly, the Vatican’s dirty hands are busy stirring the pots of dissension around our Western Hemisphere, as well.
We continue to find the enemies of peace and justice in strange places; oddly, they’re in our churches, synagogues, courts and Congress.