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"Why Can't the US Just Simply Invade?" Officials Say Trump Pushed U.S. Military Overthrow in Venezuela

Why the mock outrage at Trump for doing what US presidents have always done? Does anyone doubt that the US military has drawn up plans to invade Venezuela (along with most other countries)?


As you can tell, I’m not outraged mock or otherwise. This is just another chapter.

Those who think (or perhaps don’t think) who are outraged know nothing of or do not understand US imperialism in Latin America.

The DoD has had invasion plans for the rest of the planet for decades.

Just another reason why I ignore Independence Day.


WORK IN PROGRESS - to the tune of How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria

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The Donald makes me laugh
How do you solve a problem like a Traitor?
How do you catch a fart and pin it down?

Oh, but Hillary would have been worse and would have started a war with Russia or something. She would have appointed far right wingers to the SCOTUS and the lower courts. (sarcasm alert)

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Actually, while the comment does not seem out of character for the president, the sourcing is suspect. We actually do not know whether the “someone” or multiple someones were at any particular meeting or not. AP approval has been fairly meaningless, obviously so since at least 2003.

Further, a coup is not an invasion–both are foolish, both reprehensible, but each very different.

Consider what we already know:

  • The US has been attempting to destabilize Venezuela pretty steadily since Chavez, and more sporadically since Monroe.
  • We can be certain that various plans for invasion have been drawn up and revised multiple times.

Assuming that the source here is correct, as it probably is; and that Trump were taking the idea seriously, though he was probably just feeling something out; the news is that he might be boneheaded enough to not imagine what the costs of an invasion as opposed to a coup would be–the least of which costs would be financial.

I’d hate to suggest that I knew the limits of the man’s madness, though. It is possible that all this is true. It’s just that effusive belligerence does not particularly suggest that nearly so much as it suggests that he might have fronted the idea to see what reactions he might get.

But we don’t know. And we cannot count on the AP–who passed along the lies to support Iraq invasion when the truth was well known and already reported on Pacifica radio, who passed along Wasserman-Schultz’s version of the Western primaries as though it were news reporting–to tell us whether it is or not.

Smith actually has reason to suspect this. Why all the anger at the questioning of a source?

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I am in full agreement with you. The mock outrage I referred to was that represented in the original article. (I posted my comment as a response to yours because I could not figure out to post it any other way.)

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The direct quote from the article speaks for itself.

Once upon a time, reporters sought multiple sources, and required “on the record” statements. Journalism has fallen into the toilet over the last decade or so, and probably is incapable of being rescued.

To @Davidcarson 's point, you are engaging in confirmation bias.

Confirmation bias occurs from the direct influence of desire on beliefs. When people would like a certain idea/concept to be true, they end up believing it to be true. They are motivated by wishful thinking. This error leads the individual to stop gathering information when the evidence gathered so far confirms the views (prejudices) one would like to be true.

Note my very first comment - “While I don’t doubt Trump is capable of most anything”. My issue is with shoddy journalism, not the fact that the current occupant of the White House does not play with a full deck. I’ll turn your question around - Are you incapable of understanding a post, or are you just plain dumb?

Thank you. You understand my point. The AP has been an unreliable source for several decades, and basing a report on one second, or possibly third-hand source does NOT count as journalism.

Some very bad monetary policies aside, Venezuela’s social policies are no further left that Norway’s, so why is Norway aways no. 1 in the UNHDR list for quality of life?

And spare me this “dictatorship” crap that I hear from the right and liberals alike. Maduro’s recent election, along with the new Constituent Assembly (lower house) elections previously, were a perfectly democratic process. The Venezuelan right wing could have defeated Maduro and the PSUV had they been willing to support the more reasonable centrist opponents and end they electoral boycott. But of course, they boycotted the election becasue, they knew that Tio Sam and Tio Monroe Doctrine would have have their back 100 percent - so they are holding out for a full-blown blood-soaked right wing victory in the manner of Chile and Argentina in the '70s.


I am celebrating Louis Armstrong’s Birthday which is today. To hear his music and songs is to love this man of genius.


Very thorough and it will be quite useful when we get the total non cooperation started in earnest–I have save it for future reference.

So, we’re back to picking and choosing what constitutes " journalism " when it doesn’t meet up with our political biases and our personal readings, favorite columnists and what have you.
Anyone with a moderate interest concerning Venezuela has been reading Weisbrot for over a decade. Anyone also would know that since Lane Kirkland, and the visible threadline through to Richard Trumka, that the AFL-CIO is collaborating with The Alphabets to overthrow the Chavez/Maduro governments. Along with the AID, NED and the Atlantic Council, etc. Not to mention elements of the Catholic Church, which is a big not to mention, of course.
How do we know you’re not backfilling the typical " shuck and jive " that is so powerful in swaying most members of our puny and mostly gutless Congress?

They ARE taking action. They are dutifully cementing corporate hegemony by rolling back rights and protections at an unprecedented rate, which they could normally never have gotten away with without the 24/7 media circus provided by Trump.

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Thank you. Truly one of the greats

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thanks to U.S sanctions and economic bullying…U.S. troops er mercenaries out of every country. Stop overthrowing govt.s around the world. Take care of people here. Stop honoring the mercenaries who kill for the profit of the MIC. Stop inventing ‘enemies’ .

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Gunboat diplomacy is exactly what the United States has engaged in for over half a century.

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Honestly, how is this fundamentally different than every other nation we’ve invaded for no reason since WWII?

Just because it’s Trump Dump Prime isn’t what makes is wrong. It’s empire building that makes it wrong.

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Thank you. Someone who states the obvious that virtually all Americans ignore or explain away.

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So was Hillary’s plans for Honduras any better and ought to be supported by real diplomats?

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