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Why CEOs Are Turning on Trump


Why CEOs Are Turning on Trump

Robert Reich

Trump isn’t just alienating Republican senators. He’s also pissing off the executives of America’s biggest corporations, who happen to have a lot of influence over Republican members of Congress because they pay the costs of their campaigns.


The CEOs don’t want Trump screwing us over. That’s their job!


Impeaching Trump will release the entire Republican corporate fascist machine to do their worst behind closed doors. We could be calling for another election instead.

Grassroots Direct Democracy


Mueller will have sufficient evidence once done to charge the Orange Oligarch.

Impeach, Indict, and Incarcerate.

Cut the head off that snake, and the body will die.


As long as the pot smokin, gun totin, southern and western good ole boy with his Confederate flag flying proudly on his rusty pick up truck with the gun rack in the back still continues to embrace Trump as his personal hero, Trump won’t change. He’s too hooked on their mindless adoration and allegiance to him because for Trump that’s the only thing that matters.


He will for sure not be incarcerated even if…which I doubt…he will be indicted. Most likely if impeached, he will resign. But let’s not count much on that. While it is a positive thing if he is impeached, it does not solve most of the problems. It will just be a symbolic act.


One can dream, can’t they?

Call me a dreamer.


So what ? “Turning on Trump” plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee.

Most of our local Trump voters want nothing more than for Trump to make CEOs and their employees as miserable as they are. The more that CEOs turn on Trump the more zealous his base becomes.


“…CEOs are not moral leaders of American society…”
Have you also observed, Professor, that to the extent that we have “moral leaders” at all, they are routinely ignored?
When it comes to business, morality enters into the issue exactly zero times.
And our currency proclaims “In God We Trust.”


Corporations want a constant influx of desperate young people, and it really helps if they’re undocumented–illegalized so they’re even more desperate and can’t seek protection of government against corporations. Even if the large corporations don’t hire undocumented workers the fact that they’re in the labor pool depresses wages and makes workers compliant. Unions can be weakened and destroyed.

Corporations and their owners don’t want anyone cutting off the supply of cheap worker union-busters. Obama, Clinton and the DNC Democrats are OK with this; that they’re on the side of corporations against a rogue fascist may help us but doesn’t mean they’re on our side. This reminds me of sci-fi movies where the 2 dinosaurs are battling it out, smashing trees and slashing each other, while on the ground are people running around trying to avoid being smushed. but we’re the ones who can stop the fight and save everybody. It does matter how the change happens, and one group of rich people winning out over another isn’t going to get us what we need to equalize, democratize and become ecological enough to survive as a civilization. Only we can do that, in a massive peaceful revolution to change the course of our society.


Instructions, please, for the massive peaceful revolution.


Two totally opposite meanings can be read into “Turning on Trump”.

There is aggression and then there is what you do to a light bulb

Anyone who believes that the insanely bloated security state could not prevent Trump from becoming occupant of the WH must actually believe in the integrity of the office of the president as foundational myth.


That may be the only way that the repubs will be forced to act like civilized human beings. Money is key to their survival and they know it. While the Kochs and allies can still contribute a lot, having the rest of the business community against him will have to affect drumpf.


Dreamers aren’t taking jobs away from native-born Americans. Their purchases are creating more jobs.

In other countries that fence in their employees and let their limbs be cut off by machinery without compensation.




There’s an unappealing thread of truth running through your comment: the suggestion that dreamers’ desperation makes them both vulnerable and attractive to corporatists.
At the same time, there is an unstated prejudice against poor Americans who would emerge more competitive from public education were it more equitably and wisely funded and administered. Poor Americans are short-changed in overcrowded, underfunded school districts all over the USA.
Also unstated is that if we interacted properly with Mexico and Latin America, all of their citizens could have been enabled to live in relative prosperity over one hundred years ago. We have been parasitizing Latin America for a very, very long time. We owe their children big time. Few ordinary citizens choose to emigrate. They come here because we have encouraged the despoiling of their home countries when we should have been and should be still enhancing their homelands.
The drivenness of these sought-after immigrant workers…hmmmmmm…Americans prize drivenness…One must bully oneself to be driven…Yet…learning and achievement in a cheerfully lived life does not come from bullying oneself. It comes from a passion for learning about one’s world…an innate animal curiosity that makes life an adventure.
There is a place for drivenness. When deadlines are coming up and life’s exigencies press in on us; however, any teacher will tell you about those students who have been afforded the privilege to love learning and interacting with their environment with joy and sociability.
There’s a presumption that bullying oneself and bullying generally is a desirable element in the worlds of work and learning…Otherwise drivenness wouldn’t be prized; but Thoreau was right: “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation”. I don’t approve. I don’t believe Thoreau approved either. Life is an adventure and we owe it to ourselves and the rest of Humanity to see to it that it is, drivenness notwithstanding.


“an unappealing thread of truth” Great phrase, and thanks. I always aim not only for truth but at unappealingness!

And yes, so true about our education, foreign relations, and drivenness. It makes no sense that schools aren’t funded nationally, equally per pupil (allowing some differences for greater needs) and at the rates that the best private schools spend. Conservatives are always whining about the cost of public education while they’re sending their kids to schools that spend many times what public schools spend. What despicable hypocritical behavior!

Coming from a career as a university art teacher, my teacher talked about the creativity cycle (not the same as the 1950 idea or what you’ll find on the web) as a psychotherapeutic process. Most such cycles, found in art, business, personal growth contexts, end with creation or action as the last phase in the cycle. My teacher had “rest” as the last. Being unable to rest is an addiction to freneticism, an inability to tolerate emotions that arise, quiet or stillness. Society doesn’t want people who can tolerate such things; they see clearly how things are, come up with original ideas and cause trouble. With screens and other diversions available every second, it makes sure no one does.


Sorry, I have no recipe; see my other post for remarks on creativity. Paul Hawken called it “a movement of movements” with 2 million groups working toward the same direction; I’d guess we have 5 or 8 times that now. That diversity is the key, as long as we work together and realize what the most urgent problems and solutions are.

The Indivisible Guide (pdf) is pretty good.
Al Gore’s leadership training is good from what people have told me.
Pachamama Alliance’s 2 trainings, The Awakening the Dreamer Symposium and especially the Game Changer Initiative training, are both available online, the latter involves 7 (?) weeks of phone/computer meetings with a small group, many excellent videos and readings and covers a lot of what the problem is.

U of Q Denial 101 MOOC is also excellent, covers climate science and the techniques of denial; videos available at skeptical science, too. (John Cook created both). That’s important for knowing how to recognize and point out common fallacies used to delay solutions to the most dire crisis in human history. https://www.edx.org/course/making-sense-climate-science-denial-uqx-denial101x-4

Lots of people on the left have criticisms about the left, especially about how environmentalists have failed to convince everyone and reversed the 10,000 year course of civilization in the last 40 years. Ridiculous. None of the ideas I’m suggesting are perfect but it’s not a good reason to turn on each other (and most of the ideas people think would have been better (not “scaring” people about climate, eg–that is, not telling the truth about it) turn out to be untrue anyway. We need to be careful, thoughtful and take time to rest into our ideas (while moving with utmost speed, of course.) Good luck. Let us know what happens.


I did not vote for Trump and held my nose and voted for Hillary. Then became my wish that he would immediately put millions of people back to work with a “great” infrastructure plan. Light rail connecting cities to urban areas and suburban areas. Building more affordable housing within cities. We just get expensive high rises that might sit empty or be bought up for foreign investors. I was hoping for bridge and levy construction, road repairs, et al and bringing America into the 21st Century with our infrastructure and reducing the price of technology which us Americans pay say 30% higher prices for internet et al.

Amerika needs a Marshall Plan here at home that isn’t run by huge contractors trying to gouge us taxpayers.


But then we still have a fascist republican party and some dems that our in that swamp. They want complete control as made obvious under Obama.