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Why Chris Christie Hates Teachers (and Why We Must Defend Them)


Why Chris Christie Hates Teachers (and Why We Must Defend Them)

Jeff Bryant

What was the most surprising thing about New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie’s recent remark that the “national teachers union” deserves a “punch in the face?”


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Hello sports fans,
Lets get real.

The public education system isn’t working very well.

Way back when, I was a truancy office for a public
school system.
There were some great teachers, and some lousy,
incompetent, apathetic, burnt-out teachers.

My step-son is ESL, entering his junior year of
high school with a 7th grade level English competency.
I fight tooth and nail to get the accommodations he
is entitled to. His ESL teachers for the last three
years have been of the lower tier quality, so I have
hired private tutors to accelerate his English acquisition.

The bureaucratic-think in the school system is
incredible. He has had to endure all kinds of
tests: MAP, CRT, ELPA, HSPE, PSAT, ACT, to name
just a few. None of these ‘‘standardized’’ tests
will allow his word-to-word dictionary or extra
time for him to digest the questions.

So lets be honest, the school system is a factory
model to deal with large numbers of students.

It’s a bell-shaped curve which doesn’t serve
either end of the ‘‘bell’’ very effectively.

We’ve had tax-funded, public schools in this
country since 1644 (Dedham, MA), and we still
can’t figure it out.

So why do parents who are upset and dissatisfied
with the school system flock to the Republicans
who promise them school vouchers?

And why does the Democratic Party continue to
deny that our education system is deficient
and in need of major reform?

Oh well, thanks for letting me share.


Oops; I thought that the headline said Chris Christie ATE teachers. I was going to say maybe that’s why he is so grotesquely obese, I guess their are multitudes of reasons that the Man-Cow is so reviled by people everywhere.


The high percentage of females in the teaching profession is DEFINITELY part of the reason for these attacks.

Both parties forced to cater to Big Money interests also do slim to nothing to support unions.

The really glaring flaw in all this “blame teachers for not producing testable product” crap is that how many politicians produce “product” in the way of any true improvements to their constituents’ lives?

How many war machine clones these days produce anything apart from death, destruction and despair?

How many Hedge Fund billionaires BUILD anything or CREATE anything apart from magical algorithms that make them rich overnight?

And why aren’t firms like Monsanto and Big Pharma held to account for what they produce? And why not gun manufacturers forced to become co-defendants in cases where the next round of spontaneous lethal shooting breaks out?

Just demand accountability and high standards (most of which can’t translate to quantifiable test results) of women/teachers!

Etc. ad nauseum.


I’m sure that I have pointed this out before, but here goes. Notice that I’m the 7th poster on this thread and it has been up for 5 days. That’s about the level of interest that Education Issues get even on a progressive site like CD. Christie’s assinine (sp.) statement can’t even get noticed. So it goes with teacher’s issues.