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Why Climate Action Needs to Target the Border Industrial Complex

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/05/why-climate-action-needs-target-border-industrial-complex

As regards immigration and refugeeism, we might attend to some of the noisy drivers before we try to seal or unseal the border.

  • US military actions abroad create refugees in greater numbers than does anything else.
  • Large “free-trade agreements” that are not about freedom, not about trade, and not really agreements have hampered local objections to abuse of people and resources by international corporations.
  • US black operations create mafia-centered black market economies in client states in return for the enabling of grey-market US corporate control of local governments. Of course, these destroy local resources and businesses and create waves of refugees

Now, these are indeed climate-related, though that’s no reason to ignore the panoply of other horrors that they drive, or even the panoply of other ecological horrors. If we take anything approaching the full range of causes and effects into account, all of this means not just opening or closing the border, but closing down the MIC and Phoenix-style CIA operations.

Obviously, we have a bell-the-cat situation here, and Kitty has grown awfully big and taken to running at least a couple political parties. Opening the border more sounds good to me, but this is going to take a lot more than that.

Privatized or governmental, border policing is a billions of dollars business at the expense of the displaced and the taxpayers.

The 9% private prison number is hard for me to believe. Just in my state, there’s 3 state facilities, and 18 private prisons. Granted the state facilities are larger, but dam. And just like those on the border, the state works very hard to keep those beds filed in the private prisons.

Why aren’t more news agencies reporting on the callous actions being undertaken by the primary perpetrators of global heating who are causing so much misery throughout the world?