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Why Climate Activists Must Seize On The Oil Price Crash


Why Climate Activists Must Seize On The Oil Price Crash

Nick Cunningham

The utter collapse in oil prices over the past year and a half presents a unique opportunity for climate action, a temporary period in which measures to restrict the production and consumption of fossil fuels could be more politically palatable than at any other moment to date.


Now it would do wonder for the planet if we could trim back the Pentagon budget and stop dropping bombs on anyone we do not like. In fact, it may be impossible to significantly improve the ecology until we trim back the U.S. military empire.


The US military is the largest polluter in the world, especially if you count depleted uranium, but as far as what we can do at home nothing makes a bigger difference than going vegan. Vegetarian a distant second place.


Unfortunately, with gasoline as low as $1.25 per gallon ($0.33/liter) in Texas and Oklahoma - and massive freeway expansions underway all over the god-awful city of Dallas and little hope for any kind of sorely needed fuel tax increase, I see little hope. Public transit ridership for all but the poor with no choice will decline, resistance and car manufacturers will be discontinuing or shelving their already tiny-niche electric models.

Happy days are here again for those Okies and Cowboys and the surprising well-off Chickasaw and Choctaw (to digress - the successful tribal enterprises - not just casinos either - I saw down there are an excellent example of socialism BTW) and their pickup trucks.


I wish it will mean tax emissions and use revenue to buy fossil fuel reserves as mineral rights to keep it in the ground. I hope resulting price increase of electric from emissions tax will make wind even more competitive than it is now and that PV solar will continue to follow within five years behind wind.