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Why Climate Activists Should Care About Greece


Why Climate Activists Should Care About Greece

Kate Aronoff

After months of conflict and a marathon 16 hours of negotiations on Sunday, Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the Troika reached an agreement on the country’s future: a third bailout and a distant promise of debt restructuring in exchange for draconian austerity measures, deregulation and creditors’ strict control over nearly ever aspect of the Greek econ


The system which has accrued such hegemonic power knows only the criminal methodologies it has committed for centuries and in some cases millennia - all else is secondary if extant at all.
From the roman empire to papal bulls of the 15th century through the plundering of Potosi - which should NEVER be underestimated in its nefarious importance to these cabals - we witness the latest iteration of subterfuges and hostage holding of entire populations. The latter is the hypnotic wiggly-fingered mechanism that is incomprehensible to most good-hearted people and the integrity of values upheld by people in conscious relation with life.
Please encourage people to look around and note that the domination by the hegemonic powers is what has resulted in the vainglorious tumbling dominoes of planetary plundering. It is through the rhetorical framing of crisis/fear/disempowerment/scorn/terror that this brinkmanship hypnotizes while it gobbles down and excretes wasted lives, entire ecosystems and millennial wisdom as “products”.
It is no accident that healthy ecosystems, biodiversity and the strengths of human empathy survive and regenerate ONLY to the scale and extent to which engagements of integrity regenerate these prophetic dynamics and outcomes of love.


There IS a direct connection between preventing Climate Change, Germany’s Green Leadership and the Greek crisis. As Gail Tverberg, a longtime Peak Oil analyst has pointed out Greece has one of the highest dependencies on polluting oil for its energy usage in the EU at 60%. This in a nation known for a sunny climate, with way more potential for solar energy than Germany, Greece also has miles of coastline which generally is good for windpower. So why doesn’t Germany launch its own “Marshall Plan” of lending out German made only solar panels, wind turbines etc which would reduce Greece’s energy costs, cut oil usage and also cut greenhouse emissions saving the planet?
German manufacturers get increased sales and profits, Greece cuts its energy costs allowing it to more easily payoff its debt, the planet saves oil for other uses and greenhouse emissions.
A win-win-win!


Absolutely, there is “an alternative to the impending, catastrophic doom of runaway global warming”. It involves a bit of research but mostly it involves product development. It involves a realization that new technologies – think photovoltaic panels back when PV power cost 100 times as much as generating that same power with oil – are going to come way down in cost precisely because the government put the necessary money into the new technology.

Did I write “The Government”? As in, “Congress”? Forget it, we are so doomed!