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Why Climate Change Is No Longer Shocking Enough


Why Climate Change Is No Longer Shocking Enough

Brian McDermott

Secret emails and the wives of candidates have been among the recent dominant headlines related to the 2016 presidential race. While entertaining, these stories are an insult to our democracy. Whether the media realizes it or not, what actually matters to voters are policies, ideas, and solutions.

Where is climate change in this equation? Just nine questions were asked about climate change in the first eight presidential primary debates as of mid-January, according to Media Matters.


Good luck young people. The world the older generation is leaving you is nothing like what we were given when we were young. The older generation is using up your inheritance and literally stealing sustenance from the mouths of babes. We oldsters have created a credit card mentality where we leave the environmental debt we've created to your generation to have to pay for. We are using it up and when we are done we will leave you what's left.

Welcome to the world - As is only!

Dying oceans? We were never given that.
Droughts and super storms? You will see terrible changes that we did not.
Heat. Literally heat that kills. Winters that aren't even real winters.
Sea level rise will cost and cost and cost $$$ just trying to literally hold back the proverbial tide.

You young people had better start yelling real loud because as you can see we aren't feeling it yet but imagine what it will feel like in twenty years... when we won't be here.

Sorry kiddies. Save yourselves if you can. Don't look to us cause we are acting like we don't give a damn!


I would expect to hear a lot more about climate change in the general election. In the primaries, the Democratic candidates largely agreed with each other on this issue as did the Republican candidates with each other. The media likes to spark debates over differences. The Democratic and Republican candidates in the general election should be in total disagreement so the climate change this issue should get a lot of press after the conventions. In 2012 Obama was saying nothing on the issue and in 2008 Obama and McCain pretty much agreed on cap and trade. There should be no reason in 2016 not to have climate change play a big role in the election.


A piss poor frame since it suggests that the average Joe or Jane on the street commands the SAME capacity to engender change as the CEO of Exxon or Bank of America.

Since memes like this pretend there's a level playing field where none exists, I'll refresh your memory on this VITAL fact:

"This corresponds precisely with the 2014 landmark study done by Professors Martin Gilens (Princeton) and Benjamin Page (Northwestern). They reviewed 1,779 congressional bills and found that the average citizen had “near zero” influence over policy. The only bills that passed where those that coincided with the wishes of the wealthy and corporate interests."

WHEN The People have AGENCY they act.

Thousands showed up for the Paris COP21 talks.

Thousands marched in New York in an effort to move the elites' agenda on climate chaos/change.

Thousands have gathered to oppose fracking, oppose oil deep sea drilling operations, to get universities to divest from fossil fuels; and LOTS of Indigenous Peoples have done their utmost to protect sacred lands.

A glib deceptive comment like yours renders ALL of these efforts null and void as if all people don't care... when the issue is that of POWER and who controls investment decisions of major magnitude.

The MILLIONS who support Sanders support him because he's the only candidate working to disable the corporations' grip over all aspects of U.S. foreign and domestic policy. He GETS IT about climate change/global warming and would do much to offset it.

As you know, Sanders is being knee-capped by Establishment Politics and the machinery put in place to protect Status Quo interests.

You could make the case that those who support Trump or Cruz have ZERO understanding of climate change; but that demographic hardly speaks for all.

Sanders' supporters likely do know about, and want to see change implemented from the top-down that would lessen the human energy footprint and give Earth a chance to recover.

The same mechanisms in place to thwart Sanders are also in place to thwart a massive transition away from fossil fuels.

Again, the problem is that of POWER.

Your frame is the ONE SIZE FITS ALL favored forum meme: When you can't make a real argument, JUST "blame the people."


Great piece! Yes the mass media has been ignoring climate change, but the author implores us not to take this lying down, but rather to step up, speak up. The Get Loud Challenge seems like a fun innovative way to promote climate action. It is the fate of the planet on the line after all.


Oh did you think I was being literal? I don't see how anyone could think that way. In any case, it was intended as a creative writing piece and was poetic license or in this case rhetorical license. I am sorry that you wish to restrict everything to the literal sense seemingly without exception but why do you feel the need to keep saying the same thing. Others disagree with your point of view. I am amazed that you wish everyone to do things your way because creativity permits expressiveness that literal prose may not. For example who was I addressing? A rhetorical 'young people' not literally a young person or group. Poetry and humor and the creative are other avenues that people can use to communicate.


It is not "climate change".

It IS Anthropogenic Global Heating.