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Why Congress Must Vote on the US Role in Yemen


Why Congress Must Vote on the US Role in Yemen

Bernie Sanders, Chris Murphy, and Mike Lee

In Yemen, a child under the age of five dies of preventable causes every 10 minutes. That is just one startling fact from a country that has been torn by war for nearly three years.


This piece perpetrates the myth that the U.S. “backed” the big bad Saudis when they unilaterally decided to destroy Yemen. In fact, the Obama administration used this slaughter as a part of its effort to expand its hegemony over the Mideast and the Saudis were convenient guns for hire to provide political cover. The bombings have been directed by the U.S. since the beginning with U.S. Special forces doing what they do (slaughter and direct bombers, drones, etc.) to targets.

The Saudis, of course, complied in exchange for more weapons, etc., as any puppet should. This is a replay of what has been going on in the Arabian Peninsula since the UK and US created Saudi Arabia to control access to oil.


Hey, Bernie.

How come you didn’t bring this up when your Democrat buddy Obama was prez?

Bah, bah, bah…the sheepdog lives!


The US now says it does not need approval from anyone to wage war whenever it chooses.


The AUMF. Which Bernie voted for. It is our law, but internationally criminal.


It’s been pretty much like that since the end of WW2. Of all the U.S. wars, occupations and organized slaughters since 1945, NOT ONE HAS BEEN FORMALLY DECLARED.


It takes a socialist to lead the way on this because the Dems are too chicken-shit.

Veterans For Peace


Make it happen, Bernie. Stop this war. And then, stop the next one. Get it going. Stop them all. Move forward. We have been waiting to here this.