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 Why Conservatives Are Decrying ‘Media Bias’ in the Presidential Debates


 Why Conservatives Are Decrying ‘Media Bias’ in the Presidential Debates

Joshua Holland

The Republican candidates took a number of swipes at the moderators of Wednesday night’s debate on CNBC for their supposedly biased and substance-free questions. They were picking the lowest of low-hanging fruit, going for an easy way to endear themselves to a conservative audience.


Journalism is (all but) dead. Media consolidation killed it. (A variant of "Video killed the radio star".) Independent thought and discovery can be ferreted out on the internet by those with the time and the inclination, but most are convinced that the "news" they hear from the corporations, including CPB, is what they need to know to stay informed. With net neutrality constantly on a death watch, there is little to hope for for the independent minded. The subtle message is join the apparatchik (corporate) class or remain irrelevant. Some choice.


Were the Republican candidates prepared in advance to complain about moderators' questions and to denounce the "liberal" media conspiracy they love to revile?
Doug Giebel
Big Sandy, Montana


Its mind boggling to see conservative candidates arguing over who is not conservative enough after all the wars, financial disasters, immigration problems, environmental disasters and every other problem that conservatives and their neoliberal ilk have foisted on us all by themselves. To see the conservative oligarchy's media give fascists all the time they can to feed the public twisted racist, corporate, warmongering conservative ideas.

But worse is to see supposed liberals and progressives on the few venues they are allowed in to join the conservative chorus and blame liberals for all the problems conservative's cause.


Journalism and more particularly news reporting has been about entertainment for a long time. This was the great innovation discovered by JFK when he held televised afternoon "press conferences" which were in time for the evening news on TV and effectively relegated the reporting of newspapers (most of whose publishers were against JFK and his programs anyway) to being a day late in their reporting.
Kennedy would have briefing papers prepared with information and would be grilled by aides to prepare him for dealing with confrontational reporters. JFK, however, used his own words to express the ideas he wished to convey. By the time we got to public service announcer smooth Ronald Reagan, press conferences consisted of ready prepared sound bites memorized and delivered with actor's acumen by the "great communicator".
Now the business of news entertainment is being further refined by the branding of such long standing magazines as Time and Newsweek (which resemble supermarket tabloids more and more with each passing year) filled with sensationalist and irrelevant trivia. Meanwhile, serious reporting of significance is taking place off shore in Europe, Asia, and even the dreaded and evil empire of Russia.
News flash to presidential contenders: The news media are not supposed to play patty-cake with you. They are supposed to expose your vanity, hypocrisy, and egotism.


The questions the Republicans wanted in the Democratic debate:

"Secretary Clinton, your illegal attempt to hide your illegal activities through the use of a mail server, that may have caused the deaths of U.S. soldiers by exposing U.S. secrets to ISIS, might not be prosecuted. Is this due to corruption in the legal system or just Obama's love of ISIS?"

"Senator Sanders, are you a National Socialist like Hitler or a full-on capitalism hating Communist like the dictator Stalin?"

"Secretary Clinton, Benghazi."

"Secretary Clinton, Benghazi."

"Secretary Clinton, Benghazi."

"Secretary Clinton, why did everyone else end up getting jailed for the Whitewater fraud while you and Bill, who were heavily involved, weren't even prosecuted? "

"Secretary Clinton, did you personally kill Vince Foster Jr. or did you have someone else do it?"


Very good satire: clever & amusing.




Q. What is the sadist thing about this article?

A. It's considered journalism.

This article is absolutely pathetic! For this subject matter to even get published is a great example of how dumbed-down most Americans have become.

Journalism? I can count the number of what I consider real journalists on one hand. Additionally, there are only three sources of information (news) that I trust to be mostly accurate.


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