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Why Corporate Tax Deserters Shouldn't Get the Beneftis of Being American Corporations


Why Corporate Tax Deserters Shouldn't Get the Beneftis of Being American Corporations

Robert Reich

Apple is only the latest big global American corporation to use foreign tax shelters to avoiding paying its fair share of U.S. taxes. It’s just another form of corporate desertion.

Corporations are deserting America by hiding their profits abroad or even shifting their corporate headquarters to another nation because they want lower taxes abroad. And some politicians say the only way to stop these desertions is to reduce corporate tax rates in the U.S. so they won’t leave.


It's a bit late to close the barn door now don't you think Mr. Reich?
Wasn't it Bill Clinton who blazed the path to our current situation by passing NAFTA, getting rid of banking regulations (Glass-Steagall), and rewriting parts of our tax code making it more favorable for corporations to do exactly what they're doing by parking profits offshore?


Introduce this to the lame duck president - but also hold on to it for local, county, regional and state conversations. Worth keeping in mind is that as we speak ALEC continues its focus on state houses. Why? They've decided that to be the next plan of action. Hey- its closer to home, closer to the diversity we so desperately need and the coalitions we need to build. Three basic talking points to inspire debate and a bring-it-home-for-dummies quickie video. Thanks for the campaign material


One could make a similar argument about the corporate US media enjoying constitutional protections while it ignores its duty to inform the electorate--in exchange for quarterly profits. Why should the corporate media have first amendment protections when it outright lies or ignores, distorts, and shapes the truth? Let's face it, without the media pushing the Koch's version of the climate crisis (there isn't one) for the past two decades, this nation might have made some real strides towards sustainability. The corporate media is the tool of the governing elite to divide and conquer We the People. They don't deserve constitutional protection either.


When you consider all the favors delivered to Wall Street by the DC politicians, SOMEBODY had to "work like a demon".

Wall Street made sure Kaine was nominated for VP to assure that all of their wishes (and then some) come true even if something happens to Clinton.


Amen brother. But first we need--indeed we must--get rid of Citizens United.

Once that is accomplished, then we are in a position to begin righting this Lusitania of a ship of state. Corrupted cronies that keep getting elected by obscene amounts of money will always do that proffered money's bidding, regardless of the devastation it wreaks on everyone EXCEPT the elites who have a death grip around Lady Liberty's throat.

All thinking Americans realize that the disaster of that Citizens United decision should go. Poll after poll illustrates this and why is it still around pray tell? Because it is indicative of its operative effect. Crooked shill politicians accept their "Ruling Masters' " money to NOT Make IT GO AWAY---Citizens United's powers provide it with its own perpetuating mechanism---money buys pandering, unscrupulous politicians that design, introduce and pass legislation that promote more wealth for the "masters" that enable the ever-willing pols to be re-elected stay in office and the circle continues, ad infinitum.

This vicious "circle" must be broken if American democracy is to continue


Tariffs on all there junk as well. Apple and others have lost the right to free access to our market. Tax corporations on their Gross not Net income. That is the only way to stop the insanity of corporate rule. The IRS can just send them a tax bill, no accountants or lobbiests, if they want to spend hundreds of millions on think tanks etc. at least they won't get a tax break for it and their stockholders might want the money too.


The subtext of Trump's takes is that the game is rigged and he loves it. He won't change anything that cost potential customers money.