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Why Coverage of Indigenous Issues Is So Lousy

Why Coverage of Indigenous Issues Is So Lousy

Daniel David

Long ago and far, far away, in a Canadian prairie city and a prior life as a local and regional reporter for TV news, I wondered why we covered Indigenous issues so badly. I presented this question to reporters, editors and producers in print and broadcast newsrooms, including my own, throughout the city. This in a city where roughly one-quarter of the local population was Indigenous, living literally on the other side of the tracks.

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Coverage of Indigenous Americans is lousy. On television & movies, they are depicted as savages. Long after “How the West Was Won” was filmed “How the West Was Lost” was filmed that told the other side of the story.

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It is MY humble opinion and has been for many years that at least 20 of the seats in the Senate should be reserved for First Nations peoples. I am not really too concerned about them being “over represented” or this stuff about one man one vote.

Once that done I would consider reserving seats in Parliament for them as well.

Indigenous issues need to be heard and they need Political power in order for the Media to pay attention.

Here an example of just how bad it is.

There a Community of First Nations peoples near a reserve in Ontario that have NO FRESH water. At the same time NESTLE has a deal with the Ontario Government to pump groundwater on lands ON First Nations lands while paying next to nothing for that water.

THIS is how Capitalists “create wealth” They steal it.

Notice how this article sourced from a British newspaper. You will not find much about it in the Canadian Media.


The answer is very simple. Less than 4% of the population is Indigenous. MASS media covers issues that are of concern to either:

a) the majority of people (ok, idealism); or,
b) the people who pay for it

Neither of these are Indigenous.

Next question?

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This piece misses the main reason

Indigenous justice challenges power, and the corpress serves power.

Oh, dear … I must be a conspiracy theorist

Or someone who’s seen this shit play out for half a century.

Take your pick, but keep your goddamn eyes (and mind) open, okay?


Yes, coverage of Indigenous is poor. It’s as if the Indigenous don’t exist. Coverage of many critical issues is poor. Some issues are completely ignored while other coverage is nothing but an obvious corporate script.

When this media consolidation began they had a goal in mind. They have achieved their aims and then some.