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Why Dakota Is the New Keystone


Why Dakota Is the New Keystone

Bill McKibben

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — The Native Americans who have spent the last months in peaceful protest against an oil pipeline along the banks of the Missouri are standing up for tribal rights. They’re also standing up for clean water, environmental justice and a working climate. And it’s time that everyone else joined in.


Still have to turn to foreign press to hear the voices from the "Cowboy and Indian Alliance"
Documentary: In the Path of Resistance


Thank you Bill, it's not just their fight. We all have to go, make calls, sign petitions and do all and more that it took to stop Keystone. Numbers make the difference to these idiots. If enough people are involved we may still have a chance.
We can't leave our Native American brothers and sisters to endure this alone, we have to stop it so they can go home.
Let's get on it, winter is coming.


DAPL is not just a fight for Indian land rights. It's a fight for clean water. ALL FRACKING steals and then poisons a huge amount of the water around it. DAPL is the latest fight, and I agree with Dede the everyone needs to make their voices heard, in all the ways they can. The fight for plentiful clear, clean water is a fight for life!


There are some important differences between this project and Keystone. One is that Obama does not have to approve this project as it does not cross international borders. Another is the the fight against Keystone was an attempt to prevent tar sands oil mining in Canada and don't know what the effect of rejecting Keystone was on that. A third is this oil from North Dakota is being transported largely by train which is considered to be riskier than transportation by pipeline. A fourth difference is that this pipeline has largely been built. Since the Missouri River is involved it still needs approval from the Army Corps of Engineers. I think continued protesting will eventually result in a full environmental review of this route. If ultimately the pipeline isn't completed then the oil trains from North Dakota will continue and we will have to hope that no serious disaster occurs from an explosion and fire.


And after Dakota is decided, there'll be a new Dakota.
Helpless before (certain) corporations are we.


Bill. " And it's time that everyone else joined in."

Yes, but from my perspective, Bill it's way past time that everyone else joined the Lakota Sioux.


Unfortunately, your seemingly measured comparative analysis is largely wrong or irrelevant to the current situation.

As I understand the Army Corps was the lead agency on the approval/compliance process and clearly did a poor job. Though the river crossings are important, the ACE seems to have pretty much ignored NHPA and NAGPRA in their initial assessment. It's also pretty stupid for the pipeline company to lay all the pipe without knowing whether or not the Missouri river crossing(s), etc. will now be approved by the ACE. If the law is appropriately applied, this will have been a complete waste of money while being destructive to boot. Of course will probably see the company sue under NAFTA.


I haven't followed the approval process closely and was just commenting on the differences between this project and Keystone. Another big difference is that in Keystone the oil came from Canada and the US was basically getting nothing but taking on risks. This project is entirely in the US so it will be harder for politicians to oppose, particularly since so much of North Dakota's economy is so bound up with producing oil. My guess is that the pipeline will be finished but that the route will be changed. I would assume many pipelines cross rivers and receive approval from the Army Corps of Enegineers. I believe a pipeline for fracked gas was recently built under the Hudson River, the Algonquin pipeline, although the Hudson is only used for drinking water much further upstream.


"The courage of those protesters managed to move the White House enough that the government called a temporary halt to construction."

Bill, as I understand it the White House asked the company to halt construction: and, most likely with a good 'ol boy wink, wink. Bill this President has bragged on more than one occasion about the miles of pipelines that have been constructed during his administration. When will you get it? Obama is a fraud and a stooge for corporate interests. Now with your public support of Hillary what else should we expect from you?


So he should support Trump's election instead? Will things be easier with Trump in the White House?

And you do know that action on the part of Obama is constrained by the fact that a majority of USAns are right-wing and want this pipeline completed. Why does the environmental left appeal to politicians as if their right-wing opponents don't even exist?

People, we are outnumbered. Until we realize this and adopt strategies to get more ordinary US citizens on our side, we are not going to get politicians on our side.


Yunzer and others: I understand your concerns. I am an environmentalist. But all I hear, as a 73
year old woman is about the two parties. I have voted in EVERY election not AGAINST but FOR
a proposed political leader.
There are more than two parties on the ticket. Don't you younger people think about
getting together and voting third party? No, it's not a waste of a vote if you ALL get together
behind a person you want to vote for.
Anyone that does not believe an Independent can win may have been asleep when, in fact
Bernie Sanders actually won the Presidential primary.. but unfortunately was beaten up, hurt
physically, and scared for his life and that of his family because Killary had some goons come
after him. She gives funeral parlors business.
If you "youngsters" voted in mass third party, perhaps Bernie would have had an Independent
Party backing him and would not have needed to run with the Democrats. Europe is so far
ahead of us that they have three, four, five parties on their tickets. Hillary now has the voting
machines of large cities and swing states all "fixed" to take two votes outs of every three that
Trump gets. They will just pop over into her column, automatically when millions vote for Trump.
This is exactly what she did with Bernie, and he officially won the Primary, that is a fact. I was
at Philly's Convention (my home city), I saw all the Bernie delegates leave the convention when
Bernie conceded and left the Convention floor with his family. Half the convention left with him .. it was
amazing. More than half the convention (BERNIE DELEGATES,were representing voters) left the
convention. That wasn't carried on TV. Hillary can't fill a phone booth with voters .. she pays
for all her crowds, which she did in fact do at the convention the next day. THEY WERE ALL
has three law suits out against DNC, AN INDEPENDENT CAN WIN, BUT WE NEED AND DO
CHOICE AND YOU CAN OUTCON THE CONS. THINK of voting FOR a candidate you want
I may not see it in my lifetime, but isn't it about time you people rise up and get a choice on the ballot?


Do you have any evidence to substantiate your claim that Bernie " was hurt and beaten up by Hillary's goons".

I do not doubt it and even though it would not surprise me, I have only, so far, seen only anecdotal evidence.


I don't see why Obama would be worried about right-wingers. They aren't going to vote for Democrats anyway. There are many reasons that Obama would want the pipeline to be completed. Probably the most important is that it would eliminate the need for dangerous oil trains transporting oil from North Dakota. McKibben is mainly interested in stopping the fracking for oil in North Dakota and he sees stopping a pipeline as part of that strategy. But Obama, who is has some responsibility for the US economy, believes that the oil is needed to keep down the price of oil as well as provide the US with more energy independence. To fight climate change Obama is mainly attacking the demand side while McKibben is mainly attacking the supply side. In my opinion, Obama's strategy to fight climate change makes much more sense than McKibben's.


Yes, many websites carried his picture of his face at the Philly
convention the first day, and then on the second day at roll
call of votes, and remember I was at convention, that was a
large cut over his eye and at his cheek bone a gash approx.
1 inch wide which looked like someone wearing a ring punched
him in the cheek bone area. It is shown on many websites,
magnified and if you saw him, he didn't look well, and Bernie
usually smiles but he was actually hunched over in his seat.
He was hurting. He conceded, was actually teared up and Jane,
his wife wiped tears away as they all , his family, walked straight
up steps and out of convention. He quit the dem. party that day
and returned to his Independent stance. The media, as usual
didn't cover a word.
Half at least of Convention started emptying right out following
our Bernie and chanting his name. It was a disgrace to Hillary
and our country .. an empty convention with delegates putting
strips of tape over their mouth as if to say, they were gagged
not to talk and there were no cameras showing emptiness of
convention. Killary put ad in Craig's list asking for actors to
come in next day (to fill empty convention seats .. it was a
sight the whole country should know about but was hidden
just like all of Bernie's accomplishments, a dear, honest man.
She paid the actors $50 a day to clap and dress up .. a fact.
You can see the ad if you google it, if it is still up. She is a
disgrace. I see both of them around their election times in
a Diner near me they consider "lucky." She already has the
large city voting booths "fixed" so that she takes two out of
every three votes Trump will get. That's exactly what she
did with Bernie and Bernie won the Primary by a landslide!
The California delegates wore yellow Bernie fluorescent T shirts that
lit up in the dark when lights dimmed and she put them in way back
in our arena center and in any convention all states
are supposed to be arranged alphabetically and Calif. should
have been in front, but she didn't want the world to see their
shirts. SHE IS A CON. Bernie in fact won CALIF and NYC and
you could see it just by counting the huge amount of delegates
from each of those states with Bernie signs.
Bill looks 90 yrs. old in person without his makeup and Hill has
two doubles for appearances so she doesn't go out
much .. very few people come to see her. She is a loser.
I've been in politics since I was very young and she is the
worst .. and Donald, I have worked for him in casinos but
that is another story .. each one is worse than the other!
Bernis should have been our Pres. Our Pope was rooting
for him and did have a small audience with Bernie in Rome.
So much to say, I went to convention to see things with my
own eyes so that I knew the truth. This Convention looked
like a party for Bernie, it was great to a point. And the
protestors of Hill. she had put behind bobbed wire cages
in a park area approx. six miles from convention. It was a
disgrace. Delegates of Bernie's were treated meanly and
disgracefully on buses to convention and at convention.
It is an untold story that I hope will be told via this website.
History was changed by the HILL. who pointed at people in
audience as if she knew them, and waved at them, and they
were all actors!!!!


Thank you so much! Please post your story on face book and as many other social media sites as possible. I had my suspicions confirmed from your first hand experience at the convention, and your story needs to be told to a larger audience. This has been covered up for way too long. Bernie did not sell out, he was intimidated by Hillary's goons and her nefarious deeds. Just cannot imagine how this has been covered up!


Thank you for reading my "experience" and please spread the word. You were smart for wanting proof.
I can easily prove anything I say because it is true. Remember, politics is, unfortunately at this time,
a very tricky proposition. I have run for a minor office in past and my son has run for Congress of
USA as an Independent.

For your info, I still work for Bernie and there are thousands of us who do .. we volunteer our time
and he is now at work traveling across the country salt and peppering our country with new faces
and many are independents and also democrats who are like-minded, in other words they support
the platform he actually set up for Hillary for $15 per hr. wages, single payer health plans, and
one bill that he put through as Senator for registered Independents to vote in every election and
be able to vote for whomever they want. Many don't realize Independents were not able to vote
in primaries because they had no Party but that is about to be changed by BERNIE since it has
been accepted so far .. even more reason to sign up as an Independent. He is a smart fox,
because with Independents in the House and Senate he will have support for all of his Bills and
if the Senate turns Democrat, which I predict it will, he will become Manager of the Budget
Committee, which means he will control when and how much $$ is spent for what. He is no fool,
and now in Pennsylvania we are voting Toomey out for Senate and putting Katie McGinty in as a
young, intelligent vibrant female Senator who will support Bernie Sanders PROPOSED bills in the
Senate. He is working like crazy to help diffuse the pipelines that are hurting our true American
brothers and sisters, and he just got back from North Dakota, marching with them. If there is
a problem or a union trying to organize or a union strike you will see the most popular Senator in our
country, Bernie Sanders there. He says what he means and goes into action. I have predicted
on radio that I can't see either Hill. or Donald winning on Nov. 8. Maybe because I don't want
it to happen, or perhaps by some strange occurrence, something will happen. If Jill Stein,
nice woman who I spoke with at Convention, yes she was there cheering Bernie on and
adopting much of his platform, but if she gets enough votes from the millennials, and if either
Hill or Donald don't get two-thirds of the votes, the ruling is Congress decides on any person
they want. Could it be Bernie? If the people make their voices heard. You Repubs. have a male
Libertarian running as well as Repub. Evan McMullin, who is reportedly getting within 2 percentage pts.
of Trump! Lots of people out there running, research them because we have five people running...
not just two!


Nice, cogent reply.


Hooray for the brave selfless water protectors, and their tremendous sacrifice against DAPL and the Frankenstein establishment which stands behind it on behalf of all of us and the future generations. For make no mistake we are them, and they are all of us.

This will be a watershed moment in these the last minutes of the 11th hour of civilization as it is before Mother Nature unleashes a ferocious destructive power on all of us. Bernie showed that the heretofore disparate factions could find a common base in progressivism, and unify against the leviathan of corporate domination of power.

DAPL has exposed the insane blind lust for large concentrations of capital over everything else, which is at the heart of this unsustainable cruel way of life driving us to collective suicide. The violence of DAPL and it’s cronies in authority exposes the illegitimacy of this establishment for life, peace, prosperity, and happiness.