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Why Democracy Will Be the Biggest Loser in the US Midterms

Why Democracy Will Be the Biggest Loser in the US Midterms

Gary Younge

When Angelina Cruz, the head of the teachers’ union in Racine, Wisconsin, goes canvassing, she doesn’t just knock on doors. If she sees someone in the street she approaches them and starts a conversation.

“D’you know you can vote today,” she asked a young black man who walked by last Saturday.

“I can’t,” he said. “I’m a felon.” (A felon is someone who has committed a “serious crime”.)

It’s a damned strange kind of democracy that tries to disenfranchise as many citizens as possible—and ostensibly in the interest of “electoral integrity!”

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In several respects we need to send the important decision making back to the states and localities. The national level, Washington DC, is too corrupt and on a ‘too many cooks cooking broth’ basis, it is too hard to get everyone representing 300 million people to agree on one policy.

For your liberty and freedom, insist on taking back the power from the rulers in the center!

Democracy is always the biggest loser in US elections. Each election gets more farcical, more rigged, and those rigging it get more and more rewarded.

For whom could the poor vote today, when no candidate/party represents them? All candidates pander to potential campaign donors. That’s how American politics works,. Democrats split apart their own voting base in the '90s, middle class vs. poor, and the Obama years confirmed that this split is permanent – to the vigorous applause of the Republicans. They call it “bipartisanship.”

Liberals really don’t get this issue. The greatest voter suppression measure of this era has been the photo ID mandate. Those who are the least likely to have a driver’s license or state ID are the poor, most of whom are white. Even if the IDs are made available free of charge, the masses of poor who live outside of the major cities often don’t have access to the nearest office that provides them. But in the end, for whom could the poor vote today, when no candidates/party represents them?

“Why Democracy Will Be the Biggest Loser in the US Midterms”
Despite the hysteria around starting to unseat Trump (understandable), the elections will do very little indeed to birth democracy. Dems are historically anti democratic as well.
The duopoly will continue to reign as true progressives remain mostly invisible. The infinite time loop keeps spiraling endlessly.