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Why Democratic Presidential Candidates May Have to Choose Between Teacher Pay Raises and Charter Schools

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/02/why-democratic-presidential-candidates-may-have-choose-between-teacher-pay-raises

Another terrific article by Jeff Bryant. Every Democratic candidate at every level needs to be closely questioned on this.

I’m glad I grew up with a neighborhood public school. The only private ones were Catholic schools. I also don’t understand how private business can take taxpayer money…conversely, may the taxpayers now take private business money?
There also seems to be a lack of accountability for where the money is going. This seems a lot like this military scams that grab the money, but who really grabbed it and where did it go?
I think that a neighborhood school is better for the kids and the community too. {public education needs to serve the states with the same standards----but some of these"private" schools don’t know what they are doing and the money they take from public schools hurts everyone.

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