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Why Democrats Don’t Want to Talk about Flynn’s First Meeting with the Russians

Why Democrats Don’t Want to Talk about Flynn’s First Meeting with the Russians

Stephen Zunes

How the Democrats aided Michael Flynn's involvement in Israeli's illegal settlements.

"In short, Congressional Democrats agreed with Trump that letting Israel’s right-wing leader Benjamin Netanyahu illegally establish settlements on occupied Palestinian territory doesn’t violate the Oslo Accords, but President Obama’s decision to abstain on a U.N. resolution opposing these illegal settlements does." (Photo: AVI OHAYON - GPO)
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Excellent article. An ah-ha moment if there ever was one.


Silencing the sound and fury

Signifying “Nothing to see here”

The road to Jerusalem has always been paved with bad intentions. But, it does have lots of money changing and payday loan stops along the way. Trump’s son-in-law was expecting this skullduggery would win Adelson’s appreciation and $$$ for the failing properties in NYC. These crooks got caught in Obama’s last trick bag. Who got punked here?
Kushner gets instead at least three albatrosses, including Flynn. More to come as the Empire’s rodents begin to eat each other.

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Non-surprise of 2017: Jared Kushner is put in charge of negotiating peace, and the result is that the US will be replaced as the mediator and violence is going to spike.

Meanwhile, the Israelis’ preferred method of letting the dust settle in the region–WW3–is closer than ever.

And when the bombs start falling, the Democrats will eagerly line up in lockstep to sign their names in blood.

Vote D, vote R…either way, you vote for death from above.

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Thank you Dr/Mr Zunes. We won’t be reading this important understanding of corporate pro-Empire Demopublicans in the… corporate pro-Empire press.

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