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Why Democrats Don't Get Sanders' Endgame: (and Why It Will Hurt Them in the End)


Why Democrats Don't Get Sanders' Endgame: (and Why It Will Hurt Them in the End)

John Atcheson

The Democratic Party establishment’s response to Sanders’ staying in the race ranges from perplexed to downright hostile.

For example, Sam Stein reports that Senator Kent Conrad recently said:


Dear DNC,
Hillary's minions want her to win. Bernie's followers want the people to win. It's not complicated, folks.


"What the average person has figured out, is that neither Party represents them, and that we live in an Oligarchy. So they’ve stopped playing. This has been bad for Democrats, since the passionately ignorant show up to vote in disproportionate numbers."

It pays to know the back story on those desirous of power and their often self serving connections that have created havoc not just nationally but internationally. It's the same flavor of self serving greed and lack of caring.

Bernie continues to be the only player that approaches ideal in this election.


Senator Sanders may not receive the Presidential nomination, however that is only half the battle.The other half is to revolutionise Congress. Bernie should extend his influence to getting Congressmen of integrity elected.

The political powers of both parties have yet to acknowledge or recognise the fundamental ethic behind the popularity of both Sanders and Trump: the American people are simply tired of Politics as Usual. To not extend The Revolution into Congressional races would be to miss a rare opportunity to clean up Congres.

The reason we Sanders Revolutionaries could have a real effect on Congressional election outcomes is that most elections are decided by a few percentage points and a concerted vote by a relative few can decide the contest. Considering the number of votes, both Democrat and Republican, Bernie got in the primaries; he has an extremely powerful tool at his disposal. Upwards of 20%-25% of the electorate. The problem is which candidate to focus on.

On his web page Bernie could have his recommendations for each Congressional seat up for grabs this election season. Imagine a spreadsheet type page: One would click on one’s State then any of the Candidates. The spreadsheet columns would have Bernie's’ recommendation and the candidate's’ position on the critical issues etc.. Whatever variation on this theme is fine; the point being that it focuses Bernie’s revolution on Congress, which is actually more critical to effecting change than is the Presidency.

Whether the subject is the 1%, and their unfair share of the national wealth, inaction on Climate Change, True Election Reform (TEF) or other critical issues we will not get action until Special Interest Influence is removed from Congress. Only the Voters can change the mentality of Congress. Congress writes the election laws and only our elected representatives can change them. Hence the primary criterion on Bernie’s spreadsheet would be: “does this candidate believe in True Election Reform”?.

As an Independent Bernie can ignore partisan politics and make the Congressional Candidate's attitude and commitment to TEF the criterion for his recommendation. This is nothing more than the candidates foregoing an action that in most Democracies is illegal. Under more moral standards 90+% of the members of the US Senate and House of Representative would be in jail.

This is rare opportunity to actually make our votes meaningful. I hope Senator Sanders will stay with the program and make it happen.


Sanders HAS serially endorsed and supported progressive down ticket candidates.

One of those candidates, House of Representatives candidate Zephyr Teachout just won her primary in new York on Tuesday.

Its happening.


Put succinctly, the number of voters who see that the emperor has no clothes has finally hit critical mass. There's no unringing that bell, no matter how hard either party tries. Completely blinded by hubristic avarice, their Machiavellian machinations have been exposed for all to see. The Republican Party makes no bones about which side they are on: big business. But the Democrats deserve a special place in hell for conning workers and the poor into believing that FDR's Democratic Party is still fighting for them.

Sanders is as close to FDR as any candidate in recent memory, and it was FDR that provided a winning strategy for the Democratic Party and the nation for decades. If the Democratic Party can't recognize an FDR when he's blocking their pathway to party unity, then it's pretty clear the party is not worth reforming.


As long as the Democratic Party keeps trying to be more Republican than the Republicans there will be no need for the Democratic Party to exist. Its bad enough having one Republican Party, we don't need two.


Those entrenched in the Dem Party like it just the way it is and have no reason to change it.

Hillary faked left only because Bernie showed it to be the only direction that the Rank and File would follow.

And it provided Cover for her as she, and her Machine, stole the Primaries.


She's still 163 Pledged Delegates shy of the Nomination.


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OK, so Bernie will not play the party's game, but he is staying with the party. This bodes ill for his revolution - which the Dems will never support. Bernie's revolution is the basis for his fame. Both his revolution and his fame are diminished by his staying with the Dems.

If his revolution is important to Bernie, and he no longer wants to lead it, maybe he could publicly appoint a well-known capable leftist (of which there are many) to lead, and that person might move the revolution from Bernie personally to the Green Party.

Then Bernie could keep his promise to support Hillary and try to change the D party from within (a fruitless endeavor, imo) while his appointee tries to carry on the revolution from the Green Party - possibly running as their VP. Or Bernie could even appoint Jill Stein as the new leader of his revolution.

In either case, the Greens would undoubtedly take votes from the Dems, possibly (but not probably) to the point of winning the election. This transfer of leadership to the Greens would almost certainly qualify the Greens for federal funding and so greatly improve their popularity, membership and prospects for the future.

If this scheme seems birdbrained and unfeasible, I would argue it is less so than Bernie simply supporting Hillary and watching his revolution run down the drain.


We have an oligarchy where people think it is okay to rig an election. They think they can play this bogeyman versus good guy game, and everyone is going to fall in line. Bush cheated why can't we? At this point I think the cheating has been going on so long that people can't remember when there was not cheating. I was listening to one report where more progressives voted, but wound up with a Republican because of gerrymandering. People are finally sick of the system, and want Sanders to keep preaching about it. I just wish he would support Jill Stein or the Green Party, but that ain't going to happen.


If Atcheson's figures are correct--and I have no reason to doubt them--less than 30 percent of the electorate identifies with either the Republicans or the Democrats.

So how is it that two minority parties get to dictate the rules of engagement?

I know. I know.

It's a rhetorical question.


I think the description of what Sanders is trying to is correct, but here is the problem, he is also try to defeat Trump. His two goals of transforming the Democratic Party and defeating Trump are somewhat in conflict. He can't go too far in trying to transform the Democratic Party without jeopardizing his important goal of defeating Trump, or putting it another way, getting Hillary Clinton elected as president.


Good commentary, John, but you let Sam Stein and Huffington Post off the hook. For weeks Huff Post has been trashing Bernie. Just like all main stream media they never understood that this was a political movement and it isn't going away. In fact just the opposite. OCCUPY PHILLY!
If it isn't Bernie or Bust I'm hoping progressives will rally around Jill Stein and the Green Party. Keep the movement going forward.
As far as Krugman- guess who your next Secretary of the Treasury will be?
As far as Loretta Lynch- guess who your next Supreme Court Justice will be?
The Democratic Party is simply no longer the party of the people.
And to all you Hillary backers proclaiming 'I'm With Her' will that be true when she's indicted later this month?


Tues NY Times OpEd:

"Wake Up Democrats, Warns Sanders, this Populist Unrest Cannot
Be Ignored"

Printed in Common Dreams two days ago.

If you read it you will see that Bernie is not "...simply supporting Hillary."

and is still

On the Job and In the Race.


Mother Nature knows that Homo Sapiens is the disease of the planet, and she will eventually figure out the cure - how to get rid of us. The only question is how many other species do we take down with us before that happens? Until then the only responsible thing for caring members of the species to do is to try and minimize the damage, and that only starts to happen if HILLARY CLINTON LOSES THE PRESIDENCY! #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016.


Not much new really. In Gore Vidal's words: We have a property party with two wings.


Well the real question I think is not "why is Bernie not endorsing HRC" - but "why is Bernie still with the Democratic Party." He missed a historical opportunity which was worth taking the risk. His campaign was good at asking for donations, but after California, never asked us what we wanted. I regret very deeply to have to say "Hedges was right."


And that's if we're "lucky". If we're unlucky, Hillary will name him to be Chair of the Federal Reserve, where he'll immediately ramp up hyper quantitative easing, and negative interest rates, all to goose asset values in stocks and real estate, while the rest of us are left with nothing but rising prices ...


We the people - which way did they go? They went that'a way!

They stole the election and even though it ain't over yet... don't ask us to do anything about it! Which way did they go? They went right to accepting the status quo being thrust upon them by the oligarchy and their status quo friends.

Every time someone says that nothing would ever make them vote for a democrat, they accept Bernie losing.

Every time someone says Bernie should join with the Greens, they accept Bernie losing.

All this talk about the party being corrupt (Is that some sort of joke like people only just have noticed it?) nevertheless the 'people' such as we are, accept a helluva lot.

We don't fight to support our own democracy and that and only that is the whole ball of wax for the Dems. That validates their lesser of two evils, that confirms Krugman's pandering,
that is the real deal ...that 'We the people' will do nothing no matter how much we are cheated or abused.

People pretend that the bank bailouts, the foreclosures, the trillions in tax cuts for the rich, the crazed mania that followed the phony WMDs War in Iraq that goes on and one in the Middle East and all the Citizens United and media consolidation and data mining and all the rest haven't happened!!!!!!!!

But they did happen and still are happening and by the same people more or less - the status quo ruling elites. It all depended on 'We the people' never doing anything about it.

If we do not fight for our democracy this time... has anyone noticed the trend where 'We the people' keep losing and may lose the whole game? It is very real folks. We now have reached the point where even fascists are reemerging from the woodwork. Is it bad enough yet when a fascist billionaire wants to be president?

All because >>> We the people continue to do nothing.

What always amazes me PonyBoy is how some folks make excuses and choose fantasy feel good strategies like telling others that Bernie needs to go Green. They know Greens can't possibly win, so that is an admission of loss by Bernie in the first place but they have continued with this theme for months already. They couldn't unite to win but instead they ask people to unite in failure.

If Americans - the 'We the people' - do not fight what has happened and demand that the most popular candidate be in the race and that a candidate who has committed crimes and may be indicted (after destroying evidence) should not be the candidate...then all this stuff about Greens and some future 'social revolution' to carry on and crap...will always falter. The real question is whether we have any strength left in us anymore >>> We the people? Bernie evoked so much strength and support for democracy and yet at the end in the face of a rigged game... we let him down. If we have progressive views for real...

I think maybe we should start showing them while yet we can.

Fight for Bernie and ourselves. Otherwise you'll vote for Hillary or Trump or the Greens or not vote at all but you'll lose just the same. Fight or fail.

Yay Bernie!