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'Why Democrats Lose Elections': Clyburn Admits Paycheck Guarantee Best Way to Save Jobs—But Says It Costs Too Much

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/15/why-democrats-lose-elections-clyburn-admits-paycheck-guarantee-best-way-save-jobs

Just one of the many reasons we need to leave the Democratic Party en mass and crash and burn it to the effing ground. It is the ONLY way the left will ever take over a party for the rest of us. They must lose, every time, every office, until they lose control of the party. #NeverBiden.


The $2.3 trillion CARES Act, the Donald Trump-led rescue package signed into law on March 27th, is a radical rethink of American capitalism. It retains all the cruelties of the free market for those who live and work in the real world, but turns the paper economy into a state protectorate, surrounded by a kind of Trumpian Money Wall that is designed to keep the investor class safe from fear of loss.
Matt Taibbi


From article:

“This is why Democrats lose elections,”

Let’s repeat this and fully grasp/ call out why biden may (will likely?) lose to trump in November.

We (progressives, former Bernie supporters) need to repeat this loudly, clearly, over and over and over again so that we are not shamed/blamed for trump’s most likely win next fall. Yes as we all know, we will be blamed in any case----but we need to be very vocal about this now. We can’t remain silent.

Clyburn played a huge role in shoving Sanders— and all who supported him-- to the side and leaving us with biden.

From: (h)ttps://www.westernjournal.com/clyburn-saved-biden-sc-disaster-now-reps-trying-save-gaffes-canceling-debates/

“He’s now best known as the Dr. Frankenstein to the Frankstein’s monster that is former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign.”

Clyburn, helped energize the state’s African American community to come out and vote: (h)ttps://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/02/29/south-carolina-primary-how-clyburn-endorsement-helped-biden-win-big/4918362002/), exit polls reveal that 47 percent of primary voters said the endorsement was an important factor when they cast their ballot.

While Biden was expected to win the primary, his domination in the state — 48 percent of the compared to 20 percent for Bernie Sanders in a state where Sanders had expected to build on his momentum from a solid win in Nevada — helped propel the former vice president to a huge Super Tuesday delegate haul and 10 state wins.

“The best thing that could have happened for Bernie Sanders would have been Rep. Clyburn sitting out the primary and not endorsing anyone.”


“Exit polls show that the size of Biden’s huge victory in South Carolina (he had previously been nearly tied with Sanders in some polls) was entirely because Rep. Jim Clyburn endorsed him right before the election.” (h)ttps://theweek.com/articles/907608/bernie-sanders-didnt-lose-because-ideas-unpopular

As an aside(but in keeping with “why democrats lose elections”) here is one of Jeremy Scahill’s excellent tweets this morning:


People Joe Biden has publicly told not to vote for him:

—immigrant rights activists.

—climate change activists.

—people who believe Tara Reade.


keep in mind that no matter the Democrats proposals in this HEROES act the Democratic leadership KNOWS this will not get past the Republican Senate or the Veto Authority of the President. Everyone knows the Republicans will demand less for workers and more for the Corporations and big business.

This means the Democrats will start trading away the stuff intended to help the worker. Add up all the stuff for the workers in one column and start crossing some of it off. The Democrats will claim they tried but needed compromise in order to get the bill passed.


Clyburn - who is himself on the take from the health insurance industry, was the king maker that coronated Biden in a DNC/Perez orchestrated show with all the media in attendance. One corrupt Wall Street Democrat endorsed another - no surprise here. After we get rid of President Catastrophe we need to form a new Eco-Socialist party and marginalize the rotten DNC.


The novel coronavirus casts a harsh light on various intractable features of our system:

  1. Lethal inequality.
  2. Inextinguishable racism.
  3. Venal fools like James Clyburn.

There’s a lot of babies floating around in that bathwater filled Olympic sized swimming pool, genedebs. Throwing all that out is a pretty severe act. Some of those babies are your allies, btw.
I get Never Biden, he’s a real mixed up and messy bag…however, your prescriptions are overkill. And, sounds a little like the " we must destroy all the villages in order to save the country " crowd. That crowd are no friends of progressives, imo. Do the arithmetic here, as well. Even the Lone Ranger needed Tonto. Even Cisco needed Poncho…and, just think of all the men who needed Charlie’s Angels. { snark }


You pay for the continual non essential wars in the trillions of dollars, you pay 6 trillion the last few months for corporations and more billions spent on corporations the last 3 months, you pay billions each year to your donors subsidies, you pay billions to not small business but to corporate supposedly small business donors.

Money is just being printed and who has benefited? Corporations who have been acting badly for decades. When they get tax breaks during Bush years they did not create jobs they used the money to ship jobs overseas. When 2008-2009 mortgage crisis they were paid for their misbehavior and the people were left homeless and then they started buying back stock and quantitive easing came about and they leveraged up payming themselves and buying back stock and became over leveraged where they could not make it thru this crisis supposedly?

Get real Clayburn and Pelosi/Schummer, Hoyer and the corporate dems drinking out of the taxpayer funds.


I was thinking Genedebs meant that once this voting season was over leave the party in the millions. Then I got to thinking, here in Oregon I recently registered as dem so I was able to vote as you can only vote here unless you are one or the other. I could quit now as I have voted. In general I can vote for anyone. I say enough of the dem party.


You can also look at it as the republicons and president will really be showing their brand by voting it down. Don’t get me wrong, so little in this bill and I am not happy with dems and haven’t been for a long time.

I hope with every fiber of my being that the d-party blames progressives for MIA Joe’s upcoming loss.

Because then we might have some actual leverage instead of window dressing like bullshit task forces.

As for shaming progressives, the d-party elite can try, but only you can fall for their crap.


Well, progressives don’t exactly have an awesome track record right now of winning elections, do they? At least, if you define them so narrowly that they consist of TYT, Current Affairs, and hyper-online political folks who think shrinking coalitions instead of broadening them wins elections. “My agenda is the best, but I will help Trump win unless you love it like I do!” isn’t exactly a winning message, as we’ve seen.

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It will not make any difference. The ruling elites in the D-party would rather lose the White House than see Bernie in it.


Same day registration; ( or, moving Oregon’s party affiliated closed primary pre-registration, to say 7 days? ) maybe, but Oregon has a system that can be built on to improve turnout.
I’m against the California model, though. It’s a trick bag for real progressivism. The Feinstein v. De Leon contest was a poster child for the reason closed primaries are the better way. Contrasts, and sharp ones for sure, are essential in getting the feedback necessary to really gain the best for the most, regarding a bunch of things not being addressed right now.
Unfortunately, COVID-19 makes for lousy debates about the issues. Don’t get me fired up about all that. I smell something fishy and I’m not even on the docks in Florence. Just sayin’.

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What does your comment have to do with mine?
I’m not advocating for anything other than a progressive third party and/or the demise of your party.

I won’t be responding anymore, just lettin’ you know.


I agree. But I no longer care about Bernie. Or any other sheepdog for that matter.


I don’t get your hostility, frankly, but okay. If you want to see the world as revolving around your unhappiness with Democrats as if they are the only ones with volition, or that there’s some secret swell of untapped progressive voters just waiting to destroy the party in spite of clear and obvious evidence, that’s fine.

Don’t worry, they have already prepared their (no so) mea culpa. They will blame, and not necessarily in this order, Bernie Sanders, the Russkies, progressives, Jill Stein, the Masons, and maybe the league of Women voters.
Just like in 2016, at no point will they blame voter suppression laws, or voters purges. And they definitely will not glance in the mirror and see what the real problem is, that since 1988 the core of the Democratic Party have become Nixon republicans. The African American coalition, led by uncle Toms like Clyburn, Lewis, Rangel, and Barack Obama, have cheered on white Wall Street Democrats like Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, and Hoyer as they pushed the Third Ways false and disastrous ideology of being fiscally conservative and socially moderate at the same time.
As long as the Black Coalition controls the outcome the Democratic primary System, it will be impossible for a progressive to ever win the nomination for POTUS, or for one to ever rise to a leadership role within the party. And without either of those things happening, the Democratic Party will never be progressive again.


Yup, this is where both factions of the corporate party find fertile common ground. The phrase “not a dimes worth of difference” doesn’t do it justice. There isn’t the width of C-note between the DINOs and actual ruling republicans.

When you talk about collusion and collaboration, nobody does it better than Nancy, Joe, Debbie, Hillary, Liz, Jim and Tommy Perez. I know I’m leaving off a lot of deserving “liberal” royalty and nobles. I have to hand it to them that this time the pulled off the scheme with more flair.