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Why Democrats Should Be Cheering For Bernie Sanders


Why Democrats Should Be Cheering For Bernie Sanders

Bill McKibben

There’s been truly horrible news the past couple of days: Google Alton Sterling or Philando Castille if you somehow missed it. And there’s been nasty political news: Donald Trump and his ‘sheriff’s star.’ Those events are, sadly, predictable, and all the more troubling because of that predictability.


I'm an independent voter, and I'm cheering for Bernie. The fact that he hasn't backed down, even in the face of this, just shows the kind of fortitude this man possesses. Those who booed him are a bunch of neoliberal corporate whores. They only care about appeasing their rich masters and then, when it's all over, they get cushy lobbyist jobs. And Hillary supporters tell me I have to vote for that? Fuck no! It's Bernie or Jill Stein, all the way.


"The point of politics, as Bernie explained, is not to win elections; it’s to win change."

Exactly, so at what point do you begin to realize that the change you seek isn't going to come through the Democratic Party?
Bernie's reception from the House Democratic caucus was a signal, a signal sent by Hillary via her surrogates at the meeting. The message is basically this, Hils is up in the polls, Trump is floundering, and we no longer need your services. Cough up the endorsement or else. So, will Bernie still fight for change, or will he lay down and give Madam Slick what she wants?


The Democratic Party establishment/elite and so-called DNC "leadership" doesn't give a flyin love about anything but continued power, campaign-contribution bribes, profits for corporate pirates, and all the corrupt mechanisms that will continue that twisted reality!

Bernie Sanders is a threat to their power and service to their corporate/banker/wall street clients, and hopefully, the war-machine. "Dems" will never allow his principled and honorable leadership to prominence but will support a candidate that serves the 1%! The DLC Dems need to be deposed but they are too strong and corrupt - even though Bernie and his issues represent a new generation of thinking and potential political success, leadership for the Common-Good, and political fortune, party hacks will not cede power or see the truth, but continue down the road to defeat and failure.


Bill McKibben has the unshakeable optimism of a teenage cheerleader. And due to that, and his basic gentleness of spirit, he's a powerful coalition builder.

Nonetheless, the following is WAY too kind since it grants a patina of legitimacy to a pre-election run-up that was anything BUT legit:

"Coming from nowhere, against the entire party establishment, backed by virtually none of the House members who now insist he sit down and shut up, he came within a whisker of winning the nomination. You would think they’d show, if nothing else, some respect for his political ability."

When corrupt forces game the system and LIE and CHEAT to produce a specific outcome; and due to their Influence, they can control the media's story about what took place; anyone who decries the events is framed as a "sore loser."

It works the same way with False Flags. The interests that set events into motion and rewarded those who showed fealty to them have enough clout to shut out any voices of opposition; that is, any alternative narrative.

Then, with conformity in place, the hegemonic control group manages to brand anyone who doesn't see things the way they insist they happened as fringe, nut-jobs, narcissists, mentally "off," or deluded by conspiracy theories.

Truth is being as packaged for mass consumption as the fake food that's passed off as the real thing even though it's deviated in major ways from anything that formerly resembled sound nutrition... the way NATURE made it.

The squad that "boos" Sanders is the squad that is paid off. It is within their interests to shoo away any threat to the comfort zones of a few that operate at vast expense to the many.

They should all be put into a stockade with rocks or pies thrown at them.


And the thing is, that there are not of people really thinking deeply enough (and yes, we both know why) to take on TPTB.


I don't speak Russian so I have to rely on translations, but when I see him speak, he is within himself--very grounded. Can we merge with Russia so he could be ours?


Sorry Bill, I and many others have no desire to "rescue the very people who are booing."


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What is TPTB?

I always object to frames like "not enough people are thinking deeply."

What part of the oligarchic controls do you and your friends NOT get?

I made an excellent analogy to a boat with a hole in it.

Following that allusion, it doesn't matter how much goes into the boat... since the hole destines it to flow out.

The HOLE represents the corruptions to our would-be Democratic system.

As Sheldon Wollin has explained, it is an Inverted Totalitarian System. The shock jocks aren't out in the streets as was the identifiable component of the Nazi style of fascism. (The Black Community no doubt has a more poignant view of this factor.) Instead, they are invisible. They sit in boardrooms and act as the CEOS of the very corporations that use lobbyists to bribe politicians and then write the details of the policies made into law. Faceless, their power is difficult to understand, take aim at, or hold accountable.

Meanwhile, all of the outer signs of Democracy--a working press (as corporately controlled in terms of its version of news as anything produced by the former Soviet Union), "open" elections, and a seemingly operational justice system all continue to turn their gears.

People have NO agency within this corrupt system.

The laws don't serve the people.

Civil Liberties are precarious at best. (NDAA)

"Lawmakers" serve their money masters.

The "Page and Gilens" Study pointed this out as did Jake Johnson in his excellent article yesterday.

When posters ALWAYS fall back on a narrative that intentionally turns the public's alleged lack of awareness into the problem, they hide the real problem: That OLD POWER (in the form of dynastic families and inherited wealth) has resumed the same controls ( by purchasing The System) it had in former periods when kings and czars ruled with iron fists. This is a GLOBAL conundrum that has challenged humanity for many generations. And still does.

Awareness is not the same thing as AGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I prefer to throw rocks...


"we both know why"--Oh yes, I get it writ large. I've read Bernays and "friends".


If Bernie is not the Dimcritter Party nominee by the end of the month I will be storing all of my blue shirts, hats, vests and coats until after the November election I will wear my green clothes as much as possible. The only exception will be my blue jeans.


The Bernie or Green (Bernie or bust) pledge currently has over 122,000 pledge takers. Bernie could still win the nomination, but the ONLY way that will happen is if you get at least 3-4 people to sign the pledge and ask them to do the same. Time is running out! It's still possible, but we Bernie supporters MUST stay focused an be diligent in this effort. Every single Bernie Sanders supporter who hasn't already done so, please click on the link below to take the Bernie or Green pledge (Bernie or bust) and vow to vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party http://www.jill2016.com in November if Bernie's not the nominee.



Additionally, with the exception of Bernie endorsed candidates, please remember to vote AGAINST ALL INCUMBENTS, both democrats and republicans, in down ticket races by voting FOR Green Party and/or independent candidates on the general election ballot.


I think what matters is not what Bernie does, but what you and I and all the other Bernie supporters do. Bernie has carried the torch and lit millions of other torches with it. He may end up endorsing Clinton, but that does not mean he is speaking for anyone else OR that he deserves the inevitable shower of criticism he will receive from some (maybe you also) who will call him a sellout.

The Movement continues. It matters more what the people do on political, economic, and social fronts at local, state, national, and global levels. Not just one election.


I don't know if the platform matters much in the election but I think it is very clear that Bernie Sanders made Hillary Clinton into a stronger campaigner by running. Perhaps if he hadn't run Martin O'Malley would have had the same effect or perhaps O'Malley would have never gotten much support and Clinton would have cruised to a victory. Bernie did get a little carried away in New York saying that Clinton was unqualified and some other negative things. He even ran an untrue ad in New York claiming that members of Congress take money from corporations for giving speeches which is actually illegal. Chris Matthews pointed out why the ad was untrue but it wasn't pulled. He also got carried away saying closed primaries are undemocratic while completely ignoring that caucuses which are far more undemocratic. But now he has settled down and seems to be back on his game. Potentially he can play a very big role in defeating Donald Trump. I think he realizes how important that is for this country and I expect that he will do an excellent job in the fall in the effort to defeat Trump.


I am disappointed, not by Bernie's impending endorsement of Hillary, but by its timing, next Tuesday, before the Convention, which should have been a messy affair with confrontaitons over the nominating process, with a possiblity of a walk out if the Rules are not changed, especially the rule on Superdelegates, but it seems all his delegates will get are a few sops on the Platform, and that's it, alas, the campaign is ending as political caricature, as Cartoon! Tuesday next will mark a sad denouement to a once in a lifetime campaign, it was a worthwhile journey. Bernie, I will not be going any farther with you, Hillary is not an option.


Agreed. I promise that as soon as Hillary is secure in her power and control of the situation, she will ignore every progressive promise she was forced to make and go back to business as usual. We will not fall for it this time. I have been opposed to Hillary from the beginning and will continue on the path of working to defeat her and to now support the Green Party nominee. Four years of Trump is not good, but war-monger Hillary is truly evil and must be stopped! #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


He's been a fighter for people his whole life! Even in high school, when he ran for student body president, he ran on a platform of raising money for Korean War orphanes, he lost that election to the guy who promised better lunch options! There you have it in a nutshell, bernie acts to help the downtrodden while fancier politicians cater to the already privileged! But, just like what's happening now, the school took up his cause and became one of the top fundraisers for Korean War orphanes! ( a war of US imperialism)
So take heart, whatever bernie is fighting for in the platform WILL be the future reality!!!


She may have made platform 'concessions', but the fact that they are perceived to be concessions tells us all we need to. If she really believed in affordable education or a $15 minimum wage, they wouldn't be concessions. And what we know for sure? Hillary lies. Maybe not to the FBI, but she sure lied to us. I really hope Bernie goes with Jill...