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Why Democrats Should Unite On A Charter School Moratorium


Why Democrats Should Unite On A Charter School Moratorium

Jeff Bryant

Democrats know that success for their party relies on bringing labor and civil rights advocates together on key issues.

Faced with disastrous Donald Trump, labor and civil rights advocates are rallying in common cause behind health care for all, a living wage for every worker, a tax system where the wealthy pay their fair share, tuition-free college, and an end to senseless, never-ending wars.

Here’s another rallying point labor and civil rights agree on: A moratorium on charter schools.


All you have to do to see what the “big picture” of charters is all about is look at the historical period they came about en masse. Right at the end of the “magic marketplace” orgy that was the 1980’s. Bam. "We’ve got ANOTHER area we would like to suck as much federal money from under the guise of charters. Potential for improved schools! Get the government off our backs! The private sector can do it!.
About as old as Reagan’s rants against socialized medicine during the 1950’s.
Only this time, lots of people took the bait. The numbers are in. Some urban charters have done really well. Most are just average schools. Suburban charters are generally less high scoring schools than traditional schools. The 25 year sham is over with. Only problem is there are countess vipers waiting in the wings now for their take on all that public money. Through management work, property acquisition of the schools themselves, and selling them as much useless electronic crap as they can. (Admittedly, much of the tech is good, like Google’s GAFE but much is unneeded). As are MOST charter schools.


Seeing how Obama’s Ed. Sec. Duncan advanced charter schools as much or more as any other politician, don’t expect Democrats to come to the rescue.


That’s far from the only problem.  Yes, the Charter School movement, like private ‘express lanes’ on our roads, is yet another example of the destruction of ‘The Commons’ for private profit.  But in this case it’s FAR more in­sidious – Tweetle-Dumb and his followers are already exploiting the widespread ignorance as to how our gov­ernment is supposed to work, and the destruction of our public schools is a deliberate attempt to further dumb-down the general population and make everyday Americans more susceptible to right-wing propaganda and korporate control.  In addition, the vast majority of charter schools are affiliated with “religious” organizations, and brainwashing the next generation into blind acceptance of their “America is a Christian Nation” creed is a core principle of DeVos’ supporters.  A previous article here on C.D. noted that of more than 300 charter schools receiving vouchers in Colorado, only four were not associated with a religious group!

Uphold the First Amendment – Just say NO! to vouchers!!


Just let this corrupt party die already. They’re just not into you and your rallying points.


No need to do anything except stop voting for Ds, as so many have.

And in the meantime, the party looks to be actively engaged in suicide. Good riddance.


Yes they should but everyone that’s been paying attention knows that they won’t.


You still hear the argument that charter schools give a choice to parents for their kids. You know that is pure hooey because the charter schools will not submit to the same requirements and evaluation that public schools do, and when they are forced to show their effectiveness, more often than not they are worse than the local schools.

Then because their primary purpose is to make a profit, they shortchange the kids on libraries, equipment and skilled teachers. They refuse to enroll kids with disabilities or other kids who would be more expensive to teach. They don’t run school busses which makes the bit about choice kind of beside the point for parents who don’t live close by, especially when those are poor parents with no car. Even the so-called nonprofit charters end up overpaying the CEO and his or her family for “services rendered” which means they are sucking on the public teat just as much as the for profit charters are.

Then to make matters even worse, none of them have anything resembling an elected school board or even a PTA. Parents have absolutely no control over the way the school is run at all. Their only choice is to pay up and shut up or leave.


Exactly! Very well stated! Thank you.