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Why Did Bush Go to War in Iraq? The Answer Is More Sinister Than You Think



Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump. It makes no difference. These guys are all on board with “regime change” against ANY country on this Globe so as to ensure said Country remains under dominion of the Empire. This article details how the USA along with the Soros foundation meddles in the elections in Thailand.


Indeed we should, but I’m hearing that Gabbard’s opposition to US intervention in Venezuela (&c.) is rather too nuanced.

I know Sanders is as nuanced as it gets. He calls Maduro a dictator.


“A Clean Break - A New Strategy For Securing The Realm” - 1996 position paper created by American NeoCons - states that overthrowing Saddam was one of the crucial steps in “securing the realm” (for Israel, of course).

Pushing Assad into the sea, or at least bottling him up in western Syria was another goal, the point being to separate Iran from Hezbollah.

The Saudi’s assault on Yemen falls under the same gameplan - occupation of the entire Arabian Peninsula by an Israeli-Saudi-American coalition.


Yes, the gold Dinars could not be tolerated or allowed by the U.S. oil cartels. And that is also why Venezuela is now on the oil…garchy radar screen.


The one factor missing in all of this is, religion.

The world has been made ignorant of the true reason for the crusades. The religious motive exist to eliminate human society that uses a very deep trance state as part of their society. Ancient sun worship and the oral histories of it.

Of course the economic and diplomatic issues play a role too, but the wars were only justified by the government, secretly, against the peoples, because of the religious basis.


Rather, the Bush administration invaded Iraq for its demonstration effect. - Ahsan I Butt

Similarly, when President George H. W. Bush’s invaded Panama - “Just Cause” - one of the US government’s main objectives was to demonstrate their new Stealth technology.

The Pentagon has just revamped their war strategy to incorporate the integration of Artificial Intelligence in data collection, analysis, target selection, and killing (See below). Pentagon officials, military contractors, and military engineers, are itching to demonstrate this technology in war. This makes the prospect of a US military attack on Venezuela and/or Iran, even more likely.



Yes they will take care indeed, “the nation’s values” that stretch all the way from settler-colonization through genocide and enslavement thru Hawaii, the Philippines, Guatemala, Vietnam, Grenada (!), Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, others too numerous to mention, etc. etc. etc…


Every day these war criminals walk around free is an insult to the concept of justice. The nicest thing I can think to say about their celebrity court jesters like Ellen Degeneres is they might be more ignorant than evil.


Why are we as a nation so easily propagandized?
Why are we so easily seduced into fighting a war --so politicians can become more powerful, and the rich can become richer?

“What if they gave a war, and no one came?”


Caitlin Johnstone writes today on George W Bush administration Press Secretary Ari Fleischer lying about Iraq again. These people are just so endlessly heinous. Anyone who’s forgotten or is too young to remember how the Iraq War was sold to the U.S. public with a massive propaganda campaign is at particular risk of buying the next propaganda campaign.


Here’s a list compiled by Zoltan Grossman: https://sites.evergreen.edu/zoltan/interventions/

Just a note on the Pentagon’s characterization of their use of AI. The Pentagon takes care to ensure that there is no public information when the military slaughters civilians in air raid shelters, schools, hospitals, wedding parties, etc. They are even better at making sure no information gets out about Black sites and methods of torture. When information slips out and public reaction demands a response, military commanders make sure to give those responsible a pretty stern finger waging.

With AI, in those rare cases when facts about crimes against humanity leak out, Pentagon leadership will claim that there is nobody who can be held accountable, due to the fact that a machine made the decision and did the killing.


Goddammit. I don’t like hearing that about Degeneres. I’m such a TV refugee I didn’t know before you told me. I don’t give folks a free pass for ignorance anymore, not adults.


Aww, sorry. :frowning: I used to like her a lot too. Apparently TV rots your brain from the other side of the screen too.


This means the NATO countries were complicit in this " throwing someone against the wall "; this extremely large series of orchestrated war crimes, is much more accurate here. Totally disgusted with the MSM, as well. They’ve aided and abetted genocide, with impunity, another in a series of crimes these lackeys are never held to account for . Wave your bloody and racist flags, worthless cowards. You think you’re real humans?
Now NATO sits in Columbia, with paid terrorists and sociopathic death squads ready to pounce on Chavistas, potentially creating more genocidal actions and war crimes. Unbelievable! Our hard-earned tax dollars soaked in blood, again.
The PTB, represented by The Uniparty’s Foreign Policy, must be toppled and the roots ripped out.
Where does this sickness end, finally?


This is the THIRD article in a row I’ve read on Common Dreams today that purports to be telling us the awful truth and actually is hiding, by not mentioning it, the most important aspect. Thus it ends up propaganda.

What is hidden here?

That Wesley Clark was NOT the first one to tell us the MIC had plans to take out all those nations. The NeoCons told us themselves ten years before Wesley Clark had the guts, when the Iraq War was finally unpopular, to mention it.

The Project for the New American Century was a NeoCon think tank founded in 1997 that laid it all out in their founding statement of principles.

They said that the US must be the only hegemonic power in the 21st Century and that the real rival would be China and the real battle would be over the resources of the Middle East and Central Asia. (They thought then that Russia was already tamed, caged, and subservient, so not a problem.) In order to get ready to face China and keep the US the only superpower, the US must first take over the Middle East and Central Asia. The plan was laid out: Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran.

This first war in this American Imperial Project, the Iraq War, was not the result of the Bush administration being a bunch of bullies. It was a cold blooded, planned out in advance, policy of Empire.

Why do we act like this wasn’t told us from before the fact? Why do we ignore that these NeoCons mused that some kind of new Pearl Harbor would be needed to get the public on board? Why do we fail to see that Obama and Hillary Goddam Clinton were actually following this NeoCon agenda in their ‘pivot to Asia?’

No, Mr. Butt, this wasn’t just to prove a point. No, Mr. Butt this wasn’t something that was only seen as necessary after 9-11. No, Mr. Butt, it is more sinister than you wish to acknowledge.

This was done to establish the American Empire. It was done for the same reason that Cyrus the Great, and Alexander the Great, and the Roman Emperor, and the Byzantine Empire, and the Caliphate, and the Mongols, and the Western Allies after WWI all invaded and conquered Iraq. It was done for Empire.


That presumes a lot, including that VP Gore would invade Iraq, as the rightfully elected POTUS. Or, Afghanistan would be more than a police action ( int’l law enforcement ); an endless war, in fact.
Unless you know Al Gore, or he told you that personally, I wouldn’t paint with such a big brush.
The stolen election of 2000 was a Neo-Con ( among other actors ) coup. That’s just a fact.


I believe you have that backwards.
Every war is economic in nature, religion is just part of the rhetoric used to make wars happen.
The crusades was about securing trade routes, land and pillaging a nation filled with valuable treasures.
Unifying everyone under one religion results in more people willing to be exploited, and more willing soldiers the next time there is something to steal, but the particulars of the religion is irrelevant.
War is best understood as armed robbery on a massive scale with one notable difference, the people committing the crime do not get to walk away with the loot.

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The motive for starting the Iraq War had absolutely nothing to do with what the author claims.

It had everything to do with getting Re-Elected.

Karl Rove and the psychopath Dick Cheney knew that voters would not change horses during a War.

They were correct in thinking that a War overseas where our Boys and Girls were in mortal combat would have the FULL support of the American People.

It did not matter how incompetent or stupid W was the Nation would not change leaders during a War and they were right.

The War had nothing to do with WMD or saving the Iraqi people from that evil Saddam, and everything to do with getting an unpopular idiot Re-Elected.


Why would they need to walk away without the loot? To the victors go the spoils, including an occupation and collection of tributes ( taxes )… All you need to do is hire thugs and goons for the muscle end of your personal definition of " bringing liberty and freedom " to the people.

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Kerry would of possibly carried Ohio and won in 2004 without the obvious shenanigans of Ohio Sec. of State Ken Blackwell. Another coup, imo. Why are some commentators afraid to point out a glaring fact: their Republican friends are fascists and traitors; sick animals who love killing innocent people for power, money and a Big Cloud Guy who’s really a psychopathic jerk.