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Why Did FBI’s Multiple Informants Fail to Catch Omar Mateen in a Sting?


Why Did FBI’s Multiple Informants Fail to Catch Omar Mateen in a Sting?

Marcy Wheeler

One detail of the FBI’s 2013 investigation into Omar Mateen that seems to be getting inadequate attention is that they used multiple informants with him, per Jim Comey’s press conference on Monday:


I have reached such a state of paranoia about this story after reading http://abcnews.go.com/US/hostage-injured-orlando-nightclub-recounts-hours-pain-fear/story?id=39853407 this account by a victim that something seems amiss. Maybe paranoia is the wrong word. I don't trust the media and I don't trust the government to tell the truth. History shows they don't. The girl in the video tells a story that cannot be believed. I don't. Further, if you watch the video, her nails are perfect. They are long and manicured. How do you go through an ordeal such as she described and survive and not break or lose a single nail? You can't! Pictures don't lie but people do. I don't doubt people died and suffered but the govt is embellishing this story for what reason?


Maybe skepticism is a better word. It's certainly what I have felt from the first day this happened. Lone gunman? Hmm... how could one person make his way around this nightclub for hours shooting hundreds of rounds from multiple clips and no one makes for the door? No one even throws a chair at the guy when he is reloading his weapon? Much of this narrative, as you said, "cannot be believed." It also seems to change by the hour depending on which political agenda is being promoted.


Fake witnesses are easy to round up and have been used before in such incidents.

I have linked to articles before where it shown that in multiple "eye witness accounts" after such a mass shooting there a number of peoples interviewed that worked in careers in "social media". They were flawless in their delivery of their accounts of what occurred as if reading from a script that was rehearsed. They all used the same types of language so as to evoke certain emotions in the viewer.

A number of videos and articles have been posted by others showing how the Government will use "actors" to pretend they witnessed an event so as to ensure a particular message is delivered. I have in fact linked to an old CNN video that was supposed to be done live in Saudi Arabia by a reporter where he giving an account of bombs dropping and missiles flying overhead when in fact he was in a studio in New York "pretending".

The BBC is also in on this game. I and others linked to videos of alleged attacks in Syria that were in fact "staged events" using actors and scripts.


Well, thanks for not calling me a nut. Another thing I found incongruent with events was the lack of emotion in the chief of police of Orlando, John Mina. I didn't understand how those guys were so composed and neat looking after hours of harrowing shooting and rescuing and dealing with 50 dead bodies. Do you go home and change, groom , and blow dry your hair? And his father, having lost a son who murdered 49 people, seemed fairly unmoved and unemotional. I don't even know what to think anymore. I wish I were numb and dumb and didn't care but that's impossible.



This is a breakdown of all the loopholes in the Media and Government sanctioned account of what happened that night and the first few hours where the narrative made that the person was a Muslim terrorist, with ties to ISIS and homophobic.

It was all a fiction so the more pertinent question is who created that fiction and why and how did that fictional narrative come about so quickly?

The article ends with this which is worth posting here as it very interesting.

Then let’s do the math. 1 gunman, 320 people, 49 dead, 53 wounded. And yet we are also told that the US SWAT teams are the best on the planet. Remember when Wahabi Chechen terrorists took over 900 people hostage in the Dubrovka Theater in Moscow? Yes, that is nine hundred hostages. Held hostage by forty (40) terrorists. When the Russian special forces stormed the theater, not a single hostage died even though many of the terrorists had real suicide belts on and a huge bomb in the center of the building. That is 40 gunman, 900 hostages, zero dead, zero wounded. True, after the assault something between 140 and 174 people died due to the gas used by the special forces to put everybody – terrorists and hostages – into instantaneous sleep: the local EMT did not have enough personnel and equipment to “reverse” so many people drugged by an unknown gas (many died on the way to the hospital). But even if we blame the 174 dead on the security forces, that still leaves 726 people saved out of 900. And that is how the supposedly “poorly trained” Russian special forces performed. So how do the best SWAT teams on the planet get a score of 50+ people killed by a single (unexperienced) hostage taker? Either they are not nearly as good as most people think, or they are lying about what really happened.


Here's another scenario to consider … The FBI or some other agency goaded this crazy man. The FBI has been manufacturing phony terror plots, coaming the US for unbalanced men of Islamic heritage. They have been orchestrating terror plots using these misguided lost souls as props. This has been been the FBI's 'MO' for decades. This shooter fit that profile, perfectly. To think that the FBI had this man in their sights and did not seek to abuse him does not fit the FBI's profile.


I think you could be onto something.

And Andrew Boston--you take things too literally. The idea is to spread terror. If the gay club is where a large demographic goes to feel a sense of safety, the message is that "no one is safe anywhere." It's part of mass mind control through trauma, and PROVEN to make the population more quiescent when yet more Draconian "safety" measures are put into operation.


I saw the CNN video. It was pretty egregious. Can you lnik me to the BBC vids?


Thanks a million for the link to the excellent Saker piece. Any terror attack, if authentic, points in another possible direction. That is, the total failure and uselessness of the entire surveillance security industry. All related agencies obviously are not effective. They must be closed or severely reduced. Inefficiency is not acceptable, especially in these times of austerity. All security related legislation must be repealed. When nothing happens, the industry claims success. When something happens, then the industry has failed to deliver. Maybe the failure is due to over-collection of data, a needle in a haystack situation. Intelligence professional have noted this for some time. Perhaps police could be armed with non-lethal weaponry only to temporarily disable and also trained as Gong Fu masters. Arrest, evidence and trial by jury would also be a good option. That was proven to work in the past.


From Black Lives Matter:
"“The enemy is now and has always been the four threats of white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, and militarism,”" - Telesurtv.net


According to Mateen's wife he was bipolar, also known as manic depression. His wife is also under investigation because allegedly he once mentioned jihad to her. In fact, our law cannot deal with people who might commit a crime. The only way that we can deal with people who have not yet committed a crime is to send them to Guantanamo



All good questions. We've seen in many cases where the FBI find a Muslim person with an unstable personality and urge them to do things so they can be arrested for terrorism.
My first thought was that he was encouraged to get the guns and go to a gay club and kill people. Because he was conflicted about his homosexuality and maybe was turned down by someone at the club he would be an easy mark for a shooting. One man in the club said there was a man at an exit door holding the door closed. Was this man FBI? Who was he? Did they hold bigoted opinions of the people at the club anyway, so who cares how many die?
There is more to this than meets the eye. At the very least it gave Clinton the opportunity to show how though she'll be and how she will continue this war on terror that excites her so.


That's what I think. There was a witness that said some man was holding the door shut on one of the exits. FBI?