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Why Did Our Permanent Emergency Government Fail to Face the Emergency?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/10/why-did-our-permanent-emergency-government-fail-face-emergency

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“When history finally conducts an autopsy” ?

Historically fascist gubmits’ “autospsies”, if they are done at all, are just additions to their propaganda portfolios, not analysis of actual conditions, events and actions.


We don’t need an autopsy to go over the long list of straight up bullshit and contradictions that have come out Trump’s piehole every day.

Here’s one I enjoy: Two days back, we passed the number of deaths reported during the H1N1 outbreak of 2009, roughly 13,000 over a year. Trump repeatedly pointed out to the press what a bad job Obama did because so many died. Now the outbreak happening on his watch is going waaaay the fuck past 2009 in just 6 weeks, and we hear crickets on that topic from Trump.

And while we’re at it, let’s not forget Mayor DeBlasio and Governor Cuomo echoing Trump in saying they had this under control in New York. Uh, no, you didn’t. Not even close.

Lastly, allow me to deliver a hearty FU to the few commenters here who are calling this pandemic a hoax. It’s the usual conspiracy mongers, and no matter how wrong they are on topic after topic, they still offer drive by links to right wing sources, just to further illustrate how open their minds are to other points of view. FU for lowering the level of discourse here to playground standards.


This is No Hoax, I don’t see anyone saying that, but I also don’t see even one Iota of Logic how you can pin Any death from this on Our President. He shut this Country down to travel faster than any other President would have. Get Real, anyone with a damn brain knows Democrats don’t give a Rats Ass about American Citizens! They want our Borders Wide F-ing Open so Anyone and AnyTHING can just saunter in to OUR Country and Make us Sick, kill our children, steal our jobs, healthcare, property, fill our Country with drugs and Blow us to Hell. These are the people the Democrats give a shit about. They want to make sure they get treated for Covid 19, but not me, a 48 year old widow or my full-time employed son who is 21. We can rot or drop dead and they wouldn’t care. And by the way, in case you didn’t know, Covid-19 Originated in CHINA. Yeah, Communist China. Same place as all the other good stuff. Ha.

This sh!thole will fall just as they all do, and then the correct history WILL be told forever.

We have our winner for today’s Most Hysterical Right Wing Comment. Congrats!

And I refer to two meanings of the word hysterical.

Just curious: are you familiar with the H-2A visa program that brings lots of immigrants in to work?

Not sure if you know how to read. I’m 48 years old, My Husband Is Dead, he killed himself with Alcohol because he couldn’t find full time employment between 2009 and 2018. A college graduate in Computer Technology with 15 years experience. My then, 18 year old son had to call 911 and watch paramedics take his Dad and best friend away and he didn’t come back. So I could really give a flying F— about your opinion of me, asshole.

Sorry for your tragedy.
But your comment was hysterical.

Here’s how I’ll pin death of the President:

By calling Covid19 a hoax.
By delaying a government response for 2 crucial weeks.
For not stopping flights from Europe as the virus spread there.
For stopping flights from China, but nonetheless letting 40,000+ passengers arrive on flights from China after that ban was in place.
For claiming anyone could get a test – which still isn’t true.

I could go on. Compared to other countries, our per capita death rate continues to climb.